Business Directory of Brighton, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Brighton are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


ABBEY, JOSEPH, (Rochester,) lot 15, farmer 45.
Adwen, Stephen W., (Rochester,) groceries and provisions, 1st lock.
Allyn, Calvin, (Brighton,) lot 25, farmer 21 ½
Ammon, (leo., (Brighton,) lot 78, farmer leases saw mill and 65.
Arnold, Lewis, (West Brighton,) farmer 10.

BABCOCK. JAMES, (West Brighton,) lot 70. gardener, pickle dealer and farmer 27¾.
Babcock, James M., (Rochester,) (with William J.,) lot 5, farmer 95.
Babcock, William J., (Rochester,) (with James N.,) lot 5. farmer 95.
Baker, Benjamin M., (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 345.
BARNES, CHARLES M., (Brighton,) justice of the peace, owns grist and flouring mill and farmer 10.
Barnes.Charles P., (Brighton,) (Barnes & Lamphier.)
Barnes, Edwin M., (Brighton,) lot 76, farmer 112.
Barnes & Lamphier (Brighton,) (Charles P. Barnes and Dennis W. Lamphier,) leases grist and flouring mill.
BARNUM, HENRY O., (Rochester,) lot 28, farmer 66.
Barnnum, John, (Brighton,) lot 19, farmer 32.
Barston, Homer A.,(Brighton,) farmer 13½.
Basol, John, (West Brighton,) farmer 30.
Bates, Thomas C., (Rochester,) farmer 7.
Becker, Charles I., (Brighton,) lot 77, farmer 51.
Beckwith, Henry, (Brighton,) (with John,) lots 28 and 29, farmer 180.
Beckwith, John, (Brighton,) (with Henry,) lots 28 and 29 farmer 180.
Bell, Robert, (West Brighton,) 1ot 63, farmer 119.
Bierghrerh, Sebastian, (West Brighton,) farmer 14.
Billings, Elizabeth Mrs., (West Brighton,) farmer 10.
Blaker, Petroclos, (West Brighton,) lot 39, farmer 112.
Blanchard, John, (Brighton,) groceries and provisions.
Blossom, Elisha, (Brighton,) lot 35, farmer 90.
Boardman, Henry E., (Rochester,) prop. Monroe St. Nursery and farmer 20.
Boardman, Silas, (Rochester,) lot 35, nurseryman and farmer 30.
Boothe, Reuben N., (West Brighton,) lot 62, farmer 100.
Boughton, Egbert H. (West Brighton,) (with Horace C.,) lot 28, farmer 100.
Boughton, George G., (West Brighton,) retired farmer 1.
BOUGHTON, HORACE C., (West Brighton,) (with Egbert H.,) lot 28, farmer 100.
Bowen, Charles, (Rochester,) lot 44, farmer 150.
Bowen, George W. (West Brighton,) (with Valentine, Frank,) farmer leases of Benjamin M. Baker, 345.
Brennan, Michael P., (Brighton,) carriage maker.
Brevatt, Isaac, (West Brighton,) lot 47, farmer 23.
Brown, Hamilton A, (Rochester,) lot 40, farmer 64.
BUCKLAND, LEONARD, (Rochester,) (Bucklend & Son.)
Buckland, Martha A., (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer 18.
BUCKLAND, ORRIN M., (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer 60.
BUCKLAND & SON, (Rochester,) (Leonard and Warren L.,) lot 31, props, of brick and tile yard and farmers 128.
BUCKLAND), WARREN, (Rochester,) lot 38, farmer 35½.
BUCKLAND, WARREN L., (Rochester,) (Buckland & Son.)
Buckley, John, (Rochester,) farmer 5.
BURDEN, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 21.
Button, Chester, (Rochester,) lot 76, farmer 30.

Caley, Thomas, (Brighton,) blacksmith.
Calkins, Henry S., (Brighton,) farmer.
Campbell, Duncan, (West Brighton,) window shade agent.
CAPLE, EDWARD (Brighton,) prop. of Farmers Home Hotel.
Carey, John, (Rochester,) farmer 13.
Cary, Richard, (Brighton,) farmer leases 42.
CASE, LEONARD S., (Brighton,) proprietor of Nurserymen's Hotel and constable.
CHADWICK, FRANK E., (West Brighton,) railroad watchman.
CHAPIN, EDWIN B., (Rochester,) (Loder & Chapin.)
Chattin, Benjamin, (West Brighton,) (with Henry,) lot 48, farmer 76.
Chattin, Henry, (West Brighton,) (with Benjamin,) lot 48, farmer 76.
Chilton, John, (Rochester,) lot 43, nurseryman 3¾.
COBB, JAMES D., (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer 100.
COBB, WILLIAM H., (Rochester,) lot 37, farmer 150.
COLWELL, HINMAN E, (West Brighton,) lot 58, farmer 125.
Combs, Mary J. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 32, farmer 133.
Cook, Amasa, (Brighton,) postmaster and town clerk.
Copeland, Jerry S., (Brighton,) (Copelead & May.)
Copeland & May, (Brighton,) (Jerry S. Copeland and Horace May,) props. of lime kiln and farmers 16.
Corser, Caleb B., (Rochester,) retired farmer 3½.
Corwin, Stephen M., (Brighton,) lot 19, farmer 70.
Cory, Parkhurst, (Rochester,) lot 30, farmer 26½.
Covey, Alvah S., (Penfield,) (Covey Bros.)
Covey Brothers, (Penfield,) (Alvah S. and Eugene,) lot 70, props. of nursery and farmers 50.
Covey, Eugene, (Penfield,) (Covey Brothers.)
COWLES, NORMAN B., (Brighton,) lot 6, farmer 60.
COZZENS, GEORGE B., (Rochester,) farmer 10.
CRITTENDEN, AUSTIN, (West Brighton,) lot 69, farmer 85.
Crittenden, William H., (West Brighton,) lot 69, stock dealer and farmer 19.
Crittenden, William W., (West Brighton,) lot 55, farmer 200.
Crosman, Charles W., (Rochester,) general seed grower.
Cunningham, Philander, (Rochester,) brick and tile manuf.
Curtis, Gilbert, (Brighton,) lot 70, farmer 128.

Dack, James, (West Brighton,) lot 33, farmer 20.
Dagget, Hollis, (Ptttsford,) lot 8, farmer 128.
DARLING, RICHARD A., (West Brighton) toll gate keeper.
Delaru, Mrs., (West Brighton,) lot 47, farmer 8.
Diver, Bingham, (West Brighton,) lot 32, farmer 300.
Diver, Warren, (Brighton,) retired farmer.
Doe Charles, (West Brighton,) toll gate keeper.
Dong, Charles, (Brightou,) farmer 15.
DONNELLY, JOHN, (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 68.
Doty, Hiram, (Rochester,) keeper of Monroe Co. Poor house.
Downs, Sylvester, (Brighton,) wood workman.
Downs, Truman, (Brighton,) carriage maker.
Drake, Amasa, (Brighton,) lot 20, farmer 100.
Drumm, Thomas Rev., M. D., (Rochester,) rector of St. Mark's School.
DRYER, ABEL, (Brighton,) lot 77, farmer 90.

Earnt, Frederick, (Rochester,) farmer 6.
Eaton, Frederick, (West Brighton,) farmer 25.
Eaton, Luther, (West Brightoo,) lot 63, farmer 70.
EATON, RICE, (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 100.
EDMUNDS, JAMES M., (West Brighton,) lot 47, assessor, surveyor and farmer 119.
Ellis, Henry A.. (West Brighton.) farmer 75.
Ely, L. D., (Rochester,) farmer 500.
EVANS, JOSEPH, (Brighton,) lot 15, farmer 33.
EWART, RICHARD J. W., (West Brighton,) lot 78, farmer 106.

FAIR GROUND HOTEL, (West Brighton,) John P. Stringham. prop.
FARMERS' HOME HOTEL, (Brighton,) Edward Caple, prop.
Fisk, A. Judson, (Brighton,) lot 27, nurseryman and farmer 30.
Flower, George (Rochester,) farmer leases of Dennis McCarthy, Syracuse, 90.
Fowler, John A., (West Brighton,) lot 36, stone mason and farmer 25.
Fox. L., (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 10.
FRANK, VALENTINE, (West Brighton,) (with George W. Bowen,) farmer leases of Benjamin H. Baker, 345.
French, Francis, (West Brighton,) lot 48, farmer 74.
Frost, Joseph A., (West Brighton,) lot 69, farmer 73.
Fulton, Frank B., (Rochester,) clerk Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
FULTON, LEVI S., (Rochester,) general superintendent of Monroe Co. Penitentiary.

GARDNER, AMBROSE C., (Brighton,) lot 19, farmer 10.
Gerry, Rufus P., (Brighton,) lot 71, farmer 62.
Gibbs, Asgill. (Brighton,) farmer 7.
GLEN, EUGENE, (Rochester,) president Glen & Hall Manufacturing Co.
*GLEN & HALL MANUFACTURING CO., (Rochester,) Eugene Glenn, president: Joseph F. Hall, vice president; Milton E. Holton, secretary and treasurer; manufs. of grain and clover thrashing machines, horse powers and the Farmers Favorite Grain Drill, East Avenue.
GOULD BROTHERS, (Rochester,) (S. H. and E. P.,) props. of Monroe Co. Nurseries and farmers 300, East Avenue.
GOULD, E. P., (Rochester,) (Gould Bros.)
Gould, Samuel P., (Brighton,) lot 20, farmer 200.
GOULD, S. H., (Rochester,) (Gould Bros.)
Graves, Charles, (West Brighton,) lot 48, farmer 43.

Hagaman, David W., (Rochester,) lot 53, farmer 45.
Hagman, Harriet Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer 100.
HALL, JOSEPH F., (Rochester,) vice-president, Glenn & Hall Manufacturing Co.
Harder, Henry, (Rochester,) lot 64, farmer 12½.
Hart, Romanta, (Rochester,) lot 39, farmer 183.
*HART, SAMUEL R, (Brighton,) steam saw mill and manufacturer of all kinds of lumber.
Sam Hart saw mill
Hartley, James, (West Brighton,) lot 46, farmer 86.
Hartley, John S., (West Brighton,) farmer leases of P. Blaker, 112.
Herrick, John, (West Brighton,) lot 47, farmer 43.
Herten, Amos, (Rochester,) keeper Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
HICKOX, HENRY, (Rochester,) (with William,) lot 59, farmer 108.
HICKOX, WILLLAM, (Rochester,) (with Henry,) lot 59, farmer 108.
HIGBIE, WILLIAM H., (Rochester,) lot 68, farmer 31.
HOBBIE, CALEB K., (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 5.
HODGES. WILLARD, (Rochester,) lot 45, farmer 65.
Hofman, John, (West Brighton.) lot 31, farmer 54.
Hogan, Joseph, (Brighton,) stone mason.
Holton, Charles C., (Rochester,) lot 38, farmer 100.
HOLTON, MILTON E., (Rochester,) secretary and treasurer Glen & Hall Manufacturing Co.
Hooker, Charles M., (Rochester,) (H. E. Hooker & Brother.)
Hooker, H. E. & Brother, (Rochester,) (Henry E. and Charles M.,) nnrserymen, East Avenue.
Hooker, Henry E., (Rochester,) (H. E. Hooker & Brother.)
Hotchkin, Augustus, (Rochester) lot 32, farmer leases of Mrs. Mary J. Combs, 153.
Hotchkins, George N., (Rochester,) farmer 72.
How, Joel, (Brighton,) Union Cottage.
HOWES, EZRA F., (Brighton,) lot 11, farmer 38.
Hoyt, William M., (Rochester,) lot 37, nurseryman and farmer 50.

IRVING, JAMES, (Brighton,) farmer 8.

JACKSON, THOMAS, (Brighton,) lot 71, farmer 55.
Janes, Abbie Mrs., (Brighton,) lot 69, farmer 100.
Jennings, Henry M., (West Brighton,) lot 23, farmer leases of Miss Julia Lewis, 220.
Jewitt, John, (Brighton,) lot 11, farmer 130 and leases 42.
Johnson, Henry W., (Rochester,) keeper Monroe County Penitentiary.
Johnson, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 25.
Judson & Co., (Rochester,) (James S. and William W.,) lot 20, manufs. of fishing rods, nursery labels and farmers 20.
Judson, James S., (Rochester,) (Judson & Co.)
Judson, William W., (Rochester,) (Judson & Co.)

Kelly, Edmon, (Brighton,) lot 4, farmer 95.
Kerns, Anna, (West Brighton,) fermer 33.
Killick, Edmund, (West Brighton,) farmer leases of Philip J. Meyer, 91.
Klem, Joseph, (Rochester,) hackman and farmer 1.
Klinck, John G., (Rochester,) lot 44, farmer 70.

Lamb, Roswell J., (Rochester,) cattle dealer.
Lamphier, Dennis W., (Brighton,) (Barnes & Lamphier.)
Landers. Caleb M., (Rochester,) lot 43, farmer 30.
Landon, Jervis, (Brighton,) lot 14, farmer 60.
Landon, William D., (Brighton,) lot 16, farmer 39.
Larey, John, (West Brighton,) lot 34, farmer 21.
Lee, Henry L., (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 25.
Lee, -- Mrs., (West Brighton,) farmer 16.
Lewis, Julia Miss, (Rochester,) lot 23, farmer 220.
Little, Frank W., (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 50.
LITTLE, HARVEY, (Rochester,) lot 31, farmer 95.
Little, William S., (Rochester,) prop. Commercial Nurseries and farmer 300, East Avenue.
*LODER & CHAPIN, (Rochester,) (Edwin A. Loder and Edwin B. Chapin,) glue manufs. and farmers lease 50.
LODER, EDWIN A., (Rochester,) (Loder & Chapin.)
LORD M. L., (Rochester,) superintendent of Monroe Co. Insane Asylum.
Luce, George W., (Pittsford,) (with Sidney M. and George W.,) farmer leases 86.
Luce, Sidney M., (Pittsford,) (with Stephen Jr. and George W.,) farmer leases 86.
LUCE, STEPHEN, (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 86.
LUCE, STEPHEN, Jr., (Pittsford,) (with Sidney M. and George W.,) farmer leases 86.
LYNCH, JOHN, (West Brighton,) lot 75, dairyman and farmer 77.
Lyon, Edwin, (Rochester,) farmer 44.
Lyon, Harrison A., (Brighton,) lot 11, farmer 96.

Mack, A. G., (Rochester,) deputy superintendent of Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
Marshall, Daniel, (Rochester,) keeper Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
Martin, Henry, (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 50.
Martin, Hiram W., (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 110.
May, Horace, (Brighton,) (Copeland & May.)
McCarty, Owen, (Rochester,) prop. of Center House.
McDonald, Henry, (West Brighton,) butcher.
MEITZLER, CHARLES, (West Brighton,) post master and prop. of West Brighton House.
Meyer, Philip J., (Rochester,) farmer 91.
Meyer, Valentine, (Rochester,) lot 38, farmer 58.
Miller, Adam, (Brighton) farmer 25.
Miller, Charles L., (Brighton,) canal grocery and farmer 85.
Millier, Isaac, (West Brighton,) farmer 14.
Miller. M. E. Mrs., (Brighton,) farmer 4.
MILLER, WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) lot 15, farmer 74.
Monroe County Penitentiary, (Rochester,) Levi S. Fulton, general superintendent; A. G. Mack, deputy superintendent; Frank B. Fulton, clerk; Henry W. Johnson, Amos Herten, Walter I. Perry and Daniel Marshall, keepers; Jas. W. Stanley and A. Wallace, watchmen.
MOONEY, FRANK L., (Brighton,) lot 14, farmer 60.
Moor, Amelia Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 20, farmer 95.
Mulroy, Patrick, (Rochester,) blacksmith.
Murray, Charles, (West Brighton,) carpenter and wagon maker.
Myer, Charles, (Brighton,) blacksmith.
MYERS, MICHAEL, (Rochester,) farmer leases of Edwin Lyon, 44.

Nash, John B., (Brighton,) carpenter and joiner.
Nelson, Jonathan J., (Brighton,) lot 13, nurseryman and farmer 60.

O'Brien, Thomas (Brighton,) farmer 40.
OLMSTEAD, WILLIAM H., (Brighton,) superintendent of farm of John R. Olmstead, 42.

PARSONS, ELIZA Mrs., (Brighton,) lot 78, farmer 97.
PARSONS, WM. M., (Brighton,) lot 78, farmer.
Peck, Edward, (Brighton,) lot 14, farmer 30.
Peck, Henry J., (Brighton,) lot 21, nurseryman and farmer 50.
Periske, Charles, (Rochester,) lot 19, farmer 21.
Perry, Walter I., (Rochester,) keeper Monroe Co. Penitenitary.
Pike, Samuel, (West Brighton,) lot 60, farmer 59.
PINNACLE HOUSE, (Rochester,) Michael Shealy, prop.

Rayburg, Charles, (Rochester,) milkman and farmer leases of Mrs. A. Moore, 95.
Remington, Benjamin, (West Brighton,) lot 36, farmer 164.
Remington, Edwin C., (West Brighton,) lot 36, farmer leases of Benjamin Remington, 164.
Richard, Jane R. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 26½.
RICHARDSON, JOSEPH, (Rochester,) general agent for B. C. Taylor's horse rake.
Riley, Abigail Mrs., (Brighton,) farmer 10.
Rogers, George, (West Brighton,) veterinary surgeon.
Rood, Elmendorf, (Brighton,) lot 27, farmer 28.
Ross, William, (Rochester,) farmer 21.
ROWLAND, DANIEL, (Brighton,) lot 22, farmer 140.

Sahler, J. Hasbrouck, (Rochester,) clay pipe manuf., Ely.
Salmon, George, (Brighton,) lot 4, farmer 21.
Sargerson, John N., (West Brighton,) lot 38, carpet weaver and farmer 11¾.
Schaeffer, Jacob, (West Brighton,) lot 26, farmer 150.
Schanck, Henry D., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer leases 73.
Schanck, H. V. B., (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 61½.
Schank, Peter V., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 62½.
Schlier, John, (Rochester,) lot 74, farmer 47.
Scool, Charles, (West Brighton,) farmer 10.
Scudder, Charles, (West Brighton,) lot 69, farmer 12.
Scudder, Polly Mrs., (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 12.
Seeley, Mary Jane Mrs., (Henrietta,) lot 43, farmer 50
SHAW, ADDISON, (West Brighton,) lot 52, farmer 29.
SHEALY, MICHAEL, (Rochester,) prop. Pinnacle House.
SHELMIRE, JOHN, (Brighton,) blacksmith and carriage ironer.
Shipmen D., (Rochester,) farmer 30.
Sholts, William, (West Brighton,) lot 35, farmer 42.
Shrader, John, (Rochester,) lot 23, farmer 25.
Sibblay, Ezra, (Rochester,) lot 24, farmer 190.
Slocum, W. H., (Rochester,) deputy superintendent of Monroe Co. Insane Asylum.
Smith, Charles, (West Brighton,) lot 54, farmer 68.
SMITH, HIRAM, (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer leases of Charles Smith, 68.
Smith, Moses, (Brighton,) lot 20, farmer 400.
Snyder, Susan Mrs. (Rochester,) keeper of Rochester Pest house.
South, Thomas, (West Brighton,) toll gate keeper.
Southwich, Lucius, (Rochester,) lot 42, farmer 15.
Stanley, E. J. Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 24.
Stanley, Henry E., (Brighton,) lot 78, prop. of saw mill and farmer 65.
Stanley, James W.. (Rochester,) watchman Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
STARKWEATHER, CHAUNCEY G., (Rochester,) (with Jeremiah and Chauncey G., Jr.,) lot 40, farmer 257.
STARKWEATHER, CHAUNCEY G., Jr., (Rochester,) (with Jeremiah and Chauncey G.,) lot 40, farmer 257.
STARKWEATHER, JEREMIAH, (Rochester,) (with Chauncey G. and Chauncey G., Jr.,) lot 40, farmer 257.
Starr, Henry P., (Brighton,) lot 11, farmer 20.
*STEVENSON, JOHN H. (Rochester,) horse and cow doctor, 76 Monroe St., residence corner of Monroe and Goodman, farmer leases 18.
STITTSON, GEORGE D., (West Brighton,) supt. Mount Hope Cemetry.
Stoddard, Goodwin, (Brighton,) farmer 100.
Stoneburner, Benjamin, (Brighton,) (with William and John,) farmer 20.
Stoneburner, John, (Brighton,) (with William and Benjamin,) farmer 20.
Stoneburner, William, (Brighton,) (with Benjamin and John,) farmer 20.
STRINGHAM, JOHN P., (West Brighton,) prop. of Fair Ground Hotel.
Teare, Thomas, (Rochester,) lot 6, farmer 107.
Thayer, Lawson, (Rochester,) blacksmith.
Thomas, George W., (Brighton,) lot 34, farmer 50.
Thomas, William O., (Brighton,) lot 34, farmer 20.
Thompson, Susannah Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 80, farmer 45.
Titus, Eugene Miss, (Rochester,) matron Monroe Co. Insane Asylum.
TODD, IRA, (Pittsford.) lot 7, supervisor of town and farmer 160.
TUCKER, ROBERT, (Rochester,) lot 28, farmer 120.

Underbush, William, (West Brighton,) lot 64, farmer 6.

Vanbuskirk, John, (West Brighton,) lot 75, farmer 116.
Vick, James, (Rochester,) flower and seed raiser, also farmer 25, office 10 Mill.
Vollmer, John, (West Brighton.) lot 75, farmer 52.

Wallace, A., (Rochester,) watchman Monroe Co. Penitentiary.
Warner, Horace G., (Rochester,) lot 21, farmer 52.
WARRANT, BENJAMIN F., (West Brighton,) lot 69, farmer 100.
Warrant, John W., (Rochester,) (Warrant & Southworth, Rochester,) farmer 75.
Weed, Seth, (Pittsford,) lot 7, farmer 100.
Welch, John, (Rochester,) farmer leases 50.
Wentz, J., (Rochester,) prop. of Monroe Nurseries.
WEST BRIGHTON HOUSE, (West Brighton,) Chas. Meitzler, prop.
Westfall, Abram, (West Brighton,) lot 74, farmer 3.
WHEELER, JARED P., (Brighton,) homeo. physician.
White, Alfred, (West Brighton,) farmer 3.
White, Warren W., (West Brighton,) drover.
Whiting, Addison N., (Rochester,) superintendent of Monroe Co. Poor House.
WHITLOCK, DAVID S., (Rochester,) lot 24, farmer 134.
WILLIAMS, MARRIAN, (West Brighton,) blacksmith.
WILLIAMS, MARVIN, (West Brighton,) blacksmith.
Willson, Edward, (Brighton,) (with George,) lot 15, farmer 136.
Willson, Genette Mrs., (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 130.
Willson, George,(Brighton,)(with Edward,) lot 15, farmer 136.
Wing, Benjamin, (Brighton,) lot 19, farmer 100.
Wood, Walter, (Rochester,) lot 34, farmer 30.
Wood, William, (Rochester,) lot 76, stone mason and farmer 100.
Woolcott, Frank, (Rochester,) (with George,) farmer 50.
Woolcott, George, (Rochester,) (with Frank,) farmer 50.
Wyse, Joseph, (Rochester,) farmer 10.

Yale, Justus. (Brighton,) (T. B. Yale & Co.)
Yale, T. B. & Co., (Brighton,) (Thomas B. and Justus,) nurserymen.
Yale, Thomas B., (Brighton,) (T. B. Yale & Co.)
Yong, Jas. A., (West Brighton,) blacksmith



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