Pictures of Rochester and Monroe County, NY

Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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Asbury First Meth. Church, Rochester (#2)

Asbury First Meth. Church, Rochester (#2)

Dated: Prob. 1960s
Pub. by: Manson News Distributor, Rochester, New York
Made by: Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, NY
Number: 54881-B R-44

Text on back:
Rochester, N. Y., Asbury First Methodist Church, 1050 East Avenue, American Gothic in design, the exterior is built of Indiana Limestone. The Tower rises to an awe-inspiring height of 150 feet, with a stainless steel cross affixed to its tip. The grounds consist of seven acres with parking space for 400 cars. Educational Wing provides modern and adequate facilities for Program of Christian Education.


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