Pictures of Rochester and Monroe County, NY

Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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Horse Trolley

Horse Trolley

Dated: About 1960
Published by: Llewellyn Bros., Inc., 21-23 Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre, PA
No number

Text on Back:
Horsecar No. 55 of Rochester City & Brighton R.R.

Drawn by one horse, it carried 20-30 people, and met steam trains at Pittsburgh depot and made connections from Rochester to Irondequoit Bay. Built 1867 by the John Stephenson Co., of N.Y.C., it is the only existing 'bobtail' in the U.S. On loan by the Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences to the Magee Transportation Museum, Bloomburg, Pa., Interstate 80, Exit 34

Notes: The Magee Museum closed in 1972. The horsecar ended up back in Rochester as part of the collection of the Rochester Museum and Science Center but is not currently on display.

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