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Chili Cobblestone School Museum, Chili - Historic Marker

Chili Cobblestone School Museum, Chili

The Chili District No. 4 school was
built in 1848 and operated as such
until 1952. On September 19, 1965,
it was dedicated as a museum.
Established by legislation passed
February 22, 1822 the Township of
Chili is believed to have been
named after the South American
Republic of Chile. It was formerly
part of the Town of Riga and earlier
known as East Pulteney. Old deeds
called it "Black Creek Township."

Located at: 2525 Scottsville Road, Chili, NY 14546
Placed by: County of Monroe, 1978

Photo dated: May 26, 2015
Photo by: Dick Halsey

Note: Also see a picture of this former school

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