Pictures of Rochester and Monroe County, NY

Old pictures and postcards of landmarks and points of interest in Monroe County, NY

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House of Guitars (#3), Irondequoit

House of Guitars (#3), Irondequoit

House of Guitars - Easter
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Text on back:
You've seen this commercial on TV. Dick Cavett even showed it on H.B.O. special. "I AM THE REAL EASTER BUNNY! YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME? TAKE A PEEK, HOP! HOP! ... HOP! HOP!" the real Easter Bunny endorses only the great House of Guitars. "Is mom and dad out of the room? OK! Tell them you don't want no candy or flowers. You want records or guitars or something expensive from the great House of Guitars," 645 Titus Avenue, Irondequoit, NY 14617.


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