Marriages found in the "Miscellaneous Records" volumes in the Monroe County Courthouse


These marriages records were found in the Monroe County (NY) Courthouse in a set of volumes called "Miscellaneous Records." The reasons that they were in those volumes is not known for sure. As many of the records are recorded years after the fact, it is thought that a good share were recorded as proof for military pensions.

The recorded day is the date that the marriage was entered into the Court records.


Vol. 3; page 158
Recorded: 13 May 1848

On the 11th of April 1848, I Joined in Marriage at the house of Mrs. Catharine Wilson in Rochester, Jesse Ketchum Jr. of the City of Toronto, Canada to Elizabeth, daughter of said Catharine.

Ferdinand D. W. Ward, Minister of the Gospel.
Witnesses: Robert A. Wilson and Jane Ward.


Vol. 3; page 297
Recorded: 3 Dec. 1851

On 3rd December 1851 Cyrus Yale Jr. of New Orleans and Martha West of the City of Rochester came before me and were united in marriage.

W. F. Carry, Pastor of the North Pres. Church of Geneva, NY
Witnesses: J. A. Edwards, C. P. Bissell, Mary S. Beesh? and Elisha Mather.


Vol. 4; page 293
Recorded: 22 Oct. 1864

The undersigned solemnized a marriage between Orange T. Howard and Angeline Henderson.

29 Dec. 1861, Brockport, NY
E. Nisbit (Minister)
Witnesses: Alex Nisbet and E. F. Nisbet.


Vol. 4; page 313
Recorded: 29 March 1865

The undersigned Minster of the Gospel certifies that a Marriage was solemnized between Mr. Robert Knapp of Penfield and Miss Mary Clemmons of the same place. (Marriage took place) at my house in Perrinton on 1 Jan. 1856.

Thomas Aarken (or Parken), Minister of the Gospel
Witnesses: Samuel Dickins and Ellen Dickins


Vol. 4; page 330
Recorded: 12 July 1865

Marriage Certificate

Henry W. Hill aged 21 years of Clarkson and Lucy J. Lee, aged 17 years, of Clarkson were joined together in Holy Matrimony on 17 July 1853

Rev. Wm. Peck
In the presence of Lorin Lee and Ellen E. Chappell of Clarkson, NY


Vol. 4; page 331
Recorded: 24 July (1865)

Marriage Certificate

This certifies that on 24 March 1857, Mr. John Bebee of Henrietta and Miss Sally Ann Crotzer of the same place were by me united in Marriage at North Rush, NY.

William Sibley, Minister of Christ


Vol. 4; page 344
Recorded: 24 Nov. (1865)

The undersigned certifies that a marriage was solemnized between George A. Glick and Mary E. Meloy, both of Henrietta, (marriage took place) at Rochester, 20 Oct. 1852.

B. Bardwell, J. P.
Witnesses: Lot S. Meloy and Marsha Meloy


Vol. 4; page 363
Recorded: 14 Dec. 1865

Marriage Certificate

This certifies that on the records of St. John's Church, Cincinnati, Ohio under date 4 July 1859 is entered in the writing of Rev. Wm. R. Nicholson, the Marriage of Perry Eli to Mary Young.

Signed: James E. Hourans, Rector of St. John's Church


Vol. 4; page 415
Recorded: 21 April 1866

Certificate of Marriage

On 4 March 1866 at Hamlin, NY, I united in Marriage, Albert E. Leiter of Hamlin and Polly Ann Miner late of Hamilton.

Robert McCreery, Justice of the Peace
Witnesses: Lucretia McCreery, Mary McCreery and Martha McCreery.


Vol. 4; page 416
Recorded: 12 June 1866

Marriage Certificate

Mr. Pieter Elija Mets of Rochester, NY and Miss Levina Johane Lenaerts of Rochester, NY were by me united in Marriage at Rochester, NY.

Henry Schneider, German Baptist Minister of Rochester, NY
Witnesses: Henry D. E. Yongh and Elijah Mets.


Vol. 4; page 574
Recorded: 23 July 1868

Marriage Certificate

At Sweden, NY on 21 May 1846 the undersigned solemnized a marriage between Mr. Amos R. Quinby and Miss Adaline E. Ferree.

Isaac C. Kingsley, Minister
Witnesses: DeWitt C. Greenleaf and Julia E. Ferree


Vol. 6; page 292
Recorded: 26 May 1880.

Henry Walker of Suspension Bridge, Niagara County, NY, aged 21 years was married to Lillian D. Briggs, aged 27 years of Kalamazoo, Michigan in the Town of Ionia, Michigan on 27 Sept. 1879.


Vol. 6; page 302
Recorded 17 Sept. 1880.

Charles C. Dennis of East Rush, NY was married to Miss Frances E. Kent of Mendon, NY on 10 July 1872 in Honeoye Falls, NY.

Signed: S. C. Brown, Minister of the Gospel.


Vol. 6; page 359
Married: 20 Aug. 1881

Captain Charles William Allen of the City of Winnipeg, County of Selkirk, Province of Manitoba, journalist, was married to Emily Harris Falls of the City of Ottawa, County of Carleton, Province of Ontario at 6 P.M. at the minister's residence, 132 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY.

Married by Fortune Charles Brown, clergy of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Rochester, NY and witnessed by Mrs. Jennie L. Russell of Rochester and Miss May Williams.


Vol. 7; page 212
Recorded: 2 May 1888

Marriage Certificate

This certifies that on the Fifth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty, Joseph Deplanty and Hannah Smith were by me united in Marriage at my residence in the City of Rochester according to the laws of the State of New York.

Henry Davis, Witness
Pastor, L. B. Church, Rochester


Marriage Certificate

Recorded: 17 Aug. 1892

Mr. Otis Cole of Egypt, NY was married to Miss Jennie F. Knapp of Rochester, NY by George W. Montgomery, Minister, in Rochester, NY on 29 Nov. 1855.

Witnesses: Mr. Everett Shutt of Rochester and Miss Loisa (sic.) Kelsey of Rochester, NY.


Vol. 8; page 446
Recorded: 6 Nov. 1896

Louis Erdelle of South Bristol and Mary D. Voorhis of the same place were married on 1 Aug, 1861 at S. Trimmus by Ald. Isaac S. Waring.

Witnesses: P. B. Hulett and S. Trimmus.


Vol. 9; page 87
Recorded: 8 Feb. 1898

Marriage Certificate

Joined in Holy Matrimony; William Sheldon and Ellen Dady on 5 Oct. 1882 according to the rites of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Signed: Henry Anstice, St. Luke's Church, Rochester, NY.
Witnesses: John P. Dignan and Elizabeth Hohlihan.


Vol. 9; page 97
Recorded: 9 May 1898

Marriage Certificate

Mr. George McPherson and Miss Catharine Butler united in marriage 15 Nov. 1873 at 22 Lyle St.

Signed: John J. Landers, L.L.D., Pastor of Front St. M.E. Church.


Vol. 9; page 106
Recorded: 29 June 1898

On 9 Nov. 1879 Frank LaBuff and Marietta Smith were united in marriage at the M. E. Church in Seneca Falls.

Signed: Theron Cooper, Pastor


Vol. 9; page 262
Recorded: 11 Feb. 1901

Marriage Certificate

J. S. Fowler of Belmont, NY and Della E. Elbs of Belmont, NY were by me united in marriage at Belmont, on the 19 day of November 1867.

J. S. Bingham; Minister of the Gospel


Vol. 9; page 277
Recorded: 15 March 1901

Marriage Certificate

John J. Elliboat of Rochester, NY and Miss Emma Long of Auburn, NY were joined together in Holy Matrimony on 6 June 1882 at my residence in Auburn, NY.

Malcolm N. McLaren; Presbyterian Minister
Witnesses: Charles and Anna Long.


Vol. 9; page 299
Recorded: 3 June 1901

Marriage Certificate

Mr. F. L. Aldrich and Mrs. Mary E. Kelley were united in marriage by me on 10 Nov. 1877 at Ulysses, Potter Co., PA.

William Storrs; Minister of the Gospel
Witnesses: Geo. Merrill and Amelia Merrill


Vol. 9; page 424
Recorded: 1 August 1902

Robert A. Brabon of Honeoye Falls, NY and Mellissa A. Gerry of Honeoye Falls were united in Holy Matrimony by me on 10 Sept. 1864.

A. G. Hammon, Minister of the Gospel.
In the presence of: Angie Hammon


Vol. 10; page 105
Recorded: 4 Sept. 1904

Marriage Certificate

Mr. Edgar Ellis of Jefferson Co., Wisc. and Miss Lizzie J. Segar of Jefferson, Wisc. were joined in Holy Matrimony on 17 April 1861.

Leonard F. Molthrop; Preacher of the Gospel
In presence of: B. F. Brewer and J. E. Atwater.


Vol. 10; page 136
Recorded: 21 Nov. 1904

Marriage Certificate

Tallman P. Baker of the City of New York and Rebecca M. Baxter of the City of New York were joined together in Holy Matrimony on 27 June 1841 by me:

Miles Standish; Minister of the Gospel


Vol. 10; page 209
Recorded: 29 July 1905

Marriage Certificate

Mr. William B. Williams and Miss Marietta Osborn, both of Rochester, NY were married at Rochester, NY on 15 Sept. 1853.

Henry Hickok, Minister


Vol. 10; page 286
Recorded: 10 Jan. 1906

Marriage Certificate

James H. Wilson of Bath, NY was married to Charlotte Webster of Urbana, NY on 28 March 1866 at Bath, NY by R. F. Morey, Pastor of M. E. Church.

Witnesses: Mrs. C. H. Brown and Mrs. Wilson


Vol. 10 page 348
Recorded: 16 April 1906

Marriage Certificate

United in marriage on 12 Sept. 1868 at Suspension Bridge; Mr. Lewis R. Patterson of Rochester, NY and Miss Florence Ambrose of Rochester, NY.

Rev. Abel S. Wood
Witnesses: S. T. Woodward and Mathew Dalpshin.


Vol. 10; page 357
Recorded: 17 April 1906

Certificate of Marriage

Robert Ambrose of Rochester, NY and Florence Goodman of Rochester, NY were joined in Holy Matrimony on 12 August 1862.

J. H. Kellogg, Minister of the Gospel
Witnesses: Mrs. J. M. Kellogg and Frankie Kellogg.


Vol. 10; page 444
Recorded: 30 Nov. 1906

Marriage Certificate

Mr. J. M. Deyo of Schenectady Co., NY and Miss Lettie E. Bundy of Irondequoit, NY were by me joined in Holy Matrimony on 26 Dec. 1866.

J. H. Gilmore, Pastor 2nd Bapt. Ch., Rochester
In presence of E. M. Southard and Charles C. White.


Vol. 10; page 449
Recorded: 8 Jan. 1907

Marriage Certificate

On 25 Dec. 1865, Thomas H. Pasco and Susan Hamm were by me united in marriage at Rochester, NY.

James B. Shaw, Pastor Brick Church (Rochester)
In presence of Mary and Leonard Hamm.


Vol. 11; page 238
Recorded: 20 April 1908

Marriage Certificate

Mr. Newton B. Spencer of Penn Yan, NY and Miss Maggie Lyon of Penn Yan, NY were joined together in Holy Matrimony on 6 Feb. 1862.

B. F. Bradford, Minister of the Gospel
In Presence of Mrs. M. A. Bradford and Miss Nellie F. Bradford.


Vol. 11; page 485
Recorded: 15 July 1909

Frank Harry Busch of 899 St. Paul St, Rochester, NY and Mary Stephania Rehak of 1060 Main St. East, Rochester, NY in the presence of Joseph Charles Reichhardt of 899 St. Paul St, Rochester and Anna Reichhardt of 466 Oxford St., Rochester do at 3:45 on this third day of July 1909 at Room 825 Chamber of Commerce Building, Rochester enter into this written contract of marriage and do now marry each other.


Vol. 12; page 492
Recorded: 9 Aug. 1911

Certificate of Marriage

Joshua H. Eustace of Rochester, NY and Bell F. Thompson, also of Rochester were by me united by marriage at Honeoye Falls on 22 Feb. 1869.

Kasimir F. Jervis, Minister of the Gospel
Witnesses: George Barhyte and Mrs. Annie S. Barhyte.


Vol. 13; page 94
Recorded: 18 Dec. 1911

Certificate of Marriage

I have this day joined in marriage Hudson T. Baker of Rochester, NY and Hannah H. Arnold of Suspension Bridge, NY.

Witnesses: Harrison Speller of Ontario, NY and Josephine Speller of Ontario, NY.
2 Oct. 1872; Sam'l. M. Campbell, Minister


Vol. 13; page 279
Recorded: 25 July 1912

Marriage Certificate

On 24 June 1869, Joseph P. Woodmansee and Charity Norman were by me united in marriage at Spencerport, NY.

Rev. F. M. Adams
N. S. P. Crocker and S. J. Morgan (prob. witnesses but not recorded as such.)


Vol. 14; page 40
Recorded: 24 April 1913

Marriage Certificate

Mr. James W. Clark of Rochester and Miss Emma A. Austin of Chili were united in Marriage by me at the residence of the bride's father in Chili, NY on 7 Jan. 1863.

H. A. Rose; Minister of the Gospel
Mr. David Austin and lady, Witnesses


Vol. 14; page 119
Recorded: 22 Aug. 1913

Certificate of Marriage

Mr. Schuyler Woodruff Case of West Bloomfield and Miss Zada Jane Crooks of Bristol, NY were by me united in marriage in Mendon, NY on 3 Feb. 1869.

L. C. Brown, Minister of the Gospel


Vol. 16; page 253
Recorded: 16 Oct. 1916

Certificate of Marriage

Isaac Jarvis of Parma, NY and Isabell Jarvis of Parma, NY were united in Holy Matrimony by me, at the B. P. C. Parsonage in Parma on 19 Aug. 1874.

Davis O. Marshall
Parma Bpt. Ch., Parma


Vol. 16; page 287
Recorded: 6 Nov. 1916

Certificate of Marriage

On 19 April 1873, Richard Yates and Mavina A. Hack were by me united in marriage at Rochester, NY.

J. H. Gilmore
Minister of the Gospel


Vol. 16; page 287
Recorded: 6 Nov. 1916

On 5 May 1874 at St. Paul's Church in Rochester, I joined together in Holy Matrimony Mr. William Gomm? and Miss Mary Jane Dickens according to the Rites of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

John Phillips House & Cora C. Vandenvout; witnesses
Israel Foote; Rector of St. Paul's



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