Marriages from the First Methodist Church of Rochester, NY

Copied 1939
Myrte Rice Haynes
Irondequoit Chapter.
N. Y. S. D. A. R.


The First Methodist Church of Rochester was organized in 1820. On May 3rd 1933 the Church building was destroyed by fire. The Church's records were in the building, and while saved from the fire, they were so badly damaged by water that there was but little which could be read.

Only the following marriages were distinct enough to transcribe.

Date Groom and Bride Witnesses
Feb. 21, 1854 William H. Furgeson to Nancy Clements ----- McElvey & Sarah Clements
Apr. 12, 1854 Calvin Johnson of Florence, Mich. to Mary E. Johnson
May 11, 1854 Franklin White to Mary Carnes (or Carrins)
May 18, 1854 Elijah Defendorf to Harriet Bevier Chas. S. Foot & Jemima Foot
June 7, 1854 Homer Foot to Harriet F. Swift
June 7, 1854 John Rankin to Diantha Howe Silas Woodworth & Mary E. Howe
June 17, 1854 William H. Showers to Jane L. Jeffries Henry Leonard & Anne Jeffreys
Sep. 4, 1854 Simon Adar Ames to Mary A. Gregg Helen Redman
Sep. 10, 1854 William Sloan of Parma to Ann Hogan of Parma
Sep. 20, 1854 John Davidson to Margaret C. Robinson
Nov. 7, 1854 George Miller of Sodus, NY to Elizabeth Knickerbocker
Dec. 20, 1854 John Laugham to Eloner Chote
Dec. 25, 1854 William McKelvey to Louisa Ham ----- Ham & Louisa Defendorf
Jan. 1, 1855 Joshua L. Smith of Coxackie to Phebe A. Husted
Jan. 5, 1855 John Snyder to Mary A. Barhyte
Jan. 14, 1855 Julius A. Brown to Sarah J. Randall
June 3, 1855 John Kerren to Catherine A. Caine
Nov. 11, 1855 T. H. Green to Mariah H. Comer of Hamilton, Canada
Nov. 20, 1855 William M. Osmun of Gates to Charlotte A. Spencer of Gates
Dec. 20, 1855 O. G. Brooks to A. Elizabeth Hanford
Dec. 23, 1855 ----- Houghton of Mass. to Anne E. Rice
Sep. 18, 1856 Charles A. Seeley of Brockport to Esther Fox
Sep. 21, 1856 Alexander Vahue of Gates to Mary E. Myers
Oct. 1856 William H. Smith to Catherine M. Lacy
Oct. 14, 1856 Andrew Robinson to Margaret Wiggins
Oct. 16, 1856 David Shields to Sarah Faulkner
Oct. 30, 1856 William H. Cooley to Mary A. Gifford
Dec. 7, 1856 Marcus Martin to Miss Clark
Dec. 25, 1856 Francis Hendricks to Eliza J. Marks
Jan. 1, 1857 Walter Williamson to Lydia Stebbins
Jan. 10, 1857 John Ashton to Jane M. Philips
Jan. 15, 1857 Fred A. Cutler of N. J. to Rebecca Chilton of Brighton
Feb. 16, 1857 William Rice to Elizabeth Craft
Feb. 22, 1857 Leonard Humphrey to Anna Williams
Mar. 20, 1857 Lot Howe to Mrs. Matilda Barlow
Apr. 3, 1857 Jeremiah W. Leary of Cincinnati, Ohio to Charlotte E. Eustace
May 10, 1857 William A. Sprung to Jennie Blair
Aug. 7, 1857 Robert Poole to Sarah E. Mackwood
Oct. 14, 1857 Henry W. Gifford to Sarah P. Holmes
Oct. 15, 1857 John C. Romel of Batavia to Ellen Cullen of Peterburg, Canada
Oct. 27, 1857 Ralph Hutchinson to Bianca Hyke
Dec. 1, 1857 John Hertel of Wheatland to Mary E. Lear of Wheatland
Dec. 10, 1857 L. J. W. Van Dake to Frances A. McGonegal
Jan. 9, 1858 William J. Kingston of Grand Haven, Mich. to Ellen Horton
Feb. 16, 1858 John Delton to Hannah Graves
Mar. 3, 1858 James Borling to Martha Bridgman
Mar. 5, 1858 Francis Brown to Margaret Conway
Apr. 13, 1858 Albert Backus to Mary D. Wood
Apr. 19, 1858 Joseph Dolby to Eliza Shove
Apr. 26, 1858 George Augustus Snow to Anna Anderson
May 5, 1858 James Snyder to Sarah Ann Dolby
May 12, 1858 Robert Henderson to Martha Gamble
May 12, 1858 James Winser to Bridget Dooley
May 19, 1858 William J. Vianco to Julia A. Van Houten
May 25, 1858 Alphonso F. Phillips to Isabella A. Foote
May 27, 1858 William Shelp to Elizabeth Vaughn
June 24, 1858 Lot McInerny of Hamilton, Canada to Ellen A. Hicks of Kingston, NY
June 30, 1858 Dilizon (?) Holt of Barre, NY to Mary L. Hopkins of Barre, NY
July 4, 1858 Jacob Redner to Fanny Garrett
Oct. 9, 1858 Nelson R. Hines to Margaret Crowley
Dec. 8, 1858 John Coley of Bergen to Margaret A. Taylor of Bergen
Dec. 24, 1858 George Chapman to Sarah Ann Hutchinson
Dec. 31, 1858 Willard G. Brockway of Brockport to Eva A. Hibbard of Brockport
Mar. 4, 1859 Richard Bourne to Elizabeth Manzer
Apr. 6, 1859 Isaac H. Thompson to Sarah A. Lee
May 16, 1859 Alfred Stuchfield to Hemy (?) Ashdown
May 25, 1859 Joseph H. Perkins to Mary E. Schermerhorn
June 9, 1859 Edmund E. Whittier to Harriet Craft
June 10, 1859 Lewis P. Angevine to Mary E. Youngs
June 23, 1859 Calvin A. Leonard of Geneva, NY to Sarah E. Marks
July 21, 1859 Joseph Fothergill of Ogden to M. Elizabeth Boyd
July 31, 1859 John Campbell to Mrs. Nancy Shields
Nov. 13, 1859 Thomas Quirk of Greece to Maria Sweet of Greece
Dec. 6, 1859 William H. Wells to Sarah Proby (?)
Dec. 10, 1859 John H. White of Albany, NY to Catherine R. Wood
Jan. 8, 1860 Alfred Maddock to Hester Hipp of Penfield
Apr. 5, 1860 William F. Sterrett to Louisa Williams
Apr. 8, 1860 George Doyle to Lizzie A. Halpin
Apr. 18, 1860 H. Vesey of Murray, NY to Frances M. Morgan of Boston, Mass.
May 23, 1860 Henry D. Marks of New York City to Lovina A. Harrison
July 25, 1860 John Alabaster of Geneva, NY to Harriet Bemish
Oct. 7, 1860 Abram Tallman of Canajoharie, NY to Hannah P. Salisbury
Oct. 24, 1860 James B. Donaldson to Kate E. Wallace
Dec. 27, 1860 Hurley S. Austin of Fairport to Maria Holmes
Dec. 27, 1860 John H. Bourne to Lizzie Manzer
Jan. 1, 1861 Richard Hannah to Catherine Frazer
Jan. 1, 1861 Jacob Michael to Ardelia Anderson Louisa Coffee & Delia Anderson
Apr. 11, 1861 John Spencer to Emma Miller of Chili, NY
May 1, 1861 John R. Marks to Minerva Craig
June 4, 1861 George W. Vaughan to Mary E. Wilsey
June 8, 1861 George C. Cherry to Elizabeth A. Hill
July 4, 1861 Theodore Sands of Parma to Mary Ann Teller of Parma
July 6, 1861 James Cooper to Sarah Jane Shields
July 19, 1861 Charles H. Stebbins to Catherine McKanna
Sep. 20, 1861 George A. Platt to Prof. Eliza Davis
Sep. 21, 1861 Edward Farr to Elizabeth Benney
Sep.- Oct. 1861 John Crawford to Fanny O'Conner
Sep.- Oct. 1861 John Minnamon of Pittsford to Ann Cooney
Oct. 3, 1861 John R. Harvey of Coburg, Canada to Clara Harvey of Coburg, Canada
Oct. 23, 1861 Howard Burt of Kendall to Lucy Kocher of Phelps
Dec. 29, 1861 Thomas Roach to Harriet Van Houten
Apr. 11, 1862 William J. Keers to Mary Ann Ryan
Aug. 10, 1862 Rufus A. Harris to Catherine Brown of Canada
Aug. 20, 1862 William M. Borradaile to Mary McCarthy
Aug. 21, 1862 William H. Shaw of Clarkson to Helen M. Wheeler
Aug. 28, 1862 John Callen to Eliza Glinn
Sep. 23, 1862 ----- Timmerman of New York City to Lucretia Dunkle
Oct. 11, 1862 ----- Newman of New York City to ----- Truesdale
Oct. 15, 1862 John Callhen to Eliza Glenn
Nov. 22, 1862 ----- Cochran to Mary Beck
Dec. 13, 1862 D. C. La Rue of New York City to Ellen Brady
Dec. 13, 1862 Thomas McCabe to Miss Lee
Dec. 31, 1862 George Teller to Mary Thompson
Mar. 23, 1863 William Hightree to Ann Brumley
Mar. 25, 1863 Peter Treehouse to Rosanna McGuire
Apr. 8, 1863 Edward Perry of Wyoming, NY to Lucy J. Norris of North Java, NY
Apr. 15, 1863 Edward Lincoln of Macedon to Lydia Ann Minnot of Macedon
May 12, 1863 Osman Haskins to E. Augusta Goodenough
May 23, 1863 Albert Du Planty of Honeoye Falls to Elizabeth Love
June 1, 1863 William C. Hutchins of New York City to Jessie Brass of Buffalo
June 12, 1863 Benjamin H. Beming to Sarah J. Summers
June 17, 1863 Eugene C. Austin of Parma to Sophia L. Parish of Greece
July 8, 1863 Charles E. Bostwick to Jane Banford
Aug. 18, 1863 Thomas Galley to Eliza T. Ware
Aug. 22, 1863 James Ryan of Seneca, NY to Catherine Whalen
Oct. 1, 1865 Henry Davis to Jane Banker
Oct. 5, 1865 R. H. Warfield to Libbie L. Cozzens
Nov. 14, 1865 Jerome Beebe of New York City to Sarah W. Palmer of Buffalo
Nov. 14, 1865 Edmund B. Fellows of Chili to Julia W. Babcock of Irondequoit
Dec. 9, 1865 Samuel B. Williams to Emma E. Warfield
Dec. 14, 1865 William Blackman to Frances A. Pardee of Victor
Dec. 14, 1865 Charles P. Murrell of E. Bloomfield to Emma Mason of E. Bloomfield
Jan. 24, 1866 L. C. Bronson of Jackson, Mich. to Nellie B. Dean
Feb. 13, 1866 Ethan E. Bennett of Syracuse to Nellie Joyce
Mar. 14, 1866 Robert C. Gourlay to Agnes Smith
Apr. 18, 1866 Thomas Douglas of Penfield to Kate Reeder of Penfield
May 6, 1866 Joseph H. Suits to Florence E. Terry
May 8, 1866 William Radcliffe of Rouseville, PA to Margaret A. Radcliffe of Chardon, Ohio
May 20, 1866 Theodore Mace to Clara Amos
May 22, 1866 Sanford W. French to Clarice M. Vick
May 23, 1866 William Wade to Mary Webster
May 24, 1866 Charles F. Williams of Penn Yan to Josephine A. Howard
June 7, 1866 Albert F. Cowles of Hartford to Nellie E. T. Franch
June 20, 1866 William Wright to Louisa Vogler
July 4, 1866 James S. Carson of Perinton to Mollie E. Jeffrey of Perinton
July 4, 1866 Wilson J. Rogers of Batavia, NY to Eliza Manchester of Batavia, NY
July 4-16, 1866 Charles Moore of Toronto, Canada to Ettie Weare Tupper
July 10, 1866 George W. Eggleston of Lancaster to Mary L. Chappell
Aug. 5, 1866 Charles B. Smith of Buffalo to Emily Eddy of Buffalo
Aug. 20, 1866 Carl V. Barrsturf of Berlin, Prussia to Rosa Wensel
Sep. 24, 1866 Thomas S. Wright to Harriet A. Hicks
Sep. 25, 1866 Marcus Tuttle of Colborn, Canada to Mary Ann Peacock
Oct. 16, 1866 Thomas F. Aldrich to Katherine R. Miles
Oct. 18, 1866 Walter Cherry to Emily Kerr
Nov. 13, 1866 Benjamin Rogers to Mary S. Trenanan (or Trenaman)
Nov. 15, 1866 John S. Stevens to Lucy A. Armstrong of Buffalo
Nov. 20, 1866 Nathan Hawkins of Greece to Ann D. Cummings of Parma
Dec. 31, 1866 Thomas Parry to Susan Mann
Jan. 14, 1867 Charles Gurnee of Ontario, NY to Laura A. Pease of Ontario, NY
Mar. 12, 1867 John Mitchell to Emma Coleman
Mar. 31, 1867 Abram G. Williams to Emma H. Hall
Apr. 3, 1867 William Cox of Chili to Catherine Cook of Chili
May 6, 1867 James Courtney to Mary Hoover
May 15, 1867 Walter H. Booth of Syracuse to Mary B. Stark
May 21, 1867 Henry Walker to Augusta Boyce
May 22, 1867 Alfred Merchant of Irondequoit to Eureka Ruloff of Brighton
May 23, 1867 Jeremiah R. B. Smith of Lima to Rachel Murphy
May 29, 1867 Giles M. Graves to Eliza Webster
May 29, 1867 S. M. Irving Prentice to B. F. Harrison
June 10, 1867 Job Male of Colburn, Canada to Libbie Scott of Colburn, Canada
June 11, 1867 John Clark to Mary E. Jaquith
Aug. 19, 1867 Henry S. Robinson to Emily S. Ingersoll
Sep. 3, 1867 Perry C. Haybarger of Erie. PA to Marilla H. Cole of North East, PA
Sep. 8, 1867 John Buckley to Mary A. Flynn
Oct. 6, 1867 B. B. Johnston to Margaret E. Gary
Oct. 7, 1867 David J. Sadden to Isabella J. Kerwin
Oct. 23, 1867 E. B. Vincent to Gurtrude Brittin
Nov. 7, 1867 Henry M. Tallman of Lima, NY to Maria E. Tallman of Jamestown, NY
Jan. 4, 1868 Alfred Day to Marian Meek
Jan. 9, 1868 Lemuel Blandon of Murray, NY to Lydia Bossley of (?)
Feb. 8, 1868 Henry Bronson to Nellie Meek
Feb. 11, 1868 Henry N. F. Marshall of Boston, Mass. to Alice S. Whittlesey
Mar. 4, 1868 John F. Staley to Lizzie Read
Mar. 28, 1868 Lyman McCarty of Buffalo to Florence A. Smith
Apr. 29, 1868 Hiram E. Wilson to Hester A. Perrin of Irondequoit, NY
June 4, 1868 Fred. H. Beach to Alice G. Howland
June 13, 1868 Robert W. Archer to Emma L. Henderson
June 29, 1868 George Lepper of Sodus to Elizabeth Osborn of Sodus
July 1, 1868 Joseph King Toates to Eliza A. Peachy
July 4, 1868 Lewis B. Allen of Ontario to Ella I. Clark of Ontario
July 6, 1868 Escuit N. Wright of Syracuse to Dyantha C. Patterson of Irondequoit
July 23, 1868 Charles H. Clark to Sarah A. Jones
July 23, 1868 Eastman Colby of Ogden to Sarah J. Webster of Ogden
July 24, 1868 Wright Bridger of Lockport to Maria S. Kennedy of Lockport
July 24, 1868 William H. Clemence of Auburn to Matie M. Alexander of Seneca Falls
Aug. 1868 Edward Hipkins of Henrietta to Ann Carlen of Scottsville
Aug. 4, 1868 John Brantvall of Fairport to Anna Hart of Egypt
Aug. 9, 1868 Robert M. Hawes to Jennie Provost
Oct. 27, 1868 James Jr. Kane to Susan E. Brundage
Nov. 10, 1868 John E. Relyea to Rebecca Belcher
Nov. 24, 1868 Thomas McCreery of Port Hope, Canada to Helen Richards
Dec. 10, 1868 Philip Langlois to Emily Van Houten
Dec. 24, 1868 James A. Soles of Clarendon, NY to Ella S. Housel of Orleans Co., NY
Dec. 24, 1868 Oren Soles of Clarendon, NY to Acenith A. Snyder of Orleans Co., NY
Dec. 28, 1868 Robert Spence Tate to Hannah Dougherty
Dec. 29, 1868 Daniel Marshall of Shelby, NY to Mrs. Pauline Wright of Manchester, NY
Mar. 15, 1869 Henry B. Chappell of Troy, NY to Carrie F. White of Brooklyn
Mar. 22, 1869 Alva Britton of Greece to Adda Lewis of Greece
Apr. 11, 1869 James M. Gill to Addie Jaquemin
June 16, 1869 William H. Norman to Mary Ann Cannell of Morrison Twp., Canada
June 30, 1869 Henry A. Cory to Emma R. Vanderhave
July 1, 1869 William A. Baker to Kittie T. Kane
July 19, 1869 Frederick Banham to Julia E. Adams
Aug. 11, 1869 James A. Costello to Eliz. Agnes Cosgrove of Kingston, Canada
Sep. 12, 1869 Henry Wilson to Sarah Ann Teeple
Oct. 12, 1869 George Spooner of Henrietta to Charlotte Frazer of Henrietta
Nov. 17, 1869 Frederick Southgate to Fannie Bankam
Dec. 7, 1869 James W. Moodie to Matilda Foster
Dec. 26, 1869 George Son of Albany, NY to Dora H. Palmer
Dec. 28, 1869 George P. Power of West Farmington to Mary A. Rose of West Farmington
Dec. 30, 1869 E. Jay Sugru (?) to Ella M. Jones
Jan. 1, 1870 Amassey Hurley of Ontario, NY to Jennie Hall of Walworth, NY
Jan. 7, 1870 William Reed of Fowlerville, NY to Emma L. Manchester
Jan. 20, 1870 James J. Smith of Victor, NY to Mary A. Bliss of Victor, NY
Feb. 1, 1870 Isaac Andrews of Spencerport to Julia R. Gould
Feb. 15, 1870 Marion Wilder of Charlotte to Julia Denise of Charlotte
Mar. 9, 1870 Alexander P. Britton to Elizabeth J. Whitbeck



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