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Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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Kodak Park - Building 28

Kodak Park - Building 28

Drawing of Building 28
"Kodak Park Recreation and Cafeteria Building"
Dated: 1948
Unknown manufacturer
No number

Text on back:
The building when completed will face 265 feet on Ridge Road West, extend to a depth of 207 feet, and contain 333,000 square feet of floor space. Among the features to be housed in the 6-story structure will be a swimming pool, gymnasium, bowling alleys, rifle range, billiard room, camera club, auditorium-theater, handball and squash courts, and a sun deck, as well as cafeteria and service dining room areas.

Note: The auditorium in this building is now know as the Kodak Center.

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