Business Directory of Ogden, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Ogden are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory.

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number indicates his residence.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


OGDEN, named in honor of William Ogden, was formed from Parma, January 27, 1817. It is an interior town, lying west of the center of the County. The surface is level or gently undulating, with a slight inclination towards the north. The streams are small, forming the head branches of Sandy, Salmon and Little Black Creeks. The soil is a fine quality of calcareous and clayey loam. It is one of the best wheat growing towns in the County.

Spencerport, (p. v.) in the north-east part of the town, on the canal and railroad, contains four churches, a hotel, a general merchandise store, two groceries, several mechanic shops, a grist mill, a saw mill and about 600 inhabitants.

Adams Basin (p. v.) is a station on the N. Y. C. R. and the Erie Canal, in the north-west part of the town, and contains a church and about 30 houses.

Ogden Center contains a church and about 30 houses.

Ogden is a post office in the south-west part.

The first settlement of the town was made by George W. Willey, from East Haddam, Conn. Abraham, Ephraim, Isaac and Timothy Colby came in the same year. Each of the Colbys' lived until his death upon the farm upon which he first settled. In 1803 and 1804 William H. Spencer, Josiah Mather, Jonathan Brown, Henry Hahn, Daniel Wandle, Benaiah Willey, Benjamin Freeman, Daniel Spencer and Col. Eastman Colby, a brother of those before mentioned, settled in the town. The last named was an officer in the war of 1812. Dr. John Webster came to this town in 1803. He was the father of Stephen and Alvin Webster, now living in the town. Judge William B. Brown and Daniel Arnold came in 1805, and Austin Spencer in 1808. These settlers were all from Connecticut. Among the other early settlers were Stephen Gridley, who came from Oneida County in 1811. He cleared his farm and resided upon it until his death in June, 1861. He was married to Miss Sarah Kirkland in 1810, and they celebrated their Golden Wedding, December 10th, 1860. Mrs. Gridley is still living, at the age of 82. Samuel Kilburn came from Broome County, in 1813. He was one of the early Supervisors of the town. He had a family of nine children, all of whom died of consumption. William Hiscock, from Schenectady County, came in 1817, Ansel Chapman, in 1814, and Aaron RobinĀ­ son, in 1817. Joseph Niles, from Albany County, settled in Sweden, in 1815, and in 1827 came into Ogden. David Spencer, from Connecticut, settled in 1804, on the site of the Village of Spencerport. A. Spencer settled in 1808, and J. P. Patterson in 1810. Mr. Patterson was the first Supervisor of the town, and after the organization of Monroe Co. was Sheriff.

The first religious meeting was held in 1805; the first settled minister was Ebenezer Everett; the first physician was Gibbon Jewett.

The first male child born in the town was John M. Colby, son of Abraham Colby, in 1803; he died in 1830. The first female child was Betsey Colby, daughter of Ephraim Colby, in October, 1803. She is now Mrs. Fincher. The first death was that of Mrs. G. W. Willey, in 1803. The first school was taught by Miss Willey, in 1807. George Huntley kept the first inn; Charles Church, the first store, and Wilham H. Spencer built the first saw mill. He brought his mill irons from Connecticut with an ox team. The first preacher was Rev. Daniel Brown, in 1807, and the first church (Presb.) was organized in 1811.

The population of the town in 1865 was 2,791; its area is 21,841 acres.

There are 14 school districts, employing 16 teachers. The number of the school population is 1,020; the number attending school, 742; the average attendance, 345, and the amount expended for school purposes for the year ending September 30, 1868, was $4,789.10.


John Wonsey, one of the first settlers, came to Ogden from Cayuga county in 1804. He is still living in town and has resided on the farm he now occupies, for 53 years.

Abbott, Edwin D., (Churchville), lot 188, farmer 82.
Adams, C. K., (Spencerport), lot 152, farmer 110.
Adams, James (Adams Basin), surveyor and farmer 130.
ALLEN, JESSE, (Adams Basin), lot 37, farmer 61 and leases 50.
Allen, Sally Mrs., (Adams Basin), lot 37, farmer 50.
ALLEN, WESTON, (Brockport), lot 75, farmer 100.
Allen, Weston P., (Spencerport), lot 21, farmer 98.
AMICH, PETER, (Spencerport), lot 141, farmer 30.
Anderson, John, (Adams Basin), lot 102, farmer 100.
ANDREWS, WM., (Spencerport), (Crosby & Andrews.)
ANGELL, S. A., (North Chill), (with Stephen).
ANGELL, STEPHEN, (North Chill), lot 213 farmer 175
Arkland, Henry D., (Ogden), lot 161, hop grower and farmer 5.
ARNOLD, JAMES N., (Adams Basin), lot 117 farmer 170.
ARNOLD, WM. B., (Adams' Basin), lot 91, justice of the peace and farmer 300.

Bailey, Abner A., (Spencerport), tailor and farmer 43, Union.
BAILEY, GEO. M., (Spencerport), (with Norman), lot 42, farmer 52.
BAILEY, NORMAN, (Spencerport), (with Geo. M.), lot 42, farmer 52.
BAILEY, WM., (Adams' Basin), lot 62, farmer leases 90.
BAIRD, LORENZO, (Spencerport), lot 17, farmer 50.
Baker, Geo. W., (Spencerport), lot 40, farmer 12 and leases 28.
BALL, GEO. F., (Spencerport), lot 97, farmer 39.
Ball Joseph, (Spencerport), lot 69, farmer 2½
BALL, ROLLIN, (Spencerport), clerk at Upton House.
Bangs, David, (Churchville), lot 201, farmer 215.
Bannister, Albert, (Churchville), lot 202, farmer 64.
Barclay, John O., (Adams' Basin), lot 51, farmer 100.
Barker, Joseph, (Spencerport), stone mason and farmer 1.
BARNARD, WM., (Spencerport), lot 19, farmer 66.
Barnett John, (Spencerport), lot 210, farmer 50.
BARRELL, A. C. Rev., (Adams' Basin), lot 78, Baptist clergyman and farmer 5.
Barrett, John R. (North Chili), lot 193, farmer 94.
Barton, E. H., (Spencerport), billiard rooms.
BAXTER, JAMES H., (Adams' Basin), grocer and depnty postmaster.
BEAMAN, ANDREW J., (Cold Water), lot 230. farmer 108.
BENJAMIN, GEORGE B., (Rochester), lot 184, farmer 75.
BORST, JOHN, (Spencerport), coal dealer and justice of the peace.
Bortle, John W., (Adams' Basin), lot 78, blacksmith.
BOUGHTON, JOHN, (Adams' Basin), lot 102, farmer 120.
Boughton, Wm. O., (Adams' Basin), lot 88, owns lime kiln.
Bowen, Benjamin F., (Spencerport), lot 73, farmer 70.
BOWEN, JOHN S., (Spencerport), lot 86, farmer 30.
Brennan, Patrick, (North Chili), lot 196, farmer leases 156 .
BRICE, ZENAS A., (Spencerport), lot 95, blacksmith and farmer 42.
BRIGGS, EVERETT D., (Spencerport), (Briggs & Green,) lot 126, farmer 35.
BRIGGS & GREEN, (Spencerport), (Everett D. Briggs and Nelson M. Green,) lot 135, props. of brick yard.
BRIGHAM, C. & CO., (Spencerport), (Chas. Brigham and Henry H. Goff,) flour, feed and grain, Union.
BRIGHAM, CHAS., (Spencerport), (C. Brigham & Co.,) police justice and farmer 10.
Brigham, Henry, (Ogden), lot 175, farmer 120.
BRIGHAM, JOHN D., (Spencerport), lot 11, farmer 89.
Brigham, M. F. Mrs., (Spencerport), milliner, dress maker and hoop skirt maker, Union.
BRIGHAM, MILTON, (Spencerport), lot 34, farmer 125½.
BRIGHAM, ORVILLE P., (Spencerport), lot 70, farmer 124.
Brower, Dewitt C., (Spencerport), lot 138, farmer 75.
Brown, Andrew, (North Chili), lot 199, farmer leases 3.
BROWN & CO., (Ogden), (John R. and Geo. C. Brown and Albert H. Smart,) carriage manufs., Town Pump.
BROWN, EZEKIEL, (Adams' Basin), lot 38, farmer 47.
BROWN, GEO. C., (Ogden), (Brows & Co.)
Brown, James P., (Spencerport), lot 167, farmer 60.
BROWN, JAMES W., (Spencerport), lot 83 farmer 72
BROWN, JOHN, (Spencerport), lot 127, farmer 100.
BROWN JOHN R., (Ogden), (Brown & Co.,) lot 146, farmer 16.
Brown, John S., (North Chili), lot 224, farmer 217.
BROWN, NATHANIEL L., (Adams' Basin), lot 1, farmer 65.
Brown, Nettie L. Miss, (Spencerport), school teacher.
Brown, Wm., (Spencerport), postmester, prop. of nursery and farmer 40.
Bruton, Michael, (Ogden), lot 145, farmer 22½.
BUCKLEY, CARY C., (Ogden), lot 118, farmer 73.
BUEL, BELA, (Spencerport), lot 8, farmer 132.
Buel, Emory J., (Spencerport), lot 95, farmer 22.
BUEL, O., (Spencerport), railroad contractor and farmer 5.
Burk, Michael, (Spencerport), lot 44, farmer 5.
BURRITT, LEONARD, (Spencerport), lot 124, assistant Internal revenue assessor and farmer 100.

CADY, AURORA, (Spencerport), lot 100, farmer 87.
CADY, JAMES B., (Spencerport), lot 114, farmer leases 102.
Cady, Jefferson, (Adams' Basin), lot 26, farmer leases 55.
Campbell, Maggie, (Spencerport), school teacher.
CAMPBELL PETER C., (Spencerport) ticket freight agent and telegraph operator, N.Y.C.R.R.
CAMPBELL, WM. (Spencerport), lot 123, farmer leases 130.
Cashman, John (Spencerport), watchman N.Y.C.R.R. and farmer 3, Railroad.
CHADWICK, MERTILLO W., (Spencerport), lot 47, section master N.Y.C.R.R. and farmer 10.
Chapman, Horace B., (Spencerport), lot 123, cabinet maker.
CHAPMAN, JOHN C., (Spencerport), lot 151 farmer 135.
CHAPMAN, RUSSEL, (Spencerport), lot 151, dealer in live stock and farmer 104.
CHASE, ADELBERT E., (Spencerport), lot 58, farmer 70.
CLANCY, MICHAEL, (Spencerport), lot 72, farmer 6.
Clark, Charles, (Ogden), lot 175, carpenter and farmer 8.
Clark, Hart S., (Ogden), lot 164, carpenter and farmer 5½.
Clark, John L., (North Chill), lot 194, farmer 100.
Clark, Nathan F., (Ogden), lot 163, farmer 75.
Clark, P. B., (West Greece), lot 24, farmer 70.
CLARK, RUSSELL B., (Adams' Basin), lot 28, agent for the Buckeye Mower and Reaper combined Dodge's patent, the Hollingworth Rake, Alden Steel Plow, and farmer 44¾.
R. B. Clark
Clary, Martin, (Spencerport), lot 42, farmer 3,
CLARY, THOMAS, (Spencerport), lot 109, farmer 2.
Clinton, Charles, (Spencerport), lot 122, farmer 8.
Clinton, Richard (Ogden), farmer 2.
COLBY, AMOS N., (Adams' Basin), lot 77, farmer 103.
COLBY, EASTMAN, (Spencerport), lot 108, farmer 12.
COLBY, EDWARD H,, (Adams' Basin), lot 90, farmer 160.
COLBY, JAMES, (Spencerport), lot 80, farmer 144.
COLBY, OSCAR P., (Spencerport), lot 80, farmer 41.
Cole, Moses S., (Spencerport), physician and surgeon, Union.
COMSTOCK, GEO. H., (Spencerport), lot 113 farmer 60
Cone, Darius, (Adams' Basin), lot 15, farmer 52.
Cone, Solomon B., (Adams' Basin), lot 27, boots and shoes and farmer 8.
Conlan, Daniel, (Spencerport), lot 93, farmer 7.
COOKE, DANIEL D., (Spencerport), lot 138, farmer 50.
Coville, Edward, (Churchville), lot 308, farmer l57.
Coville, Hosea T., (Churchville), lot 203, farmer 14 and leases 157.
Crippen, Mary E. Miss, (Adams' Basin), school teacher.
CRISSY, JOHN, (Adams' Basin) lot 27, groceries and provisions and farmer 3.
Crocker N. S. P., (Spencerport), (N. S. P. Crocker & E. C. Upton,) grain and wool dealers, Union.
Cromwell, James, (Spencerport), lot 48, farmer 203.
Cromwell, Oliver, (Spencerport), manager for James.
CROSBY & ANDREWS, (Spencerport), (Wm. H. Crosby and Wm. Andrews,) general merchants, Union.
CROSBY, WM. H., (Spencerport), (Crosby & Andrews.)
Cunningham, Patrick, (Ogden), lot 143, farmer 29.
CURTIS, CHAS. E., (Spencerport), lot 40, farmer 50.

Danforth, Leander, (Spencerport), lot 120, farmer 60.
Danforth, Robert, (Spencerport), lot 121, farmer 50.
Darling, Chas. D., (Spencerport), lot 16, farmer 50.
Darling, Sarah M. Miss, (Adams' Basin), school teacher.
DAVIS, EDWARD H., (Spencerport), physician and druggist, Union.
Dr. E. H. Davis
Denise, Sarah Mrs., Spencerport), farmer 40, Union.
DENNISON, SAMUEL, (Ogden), merchant tailor over Hart's harness shop, Union.
Dewey, Jessie, (Churchville), lot 201, farmer 285.
DOLE, SILAS, (Ogden), lot 147, farmer 94.33.
DOTY, GEO. W., (Adams' Basin), justice of the peace and farmer 75.
DOTY, HARRISON, (Adams' Basin), lot 14, farmer 30.
Drake, Jasper, (Spencerport), lot 95, farmer leases 17.
Dresser, James B., (Adams' Basin), lot 38, fruit tree agent and farmer 3½.
Duffey, Patrick. (Ogden), lot 14, farmer 2½.
Dusenberry, Henry, (Churchville), lot 217, farmer 31.
DYER. HENRY S., (Spencerport), lot 164, farmer leases 57½
DYER, JAMES B., (Spencerport), lot 87, farmer 51½.

East, John, (Spencerport), meat market, Union.
EMENS, TILLEY, (Rochester), lot 128, farmer 120.
Emerson, Stephen S., (Spencerport), carriage maker, Union
EVANS, CARTER, (North Chili), lot 199, farmer 152.

FARGO, JOHN A., (Adams' Basin), lot 76, farmer 130.
Fay, Sarah Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 23, farmer 9.
Fincher, John A., (Spencerport), constable.
Fincher, John A., (Spencerport), lot 94, farmer 93.
Fincher, John A. Jr., (Spencerport), farmer leases 93.
Fisher, Carrie A., (North Chili), school teacher.
Fitzpatrick, Michael, (Spencerport), farmer 6.
FLAGG, HENRY, (Spencerport), lot 106, farmer 110.
FLAGG, HENRY S., (Spencerport), lot 106, farmer 25.
FLAGG, STEPHEN G., (Spencerport), lot 121, farmer 51.
Flagg, Thos. C., (Adams' Basin), lot 52, farmer 82.
FLOWER, THOMAS, (Ogden), lot 159, farmer 40.
FOSTER, GEO., (Spencerport), lot 67, farmer 105.
FOSTER, GEO. B., (Spencerport), (with Geo.)
FREESTONE, JOHN, (Spencerport), lot 72 farmer 25.
French, Benjamin, (Adams' Basin), lot 2, farmer 26.
FRENCH, FREDERICK P., (Gates), lot 114, farmer 24.
French, Joseph, (Adams' Basin), lot 15, farmer 30.
FRENCH, ZENAS C., (Adams' Basin), lot 15, farmer leases 30.

Garnsey, James B., (Spencerport), lot 44, fruit dealer, prop. of nursery and farmer 25.
Gill, Hiram, (Ogden), lot 147, carpenter and joiner and farmer 1.
GILLETT, CHAUNCEY, (Spencerport), lot 155, farmer 70.
Gilman, Calvin, (Churchville), lot 202, farmer 63.
GOFF, HENRY H. (Spencerport), (C. Brigham & Co.,) farmer 70.
Goff, Millie Miss, (Spencerport), assistant teacher.
GOODRIDGE, ELIHU W., (Spencerport), lot 41 farmer 88.
GOTT, HENRY E., (Spencerport), stock and produce dealer, Union..
GOTT, HORACE G., (Spencerport), lot 47, farmer leases 75.
Gott John, (Spencerport), lot 137, farmer 75.
Gott, John S., (Spencerport), lot 105, farmer 56½.
GOTT, SAMUEL, (Spencerport), lot 45, farmer 155.
Graves, Alanson G., (Ogden), lot 148, farmer 68.
Green, Justus L., (Spencerport), boots and shoes, Union.
GREEN, NELSON M., (Spencerport), lot 135, (Briggs & Green,) farmer 80.
Gridley, Giles F., (North Chili), lot 225, farmer 93.
GRIDLEY, SARAH Mrs., (North Chili), lot 196, farmer 156.
Griswold, Julien B,, (Spencerport), stock dealer and farmer 8.
GROHMAN, CHAS., (Spencerport), lot 113, farmer 16.
Grover, Chas. E., (Spencerport), lot 58 farmer 58.
Gundry, Robert, (Ogden), lot 163, farmer leases 75.

Hagar, P. Mrs., (Adams' Basin), lot 26 farmer 3.
HAINES, ISAAC T., (North Chill), lot 129, farmer 43.
Hall, Warren, (Ogden), lot 114, hop grower and farmer 50.
Halsted, Leonard F., (North Chili), lot 196, farmer 96.
HAMILTON, GURDON, (Spencerport), lot 83, farmer 30.
Hammond, Wm. W., (Spencerport), lot 112, farmer 23.
HANDY, ALPHEUS, (West Greece), lot 12, farmer 110.
HANDY, JOHN D., (West Greece), lot 12, manager for Alpheus.
HAPP, CONRAD, (Rochester), lot 170, farmer 98.
Harmon, Bernard, (Ogden), lot 191, farmer 120.
Harrington, Job, (Spencerport), lot 122, farmer 1.
HARRIS, JOHN C., (Adams' Basin), lot 64, farmer 97.
Harris, Wm., (Spencerport), lot 97, farmer 4.
Harroun, Ira D., (Spencerport), lot 123, farmer 48.
Harroun, Oliver, (Spencerport), lot 123, farmer 45.
Harrow, Samuel, (Spencerport), hair dresser, Union.
Hart, Wm. W., (Spencerport), hsrness, trunks, whips &c., Union.
Hawkins, James, (Spencerport), lot 124, house and sign painter and farmer 16.
Hazen, Ellhu, (Ogden), lot 192, farmer 88.
HENDRICKS, AUSTIN, (Ogden), lot 145, farmer 9.
Hicks, Norris, (Adams' Basin), lot 105, farmer 105.
HICKS, STEPHEN, (Adams' Basin), lot 119, farmer 75.
Hill, James, (Churchville), lot 202, farmer 112.
Hill, Sheldon, (Churchville), lot 219, farmer 91.
Hill William, (Ogden), lot 192, farmer 170.
Hinkley, Mary A. Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 99, farmer 50.
HISCOCK, CHAS. S., (Spencerport), lot 28, farmer 59.
HISCOCK, GEO. W., (Spencerport), lot 35, farmer 125.
HODGES, ELIPHALET D., (Spencerport), lot 96, farmer 70.
HODGES, GEO. P., (Spencerport), lot 96, farmer 40.
HOLLENBECK, WM., (Rochester), lot 100, farmer 52.
Hon, Anna Miss (Scottsville), school teacher, school No. 3.
HOSFORD, DAVID R., (Spencerport), lot 167 farmer 104.
Howard, Timothy, (Adams' Basin), lot 145, farmer 6.
HUBBEL, Wm. (Ogden), lot 131, hop grower and farmer 103.
Hulbert, Silas W., (Spencerport), lot 154, farmer 52.
HUTCHINGS, JOHN B., (North Chill), lot 182, farmer 152.

IDE, DAVID H., (Spencerport), lot 154, farmer 61.
Ives, Henry C., (North Chill), lot 200, lawyer and farmer 311.

Jewett, Justin, (Spencerport.) lot 42, farmer 4.
Jones, Christopher B., (Spencerport), baggageman N.Y.C.R.R.
Jones, Thos., (Spencerport), lot 15, farmer 40.

Kahos, John, (Spencerport), lot 108, farmer 8.
Kavanagh, Wm., (Spencerport), lot 17, farmer 63.
Keeler, Chas., (Spencerport) lot 112, Sabbath school missionary for Monroe Co.
Keeler, Chas. Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 112, carpet weaver.
KEELER, WM. S., (Gates), lot 114, farmer 39.
Kelley, Edwin, (Churchville), lot 206, farmer 8.
Kellogg, Milo, (Spencerport), lot 95, farmer 23.
Kelsey, Henry, (Ogden), lot 2068 farmer 55.
KERNAN, JOHN, (Spencerport), lot 165, farmer 25.
KILLIP, PATRICK, (Spencerport), lot 59, farmer 104.
King, John, (Adams' Basin), lot 25, farmer leases 125.
Kinney, Wm. D., (Spencerport), groceries, provisions and liquors, Union.
Knapp Silas, (Adams' Basin), lot 75, farmer 10.
Kuen, Luke, (Ogden), lot 157, farmer 13.

Laley, Louis, (Ogden), lot 160, farmer 20.
Landis, Jacob, (Ogden), lot 132, farmer 5.
Lanigan, Patrick, (Spencerport), boots and shoes, Union
LINCOLN, FREDERICK W., (Spencerport), prop. Upton House, agent A. M. U. Express Co. and prop. stage route from Spencerport to North Parma, daily.
Lincoln, S. F. Miss, (Spencerport), assistant deputy postmaster.
Lovejoy, S. H (Spencerport), lot 67, carpenter and farmer 1.
Loveridge, Loomis, (Churchville), lot 204, farmer 150.
Lowry, Geo., (Spencerport), lot 128, farmer leases 120.
Lucas, Chas., (Adams' Basin), lot 27, baggage master N.Y.C.R.R. and farmer 15.
Lyon, James, (Spencerport), lot 138, farmer 2½.

Mahar, Edward, (Spencerport), lot 112, farmer 67.
Mahar. Thos., (Spencerport), lot 16. farmer 47.
MALONEY, PATRICK, lot 33, farmer 8.
Managh, John, (Adams' Basin), lot 9, farmer 9.
Mansler, John, (Adams' Basin), lot 37, farmer 25.
Marshall, Allen, (Adams' Basin), lot 15, justice of the peace and farmer 105.
MARSHALL, WM. O., (Adams' Basin), prop. Marshall's Hotel, ticket, express and freight agent, N.Y.C.R.R.
MARV1N, SILAS, (Spencerport), lot 182, farmer 41.
MASON, ENOCH, (Spencerport), lot 60, farmer 65.
Mason, John, (Spencerport), lot 71, farmer 22.
MASON, SYLVESTER, (Gates), farmer leases 2.
MASON, WM. R., (Chnrchville), lot 205, farmer 78.
McChesney, John, (Spencerport), dealer in live stock and farmer 5, Union.
McCLUER, HENRY B., (Spencerport), lot 69, farmer 50.
McDermott, Elizabeth Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 109, farmer 12.
McDermott, James, (Spencerport), lot 109, farmer 4.
McFee, James, (North Chili), lot 327, farmer 95.
McGarry, Patrick, (Adams Basin), lot 1, farmer leases 40.
McINTYRE, JEROME, (Spencerport), lot 121.
McNamara, Patrick, (Ogden), general merchant and deputy post master, Town Pump.
Meyers, Louisa Mrs., (Rochester), lot 126, tailoress.
Millener, Joel B., (Adams Basin), lot 14, prop. saw mill, post master and farmer 120.
Millener, Wm. S., (Adams Basin), lot 26, physician and surgeon.
Miller, Francis A., (Spencerport), lot 168, farmer 50.
Mills, Elias, (Ogden), blacksmith, Town Pump.
Morgan, James, (Adams' Basin), night watchman N.Y.C.R.R.

New, Thomas, (Ogden), lot 147, farmer 100.
Nichols, Geo. S. (Spencerport), carpenter.
Nichols, Joseph D., (Ogden), lot 179, farmer 140.
NICHOLS, LESTER S., (Spencerport), lot 20, farmer 83.
NICHOLS, SARAH Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 5, farmer 200.
NICHOLS, W. P.,(Spencerport), farmer.
Nichols, Wm. W., (Spencerport), lot 164, farmer 90.
NILES, JOSEPH, (Adams' Basin), lot 63, farmer 85.
Norman, Thos., (Spencerport), lot 33, stock dealer and farmer 53.

O'Rourke, John, (Spencerport), lot 165, farmer 10.
OSBORN, JEREMIAH C., (Ogden), lot 173, farmer 95.
Osborn, Wesley, (Ogden), lot 188, farmer 30.
Osmun, Alonzo, (Spencerport), lot 98, farmer 10.
OSMUN, ISRAEL, (North Chili), lot 227, farmer 133.
Osmun, Jonathan, (Spencerport), lot 84, farmer 100.
Osmun, Wm., (North Chili), lot 228, farmer 133.

PARKER, LUCIUS, (North Chill), lot 219, farmer 40.
Parker, Medad P., (Spencerport), lot 98, farmer 90.
PARMELE, CHAS. H., (Adams' Basin), lot 26, farmer 105½.
Parmele, Geo. O., (Adams' Basin), lot 27, farmer leases 3.
Parmele, Geo. W., (Adams' Basin), lot 52, farmer 65.
PARMELE, JAMES, (Adams' Basin), lot 52, farmer leases 50.
PARMELEE, HUBBARD, (Spencerport), (with John.)
PARMELEE, JOHN B., (Spencerport), lot 84, farmer 120.
Patrick, Geo., (Ogden), lot 207, carpenter and joiner.
Patrick, Stephen, (Ogden), lot 207, farmer 34.
PATTERSON, IRA, (Spencerport), wagon maker, Union.
Payne, Daniel (Spencerport), constable.
PETTINGILL, REUBEN, (Ogden), lot 119, farmer 96.
Pierce, John, (Spencerport), lot 169, farmer 74.
Platt, John, (North Chili), lot 211, farmer 100.
PORTER, FRANCIS, (Adams' Basin), lot 8, deputy sheriff and farmer 25.
Porter, Lorenzo, (Adams' Basin), lot 14, farmer 160.
POTTER, ALFRED B., (Adams' Basin), lot 27, farmer 157.
PRENDERGRAST, JAMES, (Spencerport), lot 72, farmer 6.

Rebholz, Loreuzo, (Ogden), lot 149, farmer 30.
Rice, Austin (Spencerport), dentist and farmer 2, Union.
Rice, -- Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 113, farmer 20.
RICH, JAMES M., (Spencerport), lot 16, farmer 40.
RICH, JOSIAH (Spencerport), lot 18, supervisor and farmer 133.
Richmond, J. Mrs., (Ogden), lot 222, farmer 190.
Roberts, Samuel, (Adams' Basin), manuf. of domestic wines, prop. vineyard and farmer 1.
ROBINSON, AARON, (Spencerport), lot 153, farmer 100.
Robinson, Willard, (Spencerport), lot 83, farmer 22 and leases 100.
Robinson, Wm., (Spencerport), lot 168, farmer 50.
Rollin, Edwin J., (Ogden), lot 104, farmer 71.
ROOCH, CHRISTOPHER, (Ogden), lot 159, farmer 35.
Ross, Benjamin F., (Adams' Basin), lot 104, farmer 25½.
Ross, Ellen F., (Adams' Basin), school teacher.
ROSS, JAMES C., (Spencerport), lot 68, farmer 58.
Ross, James P., (Spencerport), lot 67, farmer 118½.
ROSS, RALPH G., (Adams' Basin), lot 116, farmer 45.
Ross, Stephen, (Ogden), lot 104, farmer 20.
ROYCE, MARY Mrs.., (North Chili), lot 229, farmer 56.

Saunders, Jane Mrs., (Spencerport), dress maker, Railroad.
SCHENK, JOHN, (North Chili), lot 219, farmer 12.
Scribner, Albert O., (Ogden), lot 162, farmer 20.
Scribner, Alfred, (Ogden), lot 149, farmer 78.
Scribner, Sewall B., (Ogden), lot 146, farmer 110.
SEGER, NICHOLAS, (Spencerport), blacksmith, Union.
SHARP, STEPHEN, (Adams' Basin), lot 39, farmer leases 157.
SHEPARD, ALBERT B., (Spencerport), lot 141, farmer 70.
SHOURDS, JOB G. (Spencerport), ice dealer, prop. of cider and saw mill and farmer 2.
SIAS, JEREMIAH K., (Spencerport), lot 46, farmer 70.
Slayton, Wm. C., (Spencerport), allo. physician and surgeon, Union.
SMART, ALBERT H., (Ogden), (Brown & Co.).
SMITH, CHARLES C., (Spencerport), lot 121, farmer 60.
SMITH, EDWARD P,, (Spencerport), lot 124, manuf. of farm gates, harrow woods, fruit presses &c., and farmer 34.
Smith, Fannie M. Miss, (North Chili), school teacher.
Smith, Geo. B., (Ogden), lot 161, farmer 40½.
Smith, Geo. W., (Spencerport), lot 137, postal clerk, N.Y.C.R.R., and farmer 54.
Smith, Henry, (North Chili), lot 194, farmer 65.
Smith, Henry, (Ogden), lot 190, farmer 39.
SMITH, HENRY, Jr., (Churchville), lot 190, hop grower and farmer 20.
Smith, John B., (Spencerport), lot 137, physician and surgeon and farmer 160.
Smith, John P., (Spencerport), lot 72, farmer 52.
SMITH, LONSON, (North Chili), lot 178, farmer 150.
Smith, Luman, (Spencerport), farmer 2, Union.
Smith, Mary Mrs., (Spencerport), lot 109, farmer 3.
SMITH, PLATT G., (Spencerport), lot 74, farmer 104.
SMITH, SILAS F., (Spencerport), lot 21, farmer 98.
Smith, --- Rev., (Spencerport), M. E. clergyman.
Spencer, Joseph, (Spencerport), lot 90, farmer 104.
Spencer, L. F., (Spencerport), general book agent and prop. of coal yard, Bowery.
Stageman, John, (Spencerport), lot 168, farmer 15.
Stephens, Sterling C., (North Chill), lot 197, farmer 83.
STETTNER, DAVID, (Spencerport), lot 99, farmer 90.
STEVENS, ORLANDO, (Ogden), lot 133, farmer 23.
Stone, Samuel, (Adams' Basin), lot 115, farmer 110.
STONEY, THOMAS, (Spencerport), lot 107, farmer 122.
Stanton, Geo., (Chnrchville), lot 204, farmer 50.

TABER, WILLARD W., (Spencerport), groceries and provisions and farmer 103, Union.
Tarbox, Erastus, (Spencerport), lot 82, carpenter and farmer 1½.
TERRILL, ERWIN, (Spencerport), (T. Terrill & Sons.)
TERIILL, HARMON, (Spencerport), (T. Terrill & Sons.)
TERRILL, THADDEUS, (Spencerport), (T. Terrill & Sons.)
TERRILL, T. & SONS, (Spencerport), (Thaddeus, Harmon and Erwin,) lot 70, farmer 130.
THOMPSON, DANIEL, (North Chili), lot 215, farmer leases 114.
Thompson, Loomis S., (Spencerport), cooper and farmer 50, Railroad.
Thorburn, Alex. McA. Rev., (Spencerport), Presbyterian minister, Ogden Center.
TICE, SIDNEY, (Ogden), lot 144, farmer 87
TILLMAN, CHAS., (Adams' Basin), lot 27, blacksmith.
Tone, Tunis, (Spencerport), farmer 25, Union
TRAWELL, Wm., (Ogden), lot 133, farmer 57.
True, Elias (Ogden), lot 161, farmer 6½.
True, Ezra B.,(Ogden), lot 161, farmer 75.
True, Geo. G., (Ogden), lot 113, postmaster and farmer 130.
True, James M., (Ogden), lot 148, farmer 40.

Upton, E. C., (Spencerport), (Crocker & Upton.)
UPTON HOUSE, (Spencerport), Frederick W. Lincoln, prop.
Upton, James H., (Spencerport), drover, Union
Upton, Mary Mrs., (Spencerport), estate of James Upton, farmer 650, Union.
UPTON, MILES, (Spencerport), lumber dealer, village clerk and treasurer, Union

VAN DEVENTER, ABRAM, (Spencerport), blacksmith, Union.
Van Devere, John Mrs., (North Chili), lot 223, farmer 50.
Van Nest, Henry, (Spencerport), farmer leases 100.
VanNest, James C.. (Spencerport), lot 82, farmer 180.
VAN NEST, JOHN, (Spencerport), lot 139, farmer leases 75.
VANVOORHIS, RALPH, (Spencerport), lot 23, farmer 85.
Voorhis, John, (Ogden), lot 158, farmer 100. Vroom, Hendrick D., (Spencerport), lot 136, farmer 108.
VROOM, SAMUEL W., (Spencerport), lot 136, farmer leases 108.

WAKELEE, JAMES, (Spencerport), lot 21, farmer 53.
Walker Harvey I., (North Chili), lot 198, farmer 121.
Walker, Jessie, (Spencerport), constable and farmer 12.
WALMSLEY, JOHN, (Rochester), lot 170, farmer 90.
WANSEY, LYMAN S., (Spencerport), lot 10, farmer 90.
Ward, Lorenzo C., (Adams' Basin), lot 15, farmer 58.
Warn, Geo. F., (Ogden), lot 161, eclectic physician and surgeon.
Warn, Thomas M., (Ogden), lot 161, blacksmith and farmer 8, Town Pump.
WARNER, SYLVESTER, (Spencerport), lot 85, farmer 89.
WARNER, WM., (Ogden), lot 120, farmer 52.
WARREN. JARVIS, (Spencerport), (J. & V. O. Warren.)
WARREN, J. & V. O., (Spencerport), (Jarvis and Volney O.,) hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, &c., Union.
WARREN VOLNEY O., (Spencerport), (J. & V. O. Warren.)
Waterhouse, Amos B., (Spencerport), carpenter.
Way, Henry, (Churchville), lot 218, farmer 100
WEBSTER, ALVIN, (Spencerport), lot 29, farmer 120.
WEBSTER, BENJAMIN F., (Spencerport.) lot 29, farmer 25.
WEBSTER, CHAS. A., (Spencerport), lot 42, farmer 56.
Webster, Henry, (Spencerport), lot 82, farmer 100.
Webster, Horatio, (Spencerport), lot 81, justice of the peace and farmer 107.
WEBSTER, JOHN W., (Adams' Basin), lot 65, farmer 95
WEBSTER, SAMUEL N., (Spencerport), lot 79, farmer 100.
WEBSTER, STEPHEN, (Spencerport), lot 29, farmer 26.
WELLINGTON, FRANKLIN, (Spencerport), lot 9, farmer 40 and leases 45.
WELLMAN, JOHN, (North Chill), lot 210, farmer 50.
WHITTIER, JOHN N., (Spencerport), lot 153, farmer 80.
WHITTIER, EDMOND, (Spencerport), (Richard Whittier & Co.)
WHITTIER, RICHARD (Spencerport), (Richard Whittier & Co.,) farmer 52½.
WHITTIER, RICHARD & CO., (Spencerport), (Edmond Whittier,) grist and saw mills.
WHITTIER, SAMUEL, (Adams' Basin), lot 27, farmer 60.
WILCOX, GARRET W., (Spencerport), lot 110, farmer 437.
Wilkinson, Samuel, (Spencerport), lot 80, farmer 4.
WILMOT, SERVETUS, (Spencerport), lot 74, farmer 50.
Wilson, Thos. & Son, (Spencerport), (Wm. G.,) boots and shoes.
Wilson, Wm. G., (Spencerport), (Thos. Wilson & Son.)
WONSEY, JOHN, (Spencerport), lot 9, farmer 45.
WONSEY, PHILANDER, (Spencerport), lot 44, patent right dealer, Railroad St.
WOODMANSEE, CHAS. N., (Spencerport), lot 5, prop. threshing machine.
Woodmansee, James, (Spencerport), lot 9, farmer 4.
Wrann, Horace, (Spencerport), lot 125, farmer 75.
WRIGHT, SHELDON, (Spencerport), lot 66, farmer 145.
Wright, Walter, (Ogden), lot 192, farmer 71.

Young, Joseph, (Adams' Basin), lot 54, farmer 57.

Zimmerman, Jacob, (Adams' Basin), lot 3, farmer 36.


BARTON, C. E., (Spencerport.)
Hart, C. N., (Spencerport,) agent for Buckeye Mower.
Dewey, Jesse, (Churchvile,) lot 201, farmer 285.
Emerson, Stephen S., (Spencerport,) carriage maker, Union.
Walker, Jesse, (Spencerport,) constable and farmer 12.



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