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Wadsworth School, #12, Rochester

Wadsworth School, #12, Rochester

Wadsworth School, #12
From: Illustrated Rochester
Dated: 1898

Text from book:

The new No. 12 school just completed is a model building in all respects. The principal front faces Wadsworth Square, the other three sides looking on Marshal, Howell and Clinton streets. The main entrance to the school is a great arch of brick, above which, are the stone columns and arches of the loggia, the whole making an important architectural feature. The main floor level is reached by the ascent of a few steps at the main entrance which takes the visitor to the broad and spacious drill and recreation hall, 26 x 56 feet in size with large arched windows. At each end is a smaller square hall from which the staircases ascend. There is also an outside entrance to each of these staircase halls. The rooms unnamed on the accompanying plan are the class rooms, well arranged for lighting, being on corners. In the third story is a large assembly hall with stage and dressing rooms, both of the large staircases leading up to it. The heating and ventilating system is of the most advanced type.

The plumbing fixtures are of the best modern design, the ventilation scheme for the closet rooms being perfect. The floors of these rooms are of vitreous tile with slate face. The fresh air is supplied the closet rooms from a separate system and taken out through the urinals, thus carrying off all odors. The hygienic drinking fountains, are a modern invention obviating the use of cups. The building is of the simplest description by reason of the limited appropriation, but particularly from a hygienic standpoint. Everything has been avoided that would catch dust. The woodwork is of ash, dark finish. The exterior also is of the simplest design, being a straightforward use of common brick with stone and pressed brick trimmings. A special feature, however, is the main entrance and loggia, which, being seen from across the park, has been made imposing and to form one scheme in the design of the school and park. The architect made a special study of the school conditions of the city, and it is safe to say that nowhere is there a more complete school from a practical and sanitary standpoint.

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