Pictures of Rochester and Monroe County, NY

Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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Mohawk Motor Inn

Mohawk Motor Inn

Published by: Debout & Downs, Cleveland, Ohio 44134
Made by: Curteich
Dated: 1962
Number: 2DK - 1255

Text on back:
Mohawk Motor Inn
Troup Street at Plymouth Avenue - Inner Loop
Rochester 8, N. Y. N. Y. 383
Telephone (A.C. 716) 454-2050
Dining Room - Meeting Room - Cocktail Lounge
Visit Mohawk Motor Inns
Buffalo, N. Y. - Syracuse, N. Y.
Indianapolis, Ind. - Philadelphia, Pa.
Cincinnati, Ohio - Baltimore, Md.
Willow Grove, Pa. - Princeton, N. J.


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