Early Wills of Monroe County, NY


These records were copied in 1940 by Gertrude A. Barber from Will Book "A" that was created by the Clerk of the Surrogate Court. Although Ms. Barber labeled her work as volumes 1 and 2, it actually contained information from Will Books A, 1, 2, and 3. Many years ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) filmed Will Books 1 through 66 but they somehow missed finding Book A. Records in Book A (on this web page) contains the oldest wills filed in Monroe County. The Will Books have not been seen for many years and are probably in storage. Monroe County has Surrogate Court records (called Probate Records in other states) filed in packets and the packets include the original will. The will books only included a copy of the will. It is best to view the whole Surrogate packet as occassionally there are other documents that may be of interest. Besides, the will in the packet is the original with actual signatures.

If writing to the Surrogate Court office, their price for researching a file is $90 per file and 25¢ for copies. That price is set by the New York State Court system. Instead of paying these outrageous fees, either go to the office in person or use a local genealogical researcher. The Surrogate's office have placed inactive files with a privately owned storage company. It takes at least a day to get these files from the storage company to the Surrogate's office to be viewed.


  Jahial Ducher of Parma
  Book A, p. 416
Dated December 8, 1821
Probated Jan. 29, 1822
Mentions wife: Olive
brothers: Penefor, John and Joseph
Executix wife: Olive
Witnesses Henry Patterson
James Covel
Persis Covel


  Ezra Blossom of Brighton
  Book A, p. 420
Dated March 20, 1821
Probated Aug. 1821
Mentions Ezra Foster Hoyt, son of Levi & Thankful Hoyt
wife: Mehetable
sons: Thomas and Benjamin
Executors Thomas (son)
Benjamin Bangs Blossom
Witnesses Eli Stilson
John Hatch
Solomon Hatch


  Elisha Smith of Penfield
  Book A, p. 424
Dated March 23, 1822
Probated June 1, 1822
Mentions wife: Mary
daus.: Joannah Chapman wife of Stuckley
Mehitable w. of William Lee
Executor William Lee
Witnesses Edmund Parmenter
Roswell P. Paine
Ebenezer Phipp


  Abraham Staples of Rochester
  Book A, p. 428
Dated Feb. 4, 1822
Probated August 20, 1822
Mentions wife: Lydia
daus.: Hannah R., Lydia A.
Executor Erastus Spalding
Witnesses Walter White
Jonathan White
Wheeler Collins


  Benjamin Willets of Farmington, Ontario County, NY
  Book A, p. 432
Dated June 30, 1813
Probated Aug. 20, 1822
Mentions dau.: Mercy Earls
sons: Lawrence and Lewis
wife: Mary
granddau.: Ann Willets alias Burr
Executor son: Lewis
Jared Comstock
Witnesses Jared Comstock
Jonathan Willets
James Brooks


  Francis Brown of Gates
  Book A, p. 436
Dated Nov. 1819
Probated Oct. 22, 1824
Mentions wife: Jane Mary
sons: Daniel Penfield and Francis Jr.
Executix wife: Jane Mary
Witnesses Fisher Bullard
Samuel F. Gelston
Henry Ward


  Reuben Allen of Sweden
  Book A, p. 437
Dated Aug. 1822
Probated Feb. 25, 1823
Mentions wife: Hannah
daus.: Lydia Tennan and Amy Morgan
son: Reuben Jr.
Starlin W., Philemon, Henry Allen
Executor wife
Witnesses Joseph Randall
Timothy Lowell Jr.
Peter Sutphen


  John Smith of Caledonia, N.Y.
  Book A, p. 441
Dated ---
Probated Aug. 13, 1833
Mentions sons: Francis, James, Andrew, Robert, David, John and William
daus.: Peggy Spingsteen, Jane Ables
Executor John Greigh of Canandaigua
James Smith of Riga
Witnesses Freeman Edson
Benjamin Warren
Stephen Warren


  Nell Sanford of Mendon
  Book A, p. 445
Dated Feb. 17, 1823
Probated Sept. 6, 1823
Mentions sons: Peter, Thomas, William
grandchildren: Huldah and John Sanford
dau.: Harriet w. of John Lord
Executors son: William
James Smith
Witnesses George Babcock
Isaiah Babcock
John Coon


  Dow Ralph of Penfield
  Book A, p. 448
Dated Dec. 28, 1823
Probated Jan. 1, 1824
Mentions wife: Elsy
children: Canadace, Benjamin, Albert, Rhoda, Sally, Roxina, Cordelia
stepfather: Benjamin Bigsby
mother: Mary
Executor wife
Witnesses Gershom Dunham
John Fuller


  Niles Bentley of Sweden
  Book A, p. 452
Dated May 3, 1822
Probated Feb. 4, 1824
Mentions wife: Anna
sons: Salmon, Niles, Norman
daus.: Hannah, Phebe Abbott, Susannah Griggs
granddau.: Nancy Meriah Bentley
Executors sons Niles and Salmon
Witnesses Jonathan Lewis
David G. Winslow
Peter W. Carpenter


  Amasiah Park of Mendon
  Book A, p. 455
Dated March 14, 1822
Probated May 19, 1824
Mentions wife: Mary
dau.: Esther, deceased
son: Benjamin, deceased
sons: Amasiah, John
daus.: Hannah, Molly, Jemima
Executor son: John
Witnesses Cholet Cady
Martha Cady
Elisha Foote


  Daniel Rood of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 459
Dated June 5, 1824
Probated Sept. 21, 1824
Mentions wife: Arietta
son: Jonathan
daus.: Patty H., Sally Smith, Polly Adams, Laura Rood
Executor Israel Ray
Witnesses Simon Stone
Alexander Hamilton
Samuel Wilder


  William P. Sherman of Rochester
  Book A, p. 463
Dated Sept. 7, 1824
Probated Sept. 24, 1824
Mentions sister: Honor
children: Ebenezer B., Juliet Tyler Sherman
Executors brothers: Ebenezer B., Robert, Willett
Witnesses John Steward Jr.
Samuel S. Gardiner
James S. Andrews


  John Mann of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 468
Dated April 2, 1824
Probated Nov. 17, 1824
Mentions sons: William and Jacob
daus.: Polly, Rachel, Catherine, Charlotte and Uphama
Executor wife: Elizabeth
Witnesses Hartwell Carver
Alexander Chubb


  Edward Mathews of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 471
Dated Sept. 20, 1824
Probated Nov. 27, 1824
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: Elias and John
dau.: Margaret Powell
Executor Joseph Shepherd of Pittsford
Witnesses Simon Stone
Thurlow Seavens


  Charles Harford of Rochester
  Book A, p. 475
Dated Nov. 8, 1824
Probated Jan. 12, 1825
Mentions sons: Benedict, John, Charles, William
dau.: Sarah w. of Isaac Ray
stepdau.: Helen Angelina Ewing
Executor Vincent Mathews
Ashley Samson
Witnesses Joseph Lake
Benjamin Campbell


  Henry Bailey of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 478
Dated May 21, 1824
Probated Jan. 14, 1825
Mentions wife: Tabitha
children: Cephas, Hannah, Ansel, Herman
grandchildren: Betsey, Truman, Frederica, Delight, children of my son Cephas
Executor Ezra Patterson of Pittsford
Witnesses Simon Stone
Robert Holland
Jonathan Whipple


  Robert Holland of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 483
Dated Aug. 10, 1824
Probated Feb. 16, 1825
Mentions wife: Prudence
sons: Simon S., Warren, Jerry
daus.: Sally Rose, Elvira Holland
Executor Nathan Nye
Witnesses Louisa Newcomb
Simon Stone


  William B. Worden of Clarkson
  Book A, p. 488
Dated ---
Probated June 4, 1825
Mentions wife: Paulina
Executor wife
Gustavus Clark
Witnesses William Grover
Peter Miller


  David Wandle of Ogden
  Book A, p. 491
Dated Sept. 25, 1821
Probated Oct. 21, 1825
Mentions wife: Lydia
daus.: Mary Halsted, Pamela Pease, Jan McLouth, Julia and Eliza Wandle
gr.dau.: Sarah Grover
sons: Daniel and Jesse
Executor wife
son: Daniel
Witnesses George W. Willey
William B. Brown
Arnold Eddy


  Jacob Martin of Avon, Ontario Co.
  Book A, p. 495
Dated June 5, 1812
Probated Dec. 10, 1825
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
sons: Abraham, John, Henry, Daniel
daus.: Mary, Elizabeth, Mardulon
Executors 3 sons
Witnesses Stephen Pratt
Daniel Hart
Henry Hart


  Thaddeus Seely of Riga
  Book A, p. 499
Dated Oct. 20, 1825
Probated Jan. 23, 1826
Mentions children: Theron B., John D., Eugene L., Eliza Ann Tuttle and Theana and Laura Seely
other sons: Thaddeus O. and Theophilus R.
Executors dau.: Eliza Ann Tuttle
Ira Tupper
Witnesses Roswell Parish
Ally Parish
Alonzo Tupper


  Hezekiah Necomb of Mendon
  Book A, p. 502
Dated Oct. 11, 1825
Probated Feb. 16, 1826
Mentions wife: Mary
son: Major Bellows
daus.: Eliza, Charlotte, Doris
Executors Cholett Cady
son: Major Bellows
Witnesses Cholett Cady
Hiram Rolling
Caleb Rockwell


  William Case of Rush
  Book A, p. 506
Dated Nov. 26, 1825
Probated June 14, 1826
Mentions wife: Anna
daus.: Elizabeth Arthur, Phebe Dickinson, Fanny Sheldon, Ruth Case
sons: Oliver, Anthony, Benjamin, Barnabas, Lewis W (deceased), Alanson, Emanuel
Executor William Case
Witnesses Anson Crawford
Tyler Bowker
Peter Price


  Jonas Allen of Mendon
  Book A, p. 500
Dated Dec. 28, 1825
Probated Aug. 8, 1826
Mentions wife: Ruby
daus: Althea, Celia Sheldon
sons: Ethan, Daniel R., George
Executors wife
William Green
Witnesses John Taylor
Samuel Whiting


  Staats Springstean
  Book A, p. 541
Dated July 5, 1825
Probated Aug. 15, 1826
Mentions sons: Jacob, David, John
daus.: Laura Ann, Polly, Deborah Chambers
children of Abr. Blood by my dau. Jenny
Executors Philip Garbutt
Robert Chambers
Witnesses J. P. Wheeler
Paul Kendrick
Moses Daniels Jr.


  David J. Griffing of Paris
  Book A, p. 518
Dated Sept. 8, 1826
Probated Sept. 23, 1826
Mentions children: Elizabeth, George, Sophia
brothers: Charles A., Joseph L.
Executors brothers
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradley
Elisha W. Brockway
Joshua Griffing


  Rowland Robertson Barber of Wheatland
  Book A, p. 522
Dated Aug. 11, 1826
Probated Oct. 28, 1826
Mentions children: Polly, Benjamin G., George R., Willard, Noah D, Rowland E., Sudan (sic.)
Executors Benjamin G. Barber
Levi Lacy
Witnesses Levi Lacy
George F. Hetsler
Galcer Hetsler


  Reuben Heath of Wheatland
  Book A, p. 528
Dated July 31, 1826
Probated Oct. 28, 1836
Mentions wife: Polly
sons: Elisha, William, Reuben, Eldridge
daus.: Betsey Fields, Polly Halstead, Huldah, Sarah, Lucinda, Adelia and Hannah
Executors Levi Lacy
John Garbutt
Witnesses Levi Lacy
Orange Brown


  Ormond Spalding of Rochester
  Book A, p. 530
Dated June 14, 1828
Probated Nov. 1, 1826
Mentions sisters: Elzabeth Wilter,Mary Wilter
brothers: Frederick A. Oliver, Thomas M., William L. and Volney Spalding
Executors wife: Olivia
Elisha F. Marshall
Witnesses Elihu T. Marshall
D. Marble
George Hart


  Mathew DeGarmo of Mendon
  Book A, p. 534
Dated July 4, 1826
Probated Nov. 10, 1826
Mentions wife: Rachel
dau.; Elizabeth
sons: John, Edward, Abraham
Executor Cholett Cady
Witnesses Cholett Cady
Abram Cole
Joseph Conklin


  Stephen S. Mead of Sweden
  Book A, p. 538
Dated Oct. 9, 1826
Probated Nov. 25, 1826
Mentions wife: Esther
father and mother: William G. and Mary
Executor wife: Esther
Witnesses Daniel and Aaron Mallett


  Timothy P. Knealand of Ogden
  Book A, p. 542
Dated Oct. 22, 1826
Probated Dec. 17, 1826
Mentions wife: Betsey
dau.: Sarah
sons: Timothy, Tracey, Yale, Franklin
Executor wife
Witnesses John Cobb
Joseph Ball
Charles Freeman


  Nathaniel Rowell of Clarkson
  Book A, p. 546
Dated Feb. 5, 1827
Probated March 31, 1827
Mentions wife: Sally
sons: Hopkins, Thompson, Moss
daus.: Juliett, Eliza
Executor wife
Witnesses William Grove
Henry Porter
Elijah Rowell


  Sylvester Cowles of Brighton
  Book A, p. 551
Dated Feb. 7, 1825
Probated June 9, 1827
Mentions wife: Sarah
sons: Benjamin, Chester B., Philander
parents of my wife, Job Northrop and Sarah
daus.: Ruth, Sarah, Maria
Executors George Donnelly of Brighton
Eli Birchard of Brighton
Witnesses James Huggins
James Anderson
William Harvey


  Alanzon Davis of Mendon
  Book A, p. 555
Dated June 17, 1827
Probated July 7, 1827
Mentions wife: Betsey
son: Amos
dau.: Polly Ann
Executor Reuben Earl
Witnesses Cholett Cady
Samuel Carman
Reuben Earl


  Zela Munger of Sweden
  Book A, p. 559
Dated Aug. 13, 1827
Probated Oct. 1, 1827
Mentions wife: Triphena
Executor wife
Witnesses Daniel I. Avery
Ashbel Spencer
Asa Williams


  Daniel Welch of Mendon
  Book A, p. 563
Dated July 14, 1827
Probated Oct. 17, 1827
Mentions wife: Lydia
sons: Daniel, Almer, Andrew
daus.: Derua, Polly Clark and her two sons
Executor Ira Webster of Rush
Witnesses Ezra Sheldon
Jeremy S. Stone


  John Mastick of Brighton
  Book A, p. 567
Dated Oct. 19, 1826
Probated Nov. 3, 1827
Mentions Abigail Cleveland of Brighton
mother: Mary of Grafton, VT
Catherine, dau. of Geo. A. Tiffany of Avon, NY
Executor mother
Witnesses Elisha Johnson
F. M. Haight


  Sylvanus Ferris of Clarkson
  Book A, p. 576
Dated Aug. 9, 1823
Probated Nov. 13, 1827
Mentions wife: Lydia
sons: Stoddard, Morris L., John
daus.: Polly M., Harriet Harrington
Executor wife
Witnesses J. H. Bushnell
Elias Prosser
John Farwell 2nd


  John Dickson of Rochester
  Book A, p. 580
Dated May 13, 1827
Probated Dec. 3, 1827
Mentions wife: Sarah
son: John Jr.
Executor wife
Witnesses Harvey Ely
Fell Haight
Samuel Allen


  Salmon Grover of Ogden
  Book A, p. 584
Dated Aug. 1, 1827
Probated Dec. 10, 1827
Mentions son: Charles Edwin
daus.: Sarah Jane, Lucy Maria
wife: Priscilla
Executor wife
Witnesses Windsor S. Trowbridge
William Ward
George W. Willey


  Peter Ripley of Perinton
  Book A, p. 588
Dated Aug. 3, 1827
Probated Jan. 4, 1828
Mentions wife: Nancy
son: Nathan Dwight
children: Abigail, Marietta, Nancy Ford, and Lydia Clarissa
Executors Solomon Ralph
Oliver M. Tomlinson of Perinton
Witnesses Abishar Goodell
J. Roberts
Samuel Wheston


  Elizabeth Neely of Greece
  Book A, p. 592
Dated Jan. 5, 1828
Probated Jan. 29, 1828
Mentions son: Joseph
daus.: Hannah Buchanan, Sarah H. Waters, Elizabeth Van Brunt and Amy Jane
Executor Daniel Waters
William Buchanan
Witnesses Nathaniel Hall


  David Bates Jr. of Clarkson
  Book A, p. 597
Dated Dec. 4, 1827
Probated Feb. 29, 1828
Mentions wife: Belinda
son: David Sr.
Executor Russell Bates
Witnesses William Clark
J. Randall
Barry Dibble


  George G. Downer of Perinton
  Book A, p. 600
Dated July 22, 1826
Probated Apr. 23, 1828
Mentions wife: Susanna
children: George W., Orma Cinda Robinson, Cyrus, Alvah H., Ormiel, Loran, Clark, Alonzo, Sawyer, John W.
Executor wife: Susanna
Witnesses Bethia Lamon
W. S. Gregory


  Benjamin Simons of Plymouth, Chenango Co.
  Book A, p. 604
Dated 1819
Probated June 23, 1828
Mentions wife: Martha
sons: Adolphus, Benjamin Jr., Noorey, Anson
daus.: Martha Adams, Fanny Webster
Executors wife
sons: Adolphus and Anson
Witnesses Lot Clark
Charles York
Abial Cook


  George Babcock of Mendon
  Book A, p. 608
Dated July 3, 1828
Probated Aug. 21, 1828
Mentions wife: Polly
sons: Isaiah, George, Norman
daus.: Minerva w. of Justin Otis and Huldah w. of Melancton Gates
Executor wife
Witnesses Samuel Munn
Melissa North


  John Hartwell of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 612
Dated Oct. 14, 1818
Probated Aug. 5, 1828
Mentions wife: Eliza
sons: Thomas, William
daus.: Eliza, Hannah, Loisa, Almyra, Harriet
Executor wife
Witnesses Simon Storm
William C. Bloss
S. B. Treadwell


  Jeremiah Kearns of Rochester
  Book A, p. 616
Dated July 22, 1828
Probated Aug. 29, 1828
Mentions wife: Sibella and unborn child
son: James
Executor brother: Patrick John Davin
Witnesses David Welsh
Patrick Kearns


  Joseph Thornell (Thornhill) of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 620
Dated Dec. 22, 1826
Probated Sept. 6, 1828
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: Joseph and William
dau.: Betsey Nash
Executors two sons
Witnesses Simon Stone 2nd
Thomas D. Gale
Ephraim Hopkins


  Rachel Ely, widow of Seneca Ely
  Book A, p. 624
Dated Jan. 1, 1828
Probated Nov. 14, 1828
Mentions sisters: Martha Shaw and Sarah Shaw
brothers: Samuel Willson, Stephen, Oliver
sister: Elizabeth w. of Joseph Carey
Executors brother in law: Thomas Ely
cousin: Hugh B. Ely
Witness William Watson


  Joseph Nichols of Sweden
  Book A, p. 629
Dated June 7, 1828
Probated July 1, 1828
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
Executor wife
Witnesses Levi Taylor
Simeon Palmer
John Randal


  Henry Cook of Rochester
  Book A, p. 630
Dated May 21, 1822
Probated Sept. 10, 1828
Mentions John Blades
Executor John Blades of Mamaroneck, N.Y.
Witnesses William C. Harrington
Treadwell Lewis


  David H. Poss of Rochester
  Book A, p. 631
Dated Sept. 1, 1828
Probated Oct. 8, 1828
Mentions wife: Catharine
Executors brother: James A.
brother in law: Oshes Wilder
Witnesses A. G. Smith
Vincent and Selas Mathews


  Michael Dunning of Penfield
  Book A, p. 633
Dated Feb. 14, 1827
Probated Oct. 4, 1828
Mentions wife: Martha
sons: Chauncey H., Alanson, Warren, Myron
daus.: Eliza M., Lucy Ann
brother: Amos
Executors sons: Warren and Chauncey
Witnesses Nehemiah Knight
Joseph White
Silas Dunham


  Thomas Beach
  Book A, p. 637
Dated Aug. 23, 1828
Probated Dec. 6, 1828
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: Thaddeus, Thomas, John, Asahael
daus.: Hanibal, Lucinda Brace and her sons, Thomas and William Brace
Executors son: Thaddeus
John Palmer
Witnesses Joram Allen
Abiel Wish


  Chester White of Sweden
  Book A, p. 641
Dated April 3, 1828
Probated Dec. 31, 1828
Mentions wife: Sally
son: Leonard
daus.: Harriot, Caroline, Clarissa
Executor wife: Sally
Witnesses Oliver Spencer
Justus Clark
Lora Avery


  Martin Roberts of Henrietta
  Book A, p 645
Dated Dec. 23, 1828
Probated March 21, 1829
Mentions wife: Anna
daus.: Annabella Gunn, Esther Wells, Caroline, Amanda and Mary Ann
sons: Marvin and Martin
Executors son: Martin
Daniel Olney
Witnesses Elisha Page
James Phillips
Miner Brown


  John Redmond 2nd of Clarkson
  Book A, p. 649
Dated Jan. 13, 1829
Probated March 28, 1829
Mentions wife: Polly
children: Perry, Michael, Hiram, Abram, Elsy, Ann Childs, Susan Randolph, Julian and David
Executor wife
Witnesses William James
Samuel Mead
Philo Higby


  Phebe Planting of Ogden
  Book A, p. 653
Dated Feb. 4, 1824
Probated May 23, 1829
Mentions four grandchildren: Mary Foster, Willard, Harmony and Charles Church Foster
Executor Francis Young of Ogden
Witnesses Philenda Willey
Harriet Willey
Mary Ann Thomas


  Thaddeus Ross of Penfield
  Book A, p. 657
Dated March 13, 1829
Probated June 6, 1829
Mentions wife: Catherine
daus.: Alin and Hannah
sons: George W., William L.
Executors brothers: William C. and Lebbeus
Witnesses Henry Fellowes
Noble Moon
E. R. Moon


  George Gorton of Avon, Livingston Co.
  Book A, p. 661
Dated May 22, 1823
Probated June 6, 1829
Mentions wife: Lydia
four sons: Thomas, Daniel, I. Gorton, another son not named
two daus.: not named
drandsons: Perry Rouse, Warren Pierce
Executors sons: Daniel, Thomas, I. Gorton
Witnesses George Crouse
Stephen Sanford


  Jeremiah Ruland of Rush
  Book A, p. 665
Dated April 17, 1829
Probated July 6, 1829
Mentions wife: Patience
sons: Eliphas J., Jeremiah Jr., Andrew K.
daus.: Katurah w. of Henry Dan and Esther w. of Nathan Parish
Executors wife: Patience
David C. Monfort
Witnesses Samuel Sibley
Hiram Sibley
Wilson Phelps


  Archibald Pritchard of Brighton
  Book A, p. 669
Dated May 27, 1829
Probated July 7, 1829
Mentions wife: Susannah
son: Lucius
Executor Ezekiel Morse
Witnesses E. Edmonds
Chester Bixby
William Eldridge


  Rufus Colins of Mendon
  Book A, p. 673
Dated Oct. 28, 1826
Probated Aug. 5, 1829
Mentions wife: Diadama
daus.: Charlotte, Lydia, Sally, Lafety
sons: Rufus, Thomas, Wm., Randall
Executor wife
Witnesses Martha Cady and Cholett Cady
Martha Ann Beach


  Eve Garrison of Parma
  Book A, p. 676
Dated Aug.9, 1829
Probated Aug. 14, 1829
Mentions four sons: not named
Executor son: Henry I.
Witnesses John R. Etan
Ralph Thrall


  Absolom Sheldon of Gates
  Book A, p. 682
Dated Aug. 12, 1829
Probated Aug. 17, 1829
Mentions wife: Margaret
son: James
Executor Giles Boulton of Brighton
Witnesses Charles M. Lee
Joseph Russell
William Baker


  Seth Hart of Gates
  Book A, p. 686
Dated May 12, 1829
Probated Aug. 26, 1829
Mentions wife: Abigail
sons: Humphrey, Caleb, Philip, William A.
Executor son: Humphrey
Witnesses John and James Wibert
Joel Wheeler


  Ezra Patterson of Pittsford
  Book A, p. 694
Dated Aug. 22, 1829
Probated Sept. 5, 1829
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
niece: Betsey Patterson
nephews: Philander Patterson, Asa Patterson, Augustus Norton & niece Amelia
son: Ezra Hutchinson of Pittsford
Executors Ephraim Goss
Augustus Norton
Philander Patterson
Witnesses Andrew Huntington
Ehpraim Goss
Jeremiah Farr


  Rebecca Sanford of Rush
  Book A, p. 701
Dated Aug. 16, 1829
Probated Dec. 29, 1829
Mentions daus.: Nancy Sprague (deceased), Sarah Caswell, Polly Loomis w. of Hubbard
two sons
Executor Hubbard Loomis
Witnesses Simeon M. Coe
Nathan Rose
Elias Hall


  James Pitts of Gates
  Book A, p. 707
Dated 1829
Probated Sept. 23, 1829
Mentions wife: Sarah
Parmela Pitts, dau. of James
Executors Levi Bancroft
Hiram Cunningham
Witnesses William Bell
Martin Willson
Oliver Bisbee


  William Armstrong
  Book A, p. 709
Dated May 10, 1828
Probated Jan. 7, 1830
Mentions wife: Betsey
Andrew, Simon, George, Thomas Armstrong
Betsey watson
Isabel McNeel
Margaret Campbell
sons: William & Archibald
Executors sons
Witnesses Donald McPherson
James Rutherford


  Amasa Frost of Riga
  Book A, p. 713
Dated May 21, 1828
Probated Nov. 19, 1829
Mentions wife: Hannah
sons: Chester, Talman, Nelson A.
daus.: Submit Albright, Naomi Dibble, Angelina Frost
Witnesses William Frost
Lucius Bennet
Thomas Faxon


  James Biddle of Sweden
  Book A, p. 721
Dated June 2, 1829
Probated Sept. 26, 1829
Mentions sons: Philetus, James, Moses, Ichabod, David
daus.: Louisa, Lorona, Esther, Ruth
Executor wife: Abigail
Witnesses Elias D. Wilcox




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