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Spray Bottle Warmer

Spray Bottle Warmer

The Ritter Spray Bottle Warmer
From a catalog dated 1919

Description from the catalog:

THIS attractive apparatus not only provides a convenient method of keeping aromatic and antiseptic solutions at the desired temperature, but it is an entirely sanitary method of introducing liquids into the mouth, contrasting greatly with the old type hand syringe.

It is made of selected Mexican Onyx, with polished nickel trimmings and fittings, with a capacity of five spray bottles or tumblers.

The three point heat regulator, connected with two electric bulbs, makes it possible to maintain the contents of the spray bottles at practically any desired temperature and at the same time furnishing sufficient illumination to display the beauty of the Onyx.

The base is fitted with four rubber cushioned feet and is removable, making it a simple matter to replace electric bulbs when necessary. Complete outfit includes one each styles A, Band C Ritter Spray bottles, complete with tips, one spray bottle with screw cap, one clear glass tumbler, two electric bulbs and seven feet of silk extension cord with socket plug attached."

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