Records from the Methodist Episcopal Circuit

Parma, New York

Extracted by
Richard T. Halsey


The Parma Methodist Circuit was organized about 1804. These fewremaining records are from a film of the original record book that isin a collection of Church records at the Olin Library of CornellUniversity, Ithaca, NY.


Baptism date Name Birth date Residence
June 18, 1866 Chloe May Odell infant Parma Centre
Sept. 26, 1869 Albert Jas. Odell and Arthur Jas. Odell infant twins Jenkins Corners
Oct. 3, 1869 John Knox Odell infant Parma Center
June 24, 1871 Flora Olinda Winkook Aug. 19, 1857 Parma Center
June 24, 1871 Eliza Jane Abbott June 5, 1861 Parma Center
June 24, 1871 Sarah Ann Cook June 20, 1859 Parma Center
June 24, 1871 Charles Emory Berridge Aug. 1, 1857 Parma Center
June 24, 1871 David Berridge Feb. 1, 1857 Parma Center
June 24, 1871 Horatio Bresden Lander Jan. 15, 1860 Parma Center
Sept. 8, 1878 Charles Edson Castle, son of Darwin & EmilyCastle born Jan. 18, 1863  
Sept. 8, 1878 Almon N. Wood, son of Nathan & Hannah Wood Apr. 20, 1848  
Sept. 8, 1878 Anna Wood, dau. of Alexander & Eliza Russ July 26, 1847  
Sept. 8, 1878 Alice Elizabeth Tabor, dau. of John & Sabrina Tabor Feb. 6, 1860  
Sept. 8, 1878 Thurza Tabor, dau. of John & Sabrina Tabor Aug. 1, 1863  
Sept. 8, 1878 James Edward Henderson, son of Edward & Ann Henderson May 7, 1856  
Sept. 22, 1878 Carrie E. DeLavergne Nov. 20, 1860  


Date Groom Groom's res. Bride Bride's res. Married at
Jan. 24, 1866 Charles H. Hicks Parma Eurydice L. Hobbie Ogden Mr. Hicks'
June 11, 1866 Russel Crosby Elba Kate Shelley Elba Herrington House, Albion, NY
Nov. 21, 1866 Hanford Ross Parma Adaline A. Castle Parma Nelson Castle's
Nov. 25, 1866 Albert Horton Parma Emeretta Hazen Parma the Parsonage
Nov. 29, 1866 Absalom Haradine Greece Penial S. Warboys Greece Jess Townsend's
Dec. 30, 1866 Samuel Holman, M.D. Luisville, St. Law. Co. Amy Castle Parma Nelson Castle's
July 5, [no year given] William Haradine Bergen Emily Sands Bergen the Parsonage
Dec. 24, [no year given] A. T. Newton Parma Mary E. Griffin Parma A. J. Wood's
Oct. 7, [no year given] Geo. Cooper Hamlin Mattie L. Jordon Hamlin the Parsonage
Sept. 30, [1869 ?] Orrin P. Curtis Parma Julia F. Cross Parma the Bride's father's
March 27, 1872 W. H. Wright Hamlin Flora E. Chatten Parma M. E. Parsonage, Parma
[date illegible] James Truesdale Greece Mary A. Hayner Parma the Bride's father's
July [14 ?], 1872 Jesse Trowell Ogden Emma L. Wilkinson Greece M. E. Parsonage, Parma
Aug. 1, 1872 Joseph Buell Parma Ruby Griffin Parma Ward's
Dec. 27, 1876 Henry Curtis Parma Eliza Worden Parma the Bride's home
July 30, 1879 Albert L. Randall N. Parma Nellie J. Curtis N. Parma the home of the bride
Nov. 17, 1880 Albert D. Cosmon N. Parma Lilly Z. Hosner N. Parma Brother Bartlett's
Nov. 17, 1880 Edwin Cosmon N. Parma Helen M. Bartlett N. Parma Brother Bartlett's


Date Name Residence
Nov. 8, 1867 Eliz. Rosencrance Jenkins Corners



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