Records from Rochester Orphan Asylum

1837 - 1839

Rochester, NY


The two lists on this page are from the earliest records of the Rochester Orphan Asylum. The lists give the name of the adopted child and and the name of the person that took the child. In some cases it says that the child was "bound;" meaning that the child was given to the person to act as a servant.


Mrs. L. M. Moore's report of children bound out by Rochester Orphan Asylum; 1838 - 1839

Hannah ADAMS & Frederick CHAMPLIN at Farmington with Mrs. Aldrich - not bound

Mary BURNS with Mrs. Graves - taken Mar. 1839, bound July 1840

Edna BRADLEY with Mrs. Jones at Spencer's Basin - taken May 1839

Emily COLE with Mrs. Tallman - bound

Susan DOE with Mrs. Penfield at Penfield - bound

Thomas DOE was taken by Mrs. Gregory Dec. 1838 - but becoming dissatisfied ran away and was afterwards taken by Methodist clergyman from Mich. - Mrs. Graves is the most suitable person to give information respecting this child.

Margaret DEMPSEY with Mrs. Pierson at Avon - bound

Margaret FERGUSON with Mrs. Montgomery taken July 1839 - not bound

Rachel GIBSON with Mrs. Hunter taken Apr. 1838 - bound

Juliet HALL with Mrs. Mott of Mich. taken June 1839 - not bound

Susan McAULEY with Mrs. Jennings of Farmington taken Sept. 1837 - not bound

Caroline REED with Mr. Elliot of Youngstown taken June 1839 - bound

Robert STANLEY and Mary McCOMBER with Mrs. Willets of Ypsalante, Mich. taken Nov. 1837 - bound

Almira TIFFANY with Dr. Faulkner taken June 1839

Richard STEVENSON with Mr. Miller of Walworth, Wayne Co. taken Aug. 1839 - not bound

Louisa LEONARD with Dr. Smith

Sarah HOWARTH with Mrs. Brewster - bound

Harriett STODARD with Mrs. Harrington - not bound

Julia STODARD with a person in the town of York, the name I have forgotten

Margaret BESOM, Mary Ann McMANNERS, William WALLACE and Jane WOODBURY have all been taken from the places where they have been placed by their parents and are now under their control.


Mrs. Tobey's report of children removed from the Rochester Orphan Asylum
Sept. 5, 1837 Frederic CHAMPLIN taken by a gentleman from Farmington returned a few months after and taken by Mr. Chapin of Brockport, remained but a short time and went in pursuit of his father to Buffalo. Not since been heard from.
Sept. 11, 1837 Susan McCAULEY - Farmington adopted as an own child
Sept. 23, 1837 William LAMBERT - taken by his father who paid his board
Oct. 5, 1837 Hannah ADAMS by Mrs. Rint returned soon after & taken by Mr. Aldridge of Farmington
Nov. 27, 1837 Robert STANLEY & Mary McCOMBER taken by (blank space) Mich.
Nov. 16, 1837 Alanso MAURICE by Rev. Mr. Thompson - Canandaigua
Dec. 6, 1837 Louisa LEONARD by Mr. Smith
Dec. 7, 1837 Harriet STODARD by Mrs. Harrington
Dec. 8, 1837 Sarah TENNET by Mr. Hubbard in six months returned, now have board paid by poor master
Jan. 15, 1838 Rachel GIBSON taken by Mr. Fish returned and taken by Mr. Hunter Apr. 30
Feb. 20, 1838 Sarah HOWARTH - Mr. Brewster
March 3, 1838 ----- by a friend of Mrs. Seymour since taken by her father
April 7, 1838 Franklin CHAMPLIN by Mr. Aldridge, Farmington
April 30, 1838 Sopronia BROOKS taken by her mother to Buffalo
May 1, 1838 S. P. BRADLEY by Mrs. Gay
May 12, 1838 Charlotte SAMPSON by her aunt - order of Mrs. Bird
May 16, 1838 Julia STODARD by Mrs. Brooks returned and taken Sept. 7 by Mr. Martindale of York - order of Mrs. Moore
May 29, 1838 Margaret DEMPSEY taken by Mrs. Robbins returned & taken Oct. 29 by Mr. Parsons - Avon on trial, not returned
June 5, 1838 Harriet DEVY by --- Skidmore, Walworth after 10 months returned. Now taken by her mother to Saratoga.
Aug. 8, 1838 Emeline ROFF taken by a man from Caledonia, soon stolen by her mother
Aug. 9, 1838 Calvin MILLER his mother to Mr. Irwin, Sand Creek
Aug. 27, 1838 James BAIN by his mother
Sept. 3, 1838 Mary RINGLEY; by her mother
Sept. 17, 1838 Wm. PARMER by his mother, soon returned
Sept. 22, 1838 Jane BURKE run away - in six weeks returned
Oct. 8, 1838 Mary RINGLEY by her mother, board by Thompson
Dec. 28, 1838 Jane BURKE over age kept for health - ran away after six weeks returned and Feb. 1839 taken on trial by Mr. Shirby Ridgeway
Jan. 17, 1839 Susan DOE by Mrs. Penfield of Penfield
Dec . 3, 1838 Henry Erastus BRUCE ran away and lived with his mother
Jan. 3, 1839 Thomas DOE taken by Mrs. Gregory soon left & lived with his brother till Aug. was taken by a methodist clergyman to Mich.
Jan. 3, 1839 Catharine BOMAN taken on trial by Mrs. Curtis, her parents got her away - she did not belong to the society - here 3 days
March 2, 1839 Mary BURNS by Mrs. Grover on trial
April 1, 1839 Richard James STEPHENSON by Mr. Osburn returned & gone to Walworth, I think Aug. He is with Mr. Miller taken by Mr. T. H. Rochester
April 1, 1839 Mary Ann McMANNAS taken by her mother who paid her board.



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