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1900 Regas ad

1900 Regas ad

Notes: This ad is from the Rochester City Directory of 1900

J(ames) Harry Sager began manufacturing bicycle parts with a partner, Willard G. Rich, as the Rich & Company in 1891. One of the items manufactured was a "bicycle bundle carrier." Mr. Rich left the company and it became Sager Manufacturing Company in 1895. At that time the company was making bicycle saddles. The name of the company changed again in 1899 to the Sager Gear Company when Mr. Sager began the manufacture of gears along with bicycle saddles.

In 1900 J. Harry Sager formed the Regas Vehicle Company. "Regas" is Sager spelled backwards. At first the company sold bicycles, motorcycles and autos made by others.

Some publications state that Frederick Sager, J. Harry's brother formed Regas. Frederick is listed as the manger of Regas in the 1900 Rochester Directory. In 1901 he is listed as a "bicycle agent" and in 1902 & 1903 as a bookkeeper but only possible for Regas. Beginning in 1904 he is a salesman for some other company. An interesting side note is that Mr. J. H. Sager's father, James F. Sager, also worked at Sager Manuf. Co. In the 1899 Rochester City Directory he was listed as an elevatorman. In the 1901 & 1902 directories he is listed as a watchman.

By summer of 1900 the company began manufacturing a spring frame bicycle and then by adding a motor to the frame it became a basic motorcycle. In 1901 the Regas Co. had moved to 80 W. Main St.

In the summer of 1903 the company was reorganized as the Regas Automobile Company with J. Harry Sager as President. The company exhibited 5 models at the auto show at Madison Square Garden in January 1904.

In summer 1904 the company was sold to Thomas B. Dunn, who had made a fortune by selling Sen-Sen, a breath freshener. He brought in William H. Birdall as a mechanical engineer to redesign the vehicle. The 1905 model was on a 100 inch wheelbase with a 3 speed transmission. That year was to be the last for the Regas. The company was officially dissolved in 1906. Mr. J. Harry Sager formed a new company, J. H. Sager Co., which made auto specialties

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