Pictures of Rochester and Monroe County, NY

Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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Crosby Frisian Fur Co. - General Office

Crosby Frisian Fur Co. - General Office

General Office
From a catalog dated in the early 1920s.

Our Facilities

The practical work of this business was begun in the spring of 1889 in Mt. Hope Avenue in this city, in a room 15 x 18 feet. Since that modest beginning we have moved four times, each time to get more room. Our last move was in November, 1908, when we entered our present new factory building with 27,000 square feet of floor surface. Here we have a model factory, and the largest of the kind in the world, steam heated, electric power, electric lights, and every square foot of space is light and airy and equipped with the most perfect appliances for doing our work.

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