Business Directory of Pittsford, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Pittsford are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in CAPITALS were sponsors of the directory. (Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number, then poss. S. for section and/or T. for Township.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


PITTSFORD was formed from Smallwood, March 25, 1814. Henrietta was taken off in 1818. It is an interior town, lying east of the center of the County. The surface is undulating, with a gentle inclination towards the north. Irondequoit Creek flows through the north-east, and Allyn's Creek through the west part. The soil is sandy in the north and clayey and gravelly in the south.

Pittsford, (p. v.) situated on the Auburn Branch of the N. Y C. R. R., and the Erie Canal, was incorporated in 1827 and contains six churches, viz., Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist Episcopal, Free Methodist, Dutch and Episcopal; a number of hotels, stores and mechanic shops, and about 700 inhabitants.

Irondequoit Mills is a hamlet in the east part of the town. The first settlement of this town was commenced in 1789, by Israel and Simon Stone, Silas Nye, Joseph Farr, Alexander Dunn and Daniel Davis, from Washington County. They settled near the center of the town and were followed soon after by Thomas Clelland, Ezra Patterson and Josiah Girnison. A large part of this town was purchased by Messrs. Simon Stone and ----- Dodge, for an association, many of whom became permanent settlers. William Acer, Israel Canfield and Benjamin Miller located in the town at an early day. Orrin Stone, a son of Simon Stone, settled in the town in 1791, and is now said to be the oldest pioneer in the County. Mr. Solomon Stone was born in Pittsford in 1800, and still lives on the farm upon which he was born. He is undoubtedly the oldest inhabitant who still resides where he was born. Noah Norton settled in the town on the farm now occupied by Wm. Thornell, and erected the first framed house in the town, about 1795. Mr. Wm. Acer came in and settled in 1791 on the farm now occupied by his granddaughter, Mrs. G. N. Fisher, of Rochester. It is known as the old David Acer Farm, and in the yard stands a tree which has sheltered five generations of descendants from the first owner.

The first school was taught in 1794, by Mr. Barrows, in a log school house situated about a mile south of the village. This house served as a place of religious worship for several years. The first marriage was that of N. Armstrong and Miss E. Cole.

The first mill was built upon the site of the present Irondequoit Mills, in the east part of the town. Mr. Stone erected a dam across this creek in 1796, and a saw mill, and in 1805 a grist mill. Mr. Stone run this mill until 1814, when he sold out to Wm. Mann, who erected a new mill, which was burned immediately after its completion. Another mill was erected which was run by Mr. Mann until his death in 1825 or 1826. In January, 1827, the property was deeded to Thomas Emerson and Richard Richardson, by James K. Guernsey, John Acer and Simon Stone, 2d, and completely overhauled, repaired and new machinery put in, and was then run as a flouring and custom mill. In 1830 Mr. Richardson became the sole owner, and still further enlarged and improved the mill. In 1858 it passed into the hands of Cavie Richardson, the present owner. It is the only mill in the town of Pittsford. There is a farm of about 100 acres attached to the property, and a pond of twenty-five acres. Mr. Richardson has commenced the cultivation of the grape, having a vineyard of four acres of Delawares, Concords, Isabellas, Dianas .and some other varieties.

The first sermon preached in the town was by a traveling missionary from Virginia, who visited them on a week day during harvest. The services were held in a barn, where all who came were accommodated. For several years no stated public worship was established. Rev. James H. Hotchkin, in his History of the Presbyterian Church, says that he preached six Sabbaths in the interval between Nov. 8th, 1801, and Feb. 1st, 1802, and this was probably the first instance in which a preacher of the Congregational or Presbyterian denomination was ever employed. In 1809 a church was organized by Rev. Solomon Allen. It consisted of ten persons, and was received into connexion with the Ontario Association.

Hartwell Carver, M. D., came to Pittsford in 1816. He is a descendant of John Carver, who came over in the May Flower. He was born in Rhode Island in 1789, and removed with his parents to Otsego County in 1794. In 1813 he became a student of Hamilton College, but soon left and went to Yale, where he graduated in 1816 with the degrees of A. M. and M. D., and came to Pittsford, where he commenced practice April 21st. He was in debt $2,000 on his arrival, but was so successful in practice as to clear $1500 the first year. The next year he paid his debts, built a house, kept two horses and enjoyed a lucrative practice, which continued six years. He then went to New York, took a full course of medical lectures, returned and engaged in mercantile pursuits. He has traveled extensively and engaged in various schemes of profit, and still resides in Pittsford, enjoying the fruits of an active business life. He claims to be the first who suggested the idea of a railroad to the Pacific. Though not prepared to pass judgment upon that question, it is certain that he wrote and spoke of it as entirely feasible more than thirty years ago, and labored to bring about this glorious enterprise when most people regarded it as a visionary scheme which would never exist outside of the brain of some impracticable enthusiast.

The population of the town in 1865 was 2,029; its area is 14,256 acres.

There are ten school districts, employing the same number of teachers. The number of the school population is 575; the number attending school, 494; the average attendance, 222, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $4,342.56.


Acer, David Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 43, farmer 115.

AGATE BROTHERS, (Pittsford,) (Edwin, William and John.) props. of Pittsford Brewery.

AGATE, EDWIN, (Pittsford,) (Agate Bros.)

AGATE JOHN, (Pittsford,) (Agate Bros.)

Agate, John S., (Pittstord,) resident.

Agate, Stephen, (Pittsford,) farmer 100.

Agate, Winchester, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Stephen Agate, 100.

AGATE, WM. (Pittstord,) (Agate Bros.)


BAKER, JOHN, (Pittsford,) lot 3, farmer 68.

Baldwin, Wm., (Pittsford,) farmer 30.

Ballams, J. B., (Pittsford,) lot 14, farmer 29.

Barker, Benjamin F., (Pittsford,) lot 10, farmer 82.

Barker, David, (Pittsford,) lot 12, farmer 139.

Barker, George R., (Pittsford,) lot 41, farmer 132.

Barker, Lyman M., (Pittsford,) lot 50, farmer 100.

Barker, Newman, (Pittsford,) lot 12, farmer 90.

Barker, Wm. H., (Pittsford,) lot 49, farmer 133.

Billinghurst, Henry, (Pittsford,) lot 5, farmer 130¾.

Birdsall, J. N., (Pittsford,) (Wiltsie & Birdsall.)

Bloomfield, Frank, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of L. Bugsley. 15.

Bloomfield, H. H,, (Pittsford,) lot 11, tobacco raiser and farmer 105.

Boughton, Seymour, (Pittsford,) (Boughton & Shearer.)

Boughton & Shearer (Pittsford,) (Seymour Boughton and F. B. Shearer,) dealers in grain and wool.

BREZEE, PETER P., (Pittsford,) farmer 58.

Brizee, Tunis, (Pittsford,) lot 30, farmer 176.

BR1ZEE, WILLIAM, (Pittsford,) lot 29, farmer 76½.

Brown, John, (Pittsford,) lumber dealer.

BRYANT, HENRY, (Pittsford,) lot 5, farmer 73.

Bryant, Robert, (Pittsford,) lot 1, farmer 50½.

Budsall, Sutton, (Pittsford,) drugs, medicines and confectionery.

BURLINGAME, GEORGE, (Pittsford,) lot 20, farmer 10.

Bushman, Daniel, (Pittsford,) lot 25, farmer 60.


Campbell, Wm., (Pittsford,) lot 6, Blake Tract, farmer 140.

Campbell, Wm. Jr., (Pittsford,) lot 8, Blake Tract, farmer 47.

CARVER, HARTWELL, (Pittsford,) physician.

CASS, THOMAS, (Pittsford,) lot 55, farmer 20.

Chane, John, (Pittsford,) lot 45, farmer 78.

Clark, Ira S., (Pittsford,) lot 51, farmer 81.

CLEVELAND, CHARLES, (Pittsford,) boot and shoe maker.

CLEVELAND, JOHN, (Pittsford,) boot and shoe maker.

Cole, Marcenos H., (Penfield,) lot 1, Blake Tract, farmer 34.

Congdon, L. F. Rev., (Pittsford,) pastor of M. E. Church.

Cook, Wm. H. (Pittsford,) farmer 2½.

Crump, Samuel, (Pittsford,) mason and farmer 2.

Crump, Shelley G., (Pittsford,) (J. M. Wiltsie & Co.}


Davis, Joseph W., (Pittsford,) farmer 74.

Derritter, Paul R., (Penfield,) lot 4, farmer 6.

Dickinson, John W., (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer 65.

Duncalf, Joseph A., (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Wm. Reynolds, New York, 85.

DU8INBERRE, JOHN H., (Pittsford,) foreman of S. Boardman & Co.'s nursery, Rochester.


Eaton, Russell Mrs., (Pittsford,) farmer 120.

ECKLER, JOHN, (Mendon,) lots 2, 4 and 5, farmer 243.

EDMONDS, WM. E., (Pittsford,) attorney and counselor at law.

Ellsmore, Thomas, (Pittsford,) harness maker.

ENNIS, P. W. & P., (Pittsford,) lot 60, farmer 100.

Ennis, Thomas, (Pittsford,) lot 19, farmer 24.


Falkner. Daniel, (Pittsford,) farmer 25.

Farnam, George W., (Pittsford,) lot 26, farmer 102.

Farnam, George W. Jr., (Pittsford,) lot 26, farmer leases of George W. Farnam, 102.

Ferguson, Thomas, (Pittsford,) lot 7, farmer leases of Silas Higbey, Rochester, 40.

Ferrin, George, Rev., (Pittsford,) Free Methodist clergyman.

FISHBECK, ERNEST, (Henrietta,) lot 50, farmer 75.

Fisher, George, (Pittsford,). (Fisher & Utz.)

FISHER, G. W. Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 43, farmer 115.

Fisher & Utz, (Plttsford,) (George Fisher and John Utz,) general blacksmiths.

Foarman, Frederick, (Pittsford,) lot 52, farmer 40.

FORD, L. S. (Pittsford,) farmer 20.

Fowler, William, (Pittsford,) lot 7, farmer 50.

French, Marvin D., (Pittsford,) farmer 50½.


GASKIN, E. W., (Pittsford,) justice of the peace, civil engineer, designer and builder.

Geare, Benjamin, (Pittsford,) farmer 190.

Geare, John, (Pittsford,) lot 58, farmer 50.

Geare, J. W., (Pittsford,) farmer 10 and leases of Benjamin Geare, 190.

Gomph, G. H. Rev., (Pittsford,) Lutheran clergyman.

Gorland, Wm., (Henrietta,) lot 44, farmer 64.

Goss, Ephraim, (Pittsford,) lot 10, Blake Tract, attorney at law and farmer 55½.

Griffin, Thos., (Pittsford,) lot 16, farmer 5.


Hamilton, G. L. Rev., (Pittsford,) Presbyterian clergyman.

HARTER, GEORGE, (Pittsford,) wagon maker and repairer.

Harmor, James, (Pittsford,) prop. of Western Exchange Hotel.

Harris, Judson W. Rev., (Pittsford,) Baptist clergyman.

HARSCHER, ISIDOR, (Pittsford,) harness maker.

Hastings, Isaac, (Pittsford,) (J. M. Wiltsie & Co.) (Wiltsie & Hastings.)

Hayword, Thomas E., (Pittsford,) lot 22, nurseryman and farmer 22½.

Heath, Ann Miss, (Pittsford,) lot 6, farmer 40.

Hibbord, Bella, (Pittsford,) lot 16, farmer 92.

HICKS, GEORGE R., (Pittsford,) dealer in coal, wood, water lime &c.

HICKS, WM. W., (Pittsford,) prop. of Phenix Hotel.

HILL, J. C. E., (Pittsford,) lot 55, farmer 50.

Hill, P., (Pittsford,) lot 60, farmer 90.

Hodges, ---- Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 10, farmer 12.

Hopkins, J. Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 52, farmer 343.

HOPKINS, ROBERT M., (Pittsford,) lot 52, farmer leases of Mrs. J. Hopkins, 196.

Hopson, Alvin, (Pittsford,) lot 22, farmer 53.

HOWELL, J. A., (Pittsford,) farmer 6.

Hughes, Mathew, (Pittsford,) lot 17, farmer 10.

Huntington, W. M., (Pittsford,) physician and surgeon.

HUSCHER, FREDERICK, (Pittsford,) lot 3, farmer 80.


Johnson, J. G., (Pittsford,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 4.

JONES, MARTIN V., (Pittsford,) general blacksmith.

Jordon, Wm. J., (Pittsford,) agent for Agate Bros. and farmer 2.


Keelor, J. C. (Pittsford,) farmer.

KELLEY, JAMES, (Pittsford,) lot 61, farmer leases of A. Cole, East Mendon, 120.

Kenney, Charles, (Pittsford,) carpenter and joiner.

KENTER, O. JANE Miss, (Pittsford,) farmer 70.

KINGSLEY, DANIEL, (Pittsford,) lot 12, R. 5, farmer 130.

Knickerbocker, Geo., (Pittsford,) lot 17, farmer 79.


Lawlor, John, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Mrs. Babcock, Rochester, 14.

Leaman, A., (Pittsford,) lot 21, farmer 119.

Little, John, (Pittsford,) gardener 5.

Livers, John, (Pittsford,) lot 20, farmer leases of Mrs. M. Lusk, 110.

Lockwood, Henry Rev., (Pittsford,) Episcopalian clergyman.

Lord, James, (Pittsford,) lot 1, farmer 40.

Lord Jarvis, (Pittsford,) farmer 113.

Loughborough, Ira E., (Pittsford,) lot 22, farmer 6½.

LUSK, DENNIS, (Pittsford,) lot 59, farmer 117.

Lusk, Matilda Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 13, farmer 240.


Malone, Patrick H., (Pittsford,) lot 45, supervisor and farmer 90.

MANN, IRA, (Pittsford,) lot 52, farmer 16.

Marsh, Jonathan, (Pittsford,) lot 23, farmer 114.

Marsh, Mary Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 23, farmer 108.

Marsh, Wm. W., (Pittsford,) lot 21, farmer 163.

Martin, John, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of R. Wilcox, 100.

Mathews, Edward H., (Pittsford,) agent for Kirby Mower and Reaper and farmer 55.

Mathews, Wirt, (Pittsford,) lot 46, farmer 108.

Maxfield, Andrew, (Pittsford,) lot 44, farmer 72.

Maxfield, Harriet, (Pittsford,) lot 46, farmer 90.

McCoord, Levi, (Pittsford,) lot 20, farmer 30.

McGILL, JOHN, (Pirtsford.) (McGill & Parsons.)

McGILL & PARSONS, (Pittsford,) (John McGill and N. L. Parsons,) dealers in general merchandise, produce and commission merchants.

McKelvey, Martha, (Pittsford,) dress and cloak maker.

McMannis, James, (Pittsford,) lot 44, farmer 10.

McNinna, M., (Pittsford,) lot 39, farmer 80.

Mekiel, Mary Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 30, farmer 6.

Melce, John, (Pittsford,) farmer 12.

Miles, Richard, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Orrin Stone, 118.

MITCHELL, L. D., (Pittsford,) lot 53, farmer 87.

MONROE, A. S., (Pittsford,) lot 19, farmer 46½.

Moore, Henry, (Pittsford,) barber.

Murlow, George, (Pittsford,) lot 19, farmer 13.

Myers, Henry, (Pittsford,) farmer 126.

Myers, James E., (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Henry Myers, 126.

Myers, Wm., (Pittsford,) nurseryman and farmer 18.


NELSON, WM., (Pittsford,) flour and feed.

Niess, Barnard, (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 76.

NOAKES, GEORGE, (Pittsford,) lot 50, farmer 97.

NORTON, EMILY B. Mrs., (Pittsford,) resident.

NORTON, LAWRENCE, (Pittsford,) lot 41, farmer 50.

NYE, H. P. & A, E., (Pittsford,) lots 53, 54, 55 and 57, nurserymen and farmers 200.

Nye, Lorin, (Pittsford,) lots 51 and 53, farmer 60.


Olcott, Milton, (Rochester,) farmer 120.

OLNEY, CYRUS, (Pittsford,) market gardener 9½.

Olney, J. F., (Penfield,) lot 5, fruit grower and farmer 50.

OSGOODBY, JOHN H,, (Pittsford,) lot 22, prop. of meat market and farmer 35.

Ott, Samuel, (Pittsford,) lot 4, farmer 8.


PADDOCK, ALBERT N., (Pittsford,) general blacksmith.

Paine, Seth B., (Pittsford,) farmer 48.

PARK, PLINY H., (Pirtsford.) lot 17, farmer 40.

PARKER, HENRY A., (Pittsford,) lot 22, general merchant and farmer 16.

PARSONS, HENRY H., (Pittsford,) lots 4, 5 and 6, farmer 210.

PARSONS, N. L., (Pittsford,) (McGill & Parsons,) postmaster.

PHŒNIX HOTEL, (Pittsford,) Wm. W. Hicks, prop.

PITTSFORD BREWERY, (Pittsford,) Agate Brothers, props., manufs. and dealers in XX and XXX ale, malt, &c.

PLUMB, THOMAS C., (Pittsford,) farmer 49.

Porter, Geo. G., (Pittsford,) lot 20, farmer 26.

Porter, Harvey, (Pittsford.) lot 30, farmer 33.

Porter, Homer J. M., (Pittsford,) farmer 66.

Pugsley, James, (Pittsford,) lot 6, farmer 70.


Ransom, Charles, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Tunis Brizee.

Ray, W. A:, (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 105.

REED, P. R. Jr., (Pittsford,) lot 13, tobacco raiser and farmer 65.

Reves, Frederick, (Henrietta,) farmer 64.

REYNOLDS, ALBERT, (Pittsford,) (with Gilbert,) tobacco raiser and farmer.

REYNOLDS, GILBERT, (Pittsford,) lot 13, tobacco raiser and farmer 42.

Reynolds, R. C, (Pittsford,) physician and surgeon.

RICHARDSON, CAVIE, (Pittsford,) lots 13 and 15, prop. of Irondequoit Flouring Mill and farmer 110.

Ridler, Frederick, (Pittsford,) lot 41, farmer 75.

RODMAN, LEWIS, (Pittsford,) lot 17, farmer 37.

ROGERS, CHAS. W., (Pittsford,) lots 56 and 58, farmer 165.

Rogers, James F., (Pittsford,) lot 45, farmer 75.

Rose, Thaddeus, (Pittsford,) farmer 5.

Roth, Joseph, (Pittsford,) farmer 6.

Rouke, Barney, (Pittsford,) lot 4, farmer 20.


SADDEN, WM. H., (Pittsford,) boots and shoes.

Sai1e, Joseph, (Pittsford,) farmer 77.

SALTER, DENNIS, (Pittsford,) gardener and nurseryman.

SCHANCK, JOHN, (Pittsford,) farmer 60¾.

Scott, M., (Pittsford,) lot 42, farmer 17½.

Searle, Daniel, (Pittsford,) lot 1, farmer 67.

SERVIS, WM. P., (Pittsford,) lot 45, farmer 52.

Shearer, Charles H., (Pittsford,) lot 2, farmer 20.

Shearer, F. B., (Pittsford,) (Boughton & Shearer.)

Shearer, Francis B., (Pittsford,) lots 2 and 39, farmer 170.

Shearer, Margaret, (Pittsford,) lot 2, farmer 45.

Shepard, M. B. Mrs., (Pittsford,) farmer 75.

SHEPARD, WM. N., (Pittsford,) lot 10, Blake Tract, farmer 140.

SKELLIE, DAVID, (Pittsford,) gardener 2.

SMEAD, R. H., (Pittsford,) farmer 180.

Smith, Asa, (Pittsford,) blacksmith.

Smith, Barton, (Pittsford,) lot 54, farmer 14.

Smith, David W., (Pittsford,) undertaker.

SMITH, JAMES, (Pittsford,) boots and shoes.

Smith, Leonard, (Pittsford,) lot 52, farmer 73.

Snyder, G., (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Mrs. H. Calhoun, 60.

Snyder,, Henry, (Pittsford,) lot 19, farmer 12.

SPIEGEL, THOMAS, (Pittsford,) wagon maker, general blackamithing, carriage ironing &c.

Steele, C., (Pittsford,) props. of livery stable.

Steers. Thomas, (Pittsford,) lot 6, farmer 71.

Stevenson, E. Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 9, Blake Tract, farmer 52.

Stiles, James W., (Pittsford,) lots 11 and 13 farmer 100.

STOEPEL, ANDREW, (Pittsford,) groceries and provisions, and meat market.

STONE, HANNAH Mrs., (Pittsford,) farmer 35.

STONE, ORRIN, (Pittsford,) lot 3, farmer 118.

STONE, S. H., (Pittsford,) lots 55 and 56, farmer 110.

STONE, SOLOMON, (Pittsford,) lots 18 and 55, nurseryman and farmer 120.

Stoutenburg, Abram W., (Pittsford,) lot 25, farmer 114.

Stoutenburg, Henry W., (Pittsford,) lot 25, farmer 40.

SUPNER, CHRISTOPHER, (Pittsford,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 2.

Sutter, Frederick, (Penfteld,) lot 1, farmer 50.


Thomson, Abram, (Pittsford,) lot 49, farmer 30.

Thornell, Wm. & Sons. (Pittsford,) lots 9, 10 and 47, (Henry M. and Charles F.,) farmers 245.

Tillitson, John, (Pittsford,) farmer leases of R T. Tillitson.

Tillitson, R. T., (Pittsford,) lot 48, farmer 55.

Tobey, Reuben, (Pittsford,) lot 53, farmer 150.

Tobey, Reuben & Sons, (Pittsford,) lots 14 and 16, (Royal H. and Merrit P.,) farmers 140.

Tomson, Geo., (Pittsford,) farmer 74.

Tousey, Thos., (Pittsford,) lot 10, Blake Tract, farmer 15.


Utz, John, (Pittsford,) (Fisher & Utz.)


VAN AKEN, G. E., (Pittsford,) lot 7, general agent for Sharp's Wheel Rake, agent for Meadow King Mower and farmer leases of D. S. Morgan, Brockport, 110.

VAN BUSKIRK, WESLEY, (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 97.

Van Ness, Abram F., (Pittsford,) gardener 5.

VAN NORMAN, J. J., (Pittsford,) farmer leases of Mrs. Stevenson, 42.


Walbeck, Frederick, (Pittsford,) farmer 7.

Wallace, ----- (Pittsford,) farmer 76.

Wanzer, Elihu, (Fairpot,) lot 3, farmer 146.

Webster, Horace, (Pittsford,) lot 26, Blake Tract, farmer 104¾.

Welch, Lyman, (Pittsford,) lot 8, farmer 100.

WELCH, NATHAN K., (Pittsford,) lots 7 and 9, farmer 190.

Westcott, J. H., (Pittsford,) lot 28, farmer leases 65.

Westerman, George F., (Pittsford,) lot 2, farmer 65.

WESTERMAN, JOHN, (Pittsford,) lot 2, farmer 66.

WHEELER, C. L. & EDWARD, (Pittsford,) lot 20, farmers lease of Mrs. M. Wheeler, 111.

Wheeler, Mary Mrs., (Pittsford,) lot 30, farmer 111.

Whitbeck, S., (Pittsford,) saloon.

Whitbeck, Wm., (Pittsford,) lot 39, farmer 20.

White, Albert, (Pittsford,) lot 26 farmer 36½.

Wilcox, Robert, (Pittsford,) lots 28 and 30, farmer 175.

Wilhelm, A. J., (Pittsford,) lot 7, farmer 77.

Wilhelm, A. J. Jr., (Brighton,) lot 7, farmer leases of A. J. Wilhelm, 77.

Williams, Cyrus, (Pittsford,) lots 49 and 50, farmer 138.

Willord, Perry, (Pittsford,) lot 41, farmer 21.

Wiltsie & Birdsall, (Pittsford,) (J. M. Wiltsie and J. N. Birdsall,) groceries and provisions.

Wiltsie & Hastings, (Pittsford,) (J. M. Wiltsie & Co.,) in town of Perrinton, lot 62, farmers 30.

Wiltsie, J. M., (Pittsford,) (J. M. Wiltsie & Co.,) (Wiltsie & Hastings,) (Wiltsie & Birdsall,) produce dealer and commission merchant.

Wiltsie, J. M. & Co. (Pittsford,) (Isaac Hastings and Shelby G. Crump.) general merchants.

W1TMARTH, JAMES, (Pittsford,) lots 40, 41 and 42, farmer 109.

Witmarth, James P., (Pittsford,) lot 40, farmer 84.

Wolfberger, George, (Pittsford,) lot 42, farmer 27.

Wood, George, (Pittsford,) farmer 15 and leases of Henry H. Parsons, 210.

Wood, G. K., (Pittsford,) station agent, N. Y. C. R. R., A. M. U. Express agent and telegraph operator.

Wood, Thomas, (Pittsford,) lot 18, farmer 12.

Woodruff, Hart, (Pittsford,) lot 49, farmer 20.

Wright, John P., (Pittsford,) farmer leases 75.


Yale, Asahel W., (Pittsford,) lot 9, farmer 91.

Yale, Joel H., (Pittsford,) lot 9, farmer 36.


Zorno, Charles, (Pittsford,) lot 29, farmer 34.

Zorno, John, (Pittsford,) lot 22, farmer 34.



EDMONDS, WM. E., (Pittsford,) attorney and counselor at law and assistant assessor Internal revenue, 6th Division.




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