Index to
Indenture Records of the Rochester Orphan Asylum
(1837 - 1906)

extracted by Dick Halsey


This is an index to indenture records from a register that is in the Rare Books and Manuscripts Department of Rush Rhees Library at the University of Rochester (U. of R. volume #11). This register and many other records were given to U. of R. by Hillside Children's Center (the current name of the organization).

There is an inscription in the front of the register that says:

The Record contained in this book is the result of a careful examination of all Indentures found among the papers belonging to the Institution. The book is presented to the Asylum with the hope that the Record thus commenced, will be continued from this date by the Children's Committee.

Lydia G. Sage; Jan 1, 1873

The register is set up with 8 columns per page; labeled:

"Residence" is the residence of the person that would be receiving the child. "Dated" is the date of the indenture. "Expires" is the end date of the indenture, which is usually the 18th birthday of girls and the 21st birthday of boys. The most controversial section is "Adoption or as a Servant" as children could be indentured as a servant or in later years as an apprentice. There were no child labor laws and it was thought, at that time, that at least the child would have training for a career as a servant in their later life.

Indentures came with a responsibility to both the child and the person(s) getting the child. The child was expected to be honest, obedient and behave. In turn, the child got room, board and clothing. The child was also supposed to be given an education and also some training if indentued as a servant. When the child was of age, they were to receive a Bible and sometimes a new set of clothing.

The University of Rochester does not allow the Indenture Records to be republished. Instead, you will have to send me an e-mail at: I will send you the information in this Indenture Register and also give infomation on where to find the Admmision Records of the Asylum that could have more information. For example; in the Indenture Record, it says that Mary J. Butler, aged 12, was taken as a servant by John Church of Barre, NY on Aug. 16, 1850 and her indenture was to end on Feb. 9, 1856. Further research in the Admission records shows that her middle name was Jane and she was admitted to the Asylum in Oct. 1847. She was taken by Rev. David Cassie of Sterling, NY on May 24, 1848. He returned her as unmanageable in Aug. 1848. Mary Jane was then taken by John Church of Barre in Oct. 1848. The indenture was executed between the Asylum and Mr. Church on Aug. 15, 1850. Some admission records for other children sometimes contain birth dates for the child and parents' names. So checking the Admission Records is always reccommended.


Abell, Edward (b ca. 1861)
Adams, Frederick (b ca. 1881)
Adams, Grace (b ca. 1879)
Aldridge, Almond C. (b ca. 1871)
Aldridge, Cassius (b ca. 1878)
Aldridge, William (b ca. 1870)
Allen, Adrian (b ca. 1873)
Allen, Frederick (b ca. 1873)
Anderson, Jennie (b ca. 1876)
Anderson, Kate (b ca. 1851)
Archer, Albert (b ca. 1868)
Ashley, Alemna (b ca. 1835)
Baker, Alice (b ca. 1885)
Barber, Mary Ann (b ca. 1848)
Barlets, Charles (b ca. 1903)
Barnes, Robert (b ca. 1835)
Barns, Esther (b 1881)
Barton, Isabella (b ca. 1849)
Bassett, Eugene (b ca. 1877)
Beale, John (b ca. 1887)
Beardsley, Melissa (b ca. 1835)
Bell, Nellie (b ca. 1875)
Beohm, John (b ca. 1881)
Bergot, Rebecca (b ca. 1853)
Bern, Mary (b ca. 1878)
Bettys, George (b ca. 1867)
Billings, Gertrude (b ca. 1861)
Boehm, Fred (b ca. 1881)
Boehm, Michael (b ca. 1882)
Bogart, Clara (b ca. 1887)
Bogart, John (b ca. 1889)
Bontiel, John (b ca. 1867)
Bowers, William (b ca. 1876)
Boyd, Emily (b ca. 1842)
Boyd, Emily (b ca. 1844)
Boyd, George (b ca. 1837)
Bracken, Edward (b ca. 1878)
Bradley, Eliza (b ca. 1843)
Bradley, Emma (b ca. 1868)
Bradley, Isaac (b ca. 1846)
Bradley, Mary (b ca. 1850)
Bragshaw, Bessie (b ca. 1878)
Brierley, William
Briggs, Florence (b ca. 1876)
Bristol, Ellen (b ca. 1840)
Brooks, Mary (b ca. 1848)
Brown, Nellie (b ca. 1876)
Buck, Frederick (b ca. 1869)
Bunce, George (b ca. 1855)
Burk, Frederick (b ca. 1869)
Burke, Charles (b ca. 1865)
Burns, Mabel (b ca. 1876)
Burns, Mabel Lulu (b ca. 1876)
Burns, Mary (b ca. 1832)
Burns, Mary L. (b ca. 1872)
Burns, Patrick (b ca. 1880)
Burns, Robert (b ca. 1872)
Bush, Charlotte (b ca. 1881)
Bushnell, Sarah Ann (b ca. 1857)
Butler, Mary (b ca. 1844)
Butler, Mary J. (b ca. 1838)
Campbell, Archibald (b ca. 1871)
Carey, Grace Lillian (b ca. 1896)
Cary, Arthur (b ca. 1883)
Cary, George (b ca. 1883)
Cary, Olive (b ca. 1879)
Cassius, Aldridge (b ca. 1878)
Chase, George (b ca. 1851)
Cheesebrough, Etta (b ca. 1883)
Childs, Sarah Elizabeth (b ca. 1836)
Chrysler, Catharine (b ca. 1876)
Church, Matilda Ann (b ca. 1833)
Clark, Arthur (b ca. 1871)
Clark, Frederick W. (b ca. 1862)
Clark, Raymond (b ca. 1889)
Clark, William H. (b ca. 181871)
Clark, Willie (b ca. 1879)
Clarke, Charles (b ca. 1835)
Clarke, Francis (b ca. 1845)
Clarke, Jane (b ca. 1843)
Cochrane, Florence (b ca. 1888)
Cochrane, William (b ca. 1841)
Cole, Emily (b ca. 1832)
Cook, Emma (b ca. 1856)
Cooper, William (b ca. 1859)
Cork, Ellen Henrietta (b ca. 1858)
Coslow, Josephine (b ca. 1870)
Cotton, Elizabeth (b ca. 1876)
Crandall, Matthew (b ca. 1872)
Crane, George E. (b ca. 1871)
Crane, William (b ca. 1869)
Crawford, Eliza Jane (b ca. 1840)
Cubbridge, Ralph (b ca. 1879)
Cubbridge, Robert (b ca. 1879)
Culver, Emma (b ca. 1894)
Cummings, Susan (b ca. 1874)
Daly, Esther (b ca. 1850)
Davis, George W. P. (b ca. 1849)
Dean, Emma Jane
Delano, James (b ca. 1834)
Demary, Albert (b ca. 1873)
Dempsey, Seagant (b ca. 1832)
DePant, Anthony (b ca. 1843)
DeVernee, Stella (b ca. 1878)
Doe, Susan (b ca. 1832)
Doell, Emma (b ca. 1885)
Doell, Frederick (b ca. 1881)
Donlin, Sarah J. (b ca. 1866)
Donoughue, John (b ca. 1837)
Doran, Peter (b ca. 1833)
Dougherty, Eugene (b ca. 1889)
Doxsee, Delia (b ca. 1887)
Draper, James L. (b ca. 1857)
Draper, Sarah (b ca. 1855)
Drew, Walter (b ca. 1832)
Drew, William (b ca. 1836)
Dugan, Jeremiah (b ca. 1836)
Dugan, John (b ca. 1836)
Dunn, Edward (b ca. 1851)
Durand, Eliza Ann (b ca. 1847)
Earle, Henry (b ca. 1865)
Ellis, James H. (b ca. 1878)
Ellis, Mary
Enos, Anna Belle (b ca. 1882)
Farley, Lillian (b ca. 1888)
Fay, Herbert (b ca. 1883)
Featherly, Andrew P. (b ca. 1842)
Featherly, Francis (b ca. 1840)
Ferguson, Margaret (b ca. 1833)
Foster, George (b ca. 1856)
Frances, George (b ca. 1872)
French, Charles (b ca. 1849)
Gardiner, Charles (b ca. 1880)
Gardiner, William (b ca. 1881)
Gascoigne, Angeline (b ca. 1867)
Gascoigne, George (b ca. 1865)
Gerfe, Harmon (b ca. 1841)
Gibson, Rachel (b ca. 1830)
Gilbert, John (b ca. 1870)
Glade, Charlotte (b ca. 1854)
Goddard, Florence (b ca. 1874)
Godley, Elizabeth (b ca. 1845)
Goldberg, Rosa
Good, Fremont (b ca. 1856)
Good, Margaret Ann ( b ca. 1862)
Goodgen, William (b ca. 1887)
Graff, Henry (b ca. 1882)
Graham, John (b ca. 1857)
Green, Lillie (b ca. 1881)
Griffin, Joseph James (b ca. 1875)
Hall, Charles (b ca. 1838)
Hall, George M. (b ca. 1844)
Hall, Robert (b ca. 1843)
Hall, Susan Jane (b ca. 1840)
Hall, William (b ca. 1834)
Hall, William (b ca. 1836)
Hankey, Christina (b ca. 1845)
Hannagan, Mary Ann (b ca. 1840)
Hansen, Emily (b ca. 1888)
Hansen, John (b ca. 1889)
Hardes, Amy J. (b ca. 1874)
Havens, Anna (b ca. 1872)
Havens, Ethel (b ca. 1874)
Hawley, Mary E. (b ca. 1879)
Hawley, Mary E. (b ca. 1879)
Hayes, Frances (b ca. 1847)
Hayes, Mary Ann (b ca. 1850)
Hays, Jane (b ca. 1843)
Heacox, Alfred (b ca. 1851)
Heiner, Josephine (b ca. 1887)
Held, Jacob (b ca. 1879)
Held, Louisa (b ca. 1884)
Held, Mary (b ca. 1880)
Helficker, Louis (b ca. 1880)
Helficker, Rosina (b ca. 1886)
Henderson, Alice (b ca. 1866)
Henry, Feliz (b ca. 1847)
Henry, Frances (b ca. 1845)
Henry, Helen (b ca. 1846)
Henry, Laville Perry (b ca. 1861)
Henry, Nancy (b ca. 1851)
Hicox, Alfred (b ca. 1851)
Hill, Charles Marshall (b ca. 1863)
Hipp, Edwin Charles (b ca. 1887)
Hitchcock, Abelard (b ca. 1888)
Hitchcock, Dwight (b ca. 1884)
Hobden, Edward )b ca. 1844)
Hobden, William (b ca. 1840)
Hochbrickner, Christine (b ca. 1904)
Hoffman, Lulu (b ca. 1879)
Holloway, Arthur (b ca. 1841)
Hood, Florence (b ca. 1880)
Howard, Anna (b ca. 1871)
Howard, Henry (b ca. 1849)
Howard, Sarah (b. ca. 1831)
Hubbard, James (b ca. 1884)
Hubbard, Sarah (b ca. 1846)
Hubbard, William (b ca. 1841)
Hulburt, William (b ca. 1857)
Hunter, Margaret A. E. (b ca. 1873)
Hunter, Sarah (b ca. 1876)
Hursh, Fillmore (b ca. 1903)
Hutchinson, Robert (b ca. 1882)
Hyatt, Mary (b ca. 1876)
Jackson, Alphonso (b ca. 1833)
Jackson, Andrew (b ca. 1850)
Jackson, Lulu May (b ca. 1880)
Jackson, Mary (b ca. 1855)
James, Griffin Joseph (b ca. 1875)
Jenny, Minnie (b ca. 1882)
Johnson, Elizabeth (b ca. 1853)
Johnson, George (b ca. 1873)
Johnson, George (b ca. 1875)
Johnson, George R. (b ca. 1880)
Johnson, Margaret Haly (b ca. 1856)
Johnson, Mary (b ca. 1875)
Johnson, Nellie (b ca. 1866)
Johnson, William (b ca. 1869)
Jones, Alice (b ca. 1864)
Jones, Elizabeth (b ca. 1868)
Jones, Ellen
Jones, Frances (b ca. 1847)
Josa, John (b ca. 1873)
Josa, Levi (b ca. 1870)
Jump, Jennie ( b ca. 1870)
Kanpp, Mary (b ca. 1898)
Keane, Ella (b ca. 1896)
Kerns, Mary (b ca. 1880)
King, Hattie (b ca. 1861)
Kinney, Olive (b ca. 1893)
Kitchen, Frederick (b ca. 1884)
Klaus, Maud Avis (b ca. 1885)
Knapp, Marietta (b ca. 1852)
Knapp, Mary (b ca. 1898)
Lawrence, Ellis Augustus (b ca. 1872)
Lee, George (b ca. 1871)
Leonard, Geraldine C. (b ca. 1884)
Leonard, Louisa (b ca. 1829)
Lewis, Annie (b ca. 1904)
Lewis, Minnie (b ca. 1882)
Lewis, Nancy (b ca. 1834)
Logan, Robert (b ca. 1844)
Lucas, Edward P. (b ca. 1857)
Lucas, Hester (b ca. 1860)
Luck, Emma (b ca. 1880)
Lynch, Lillie B. (b ca. 1873)
Lynn, Elizabeth (b ca. 1847)
Mack, James (b ca. 1855)
Major, Martha (b ca. 1839)
Mann, Annie (b ca. 1885)
Marshall, William Henry (b ca. 1843)
Martin, Francis (b ca. 1895)
Matthews, Abram (b ca. 1860)
Matthews, Margaret J. (b ca. 1839)
Maurer, Mary (b ca. 1876)
McBride, John (b ca. 1832)
McCall, George E.
McCarthy, Edward (b ca. 1837)
McCarthy, Freddie (b 1883)
McClelland, George (b ca. 1854)
McCloskey, Mary Ann (b ca. 1841)
McComber, Mary (b ca. 1838)
McDowell, Vienna (b ca. 1872)
McDowell, William (b ca. 1868)
McLaughlin, Charles (b ca. 1860)
McLean, Charles (b ca. 1861)
McNary, Walter (b ca. 1890)
McRay, Ellen (b ca. 1883)
Metzger, Anna (b ca. 1876)
Milby, George (b ca. 1870)
Miller, Mary (b ca. 1884)
Mines, Benjamin (b ca. 1853)
Mist, Charles (b ca. 1886)
Monagahn, Lily T. (b ca. 1870)
Monaghan, Albert (b ca. 1874)
Monaghan, Augusta L (b ca. 1872)
Montgomery, Agnes )b ca. 1854)
Moore, Helen (b ca. 1878)
More, Caroline (b ca. 1875)
Morehouse, Emma (b ca. 1858)
Morehouse, George (b ca. 1850)
Morehouse, John (b ca. 1850)
Morris, Alonzo
Morris, John (b ca. 1878)
Morris, Maud (b ca. 1882)
Morris, Minnie
Morrison, Charles J. (b ca. 1845)
Morrison, Mary Ann (b ca. 1849)
Moss, Sarah (b ca. 1885)
Muir, Edgar (b ca. 1837)
Muir, Edward (b ca. 1840)
Muir, Edward (b ca. 1841)
Murphy, Daniel (b ca. 1841)
Murral, Henry (b ca. 1843)
Myers, Elizabeth (b ca. 1850)
Myers, Jacob (b ca. 1849)
Myers, Samuel (b ca. 1851)
Mynott, Henry (b ca. 1847)
Neilson, Svend B. (b. ca. 1863)
Nelson, John (b ca. 1833)
Nesbit, James (b ca. 1851)
Neun, Karl (b ca. 1869)
Neun, Lewis (b ca. 1865)
Nicholson, Ann (b ca. 1833)
Niedlar, Bruce (b ca. 1878)
Niedlar, Emma (b ca. 1883)
Niedlar, George (b ca. 1881)
Niles, John Randolph (b ca. 1840)
Norton, Flora (b ca. 1871)
Norton, Jane (b ca. 1974)
Noyes, Sarah (b ca. 1844)
O'Connell, Daniel (b ca. 1839)
Oliver, Ann (b ca. 1837)
Oliver, Ellen (b ca. 1838)
Oliver, John (b ca. 1861)
Owen, Alice (b ca. 1876)
Owen, Bessie (b ca. 1873)
Owen, Ida (b ca. 1871)
Paley, Esther (b ca. 1850)
Pardee, George (b ca. 1871)
Passmore, Clarence (b ca. 1891)
Patterson, Thomas (b ca. 1851)
Peer, Anna Belle (b ca. 1877)
Pelo, Eva Jane (b ca. 1862)
Pelo, Lillian (b ca. 1858)
Penfold, George (b ca. 1891)
Percival, Clarence M. (b ca. 1880)
Phillips, Margaret (b ca. 1862)
Plunkett, Alice (b ca. 1869)
Plunkett, John (b ca. 1864)
Predmore, George (b ca. 1849)
Price, Charles (b ca. 1868)
Putnam, Frank (b ca. 1863)
Randall, Alice (b ca. 1868)
Randall, Lillie (b ca. 1861)
Ranlet, Gertrude (b ca. 1879)
Raycroft, Jane (b ca. 1873)
Read, Caroline (b ca. 1834)
Regg, Charles (b ca. 1969)
Regg, Jacob (b ca. 1867)
Reid, Henry (b ca. 1866)
Richardson, Sarah (b 1890)
Rigney, Mathew (b ca. 1895)
Robinson, Mary Jane (b ca. 1843)
Rochester, Ruth (b ca. 1888)
Roda, Fred
Roe, Frank M. (b ca. 1872)
Roe, William (b ca. 1878)
Rogan, Nellie (b ca. 1888)
Roth, George (b ca. 1871)
Roth, Nellie May (b ca. 1870)
Rowell, Volney Lansing (b ca. 1882)
Ryan, Charles (b ca. 1879)
Ryan, Frances (b ca. 1882)
Ryan, Sarah Stella (b ca. 1885)
Sager, Nellie (b ca. 1888)
Sager, William (b ca. 1883)
Salvage, Margaret (b 1889)
Saunders, Estelle (b ca. 1876)
Saunders, Maud (b ca. 1874)
Schaeffer, Charles (b ca. 1878)
Schaeffer, Mathilda (b ca. 1881)
Schmitt, Frederic (b ca. 1877)
Schrieb, Amelia L. (b ca. 1873)
Scott, John
Scott, John (b ca. 1839)
Scott, Minerva (b ca. 1839)
Seiler, August (b ca. 1870)
Seiler, Edward (b ca. 1868)
Seip, Edward Louis (b ca. 1885)
Semple, Franklin (b ca. 1871)
Shalber, Albert (b ca. 1884)
Shand, William (b ca. 1883)
Sheffield, Edna (b ca. 1885)
Shirliff, Ella (b ca. 1882)
Simpson, Francis E. (b ca. 1843)
Sipe, Carrie Elvira (b ca. 1876)
Smith, Caroline (b ca. 1866)
Smith, Elmer (b ca. 1896)
Smith, Louisa (b ca. 1861)
Smith, Mary (b ca. 1866)
Smith, William (b ca. 1880)
Smith, William J. (b ca. 1862)
Solomons, Catherine D. (b ca. 1846)
Somerville, Minnie (b ca. 1861)
Soupler, Farina (b ca. 1846)
Spall, Anna (b ca. 1853)
Spencer, Orville (b ca. 1882)
Spencer, William (b ca. 1855)
Staghover, Mary (b ca. 1844)
Stanley, Percival (b ca. 1879)
Stanley, Robert (b. ca. 1832)
Stebb, Willie (b ca. 1888)
Stewart, Mabel (b ca. 1884)
Stoddard, Julia (b ca. 1832)
Storms, Fred (b ca. 1884)
Stubbs, William Henry (b ca. 1839)
Sturgess, John (b ca. 1855)
Sullivan, John (b ca. 1845)
Symington, Mabel (b ca. 1887)
Tabor, Gertrude (b ca. 1876)
Tabor, Lena (b ca. 1879)
Talcott, Matilda (b ca. 1839)
Thompson, Martha Jane (b ca. 1837)
Tice, John (b ca. 1853)
Tieffell, Frances (b ca. 1870)
Toles, Etta (b ca. 1874)
Toles, Royal P. (b ca. 1875)
Towles, Walter J. (b ca. 1878)
Towne, Milton (b ca. 1852)
Van Bott, Albert (b ca. 1839)
Vanderpool, Matilda (b ca. 1836)
Vetty, Gertrude (b ca. 1876)
Vetty, Ida Louise (b ca. 1878)
Vetty, Mary Adelia (b ca. 1879)
Vogel, Anna M. (b ca. 1873)
Wagner, George (b ca. 1885)
Wallingford, Clara (b ca. 1877)
Warren, Emma (b ca. 1878)
Warren, Florence (b ca. 1880)
Warren, Jennie (b ca. 1873)
Warren, Lizzie (b ca. 1882)
Waters, Bertie (b ca. 1884)
Wells, Myrtle (b ca. 1890)
West, Reuben Henry (b ca. 1868)
Wilcox, George (b ca. 1880)
Wiley, Catharine (b ca. 1874)
Williams, Charlotte (b ca. 1850)
Williams, Joseph (b ca. 1848)
Willow, Clifford (b ca. 1872)
Wilson, Charlotte B. (b 1882)
Wilson, William (b ca. 1862)
Winne, Bertie (b ca. 1873)
Winters, Mary Alice (b ca. 1842)
Wiseman, Jane (b ca. 1842)
Wixson, Roland (b 1900)


Adoptive Parents
Acer, William of E. Gainesville, NY
Adams, Frederick & Nellie of Riga, NY
Adams, George of Perry Center, NY
Aitken, Thomas of Sparta, NY
Alden, John of Sodus, NY
Allen, Frank B. & Annie of Honeoye, NY
Allen, Frank of Webster, NY
Allen, Ira of Alton, NY
Almy, John W. of Friend?
Ammon, George of Penfield, NY
Andresson, Cornelius & E. of Brighton, NY
Andrews, Columbus P. of Perry, NY
Apthorp, Lea of Riga, NY
Armstrong, A. J. of Warsaw, NY
Armstrong, Aden of Geneseo, NY
Ayers, Deborah of Rochester, NY
Babb, James N. of Bloomfield, NY
Backus, Albert M. of Gaines, NY
Backus, Frederick G. of Rochester, NY
Baker, Asa L. of Vienna, NY
Baker, William, Mrs. of Medina, NY
Baldwin, Curtis of Pulteney, NY
Baldwin, Samuel L. of Lyons, NY
Barber, William H. of Kirwin, KS
Bartlett, Benjamin of Romulus, NY
Bartlett, David A. & Gertrude E. of Marietta, OH
Bartlett, William & Nellie of Holley, NY
Barton, Leonard M. of Rochester, NY
Bates, Nathaniel of Walworth, NY
Batram, George of Brockport, NY
Beadle, John W. of Sweden, NY
Becker, Lewis W. of Avon, NY
Beckwith, George of Henrietta, NY
Bell, Jacob of Greece, NY
Benning, William H. of Lyons, NY
Bertran, George, Mr. & Mrs. of Sweden, NY
Bicknell, Caleb of Rochester, NY
Bidelman, Eugene of Medina, NY
Bingham, Oliver of Garrettsville, NY
Birdsell, Josiah of Rochester, NY
Bishop, Josiah of Chili, NY
Blum, George, Mrs. of Rochester, NY
Bogart, Jacob of Pike, NY
Borst, Joseph H. & Mary of Painted Post, NY
Bott, Adolph of Rochester, NY
Bowan, George E. of Medina, NY
Bragdon, Edmund C. of Pike, NY
Brainerd, George J. of Sweden, NY
Branch, William T. of Oil City, PA
Brewer, Peter H. of Ontario, NY
Brooks, Benjamin & Sarah of Rochester, NY
Brown, Albert F. of Jeddo, NY
Brown, Christine & Henry of Rochester, NY
Brown, Jonah of Irondequoit, NY
Buell, Eben N. of Rochester, NY
Bulger, Michael of Parma, NY
Burke, Alida
Bushnell, J. L. of Medina, NY
Calvert, Robert of LeRoy, NY
Careney, Charles of Sweden, NY
Carney, Rachel of Tonawanda, NY
Caskey, Emily, Mrs. of Canadice, NY
Cawthra, Issiak of Rochester, NY
Chase, Henry J. of Clyde, NY
Church, John of Barre, NY
Clark, Henry of Pike, NY
Clarkson, William of W. Oxford, Ontario
Cline, Henry M. of Victor, NY
Cline, John of Victor, NY
Clinton, Joseph of Palmyra, NY
Coatsworth, Ralph of Rochester, NY
Cochrane, Henry F. of Irondequoit, NY
Coe, Amanda, Miss of Livonia, NY
Coe, N. Louise, Miss of S. Livonia, NY
Cole, Abram & Ida of Greece, NY
Colvin, Willis of Woodhull, NY
Colwell, Henry H. of Rochester, NY
Cook, George G. of Camden, NY
Cook, Irving D. & Julia of S. Byron, NY
Cook, Sheldon
Cook, True Worthy of Clarendon, NY
Cox, George of Bergen, NY
Crandall, Arestes of Palmyra, NY
Crawford, Walter & Ellen of Gaines, NY
Cross, Luzina J., Miss of Friendship, NY
Curtis, John P. of Brockport, NY
Curtiss, Richard of Hornellsville, NY
Daniels, A. S. of Conesus, NY
Daniels, John L. of Hornellsville, NY
Darrow, Nicholas E. of Clarendon, NY
Dart, William of Bergen, NY
Davis, Fred & Martha E. of Knowlesville, NY
Dawson, William N. of Walden, NY
Deming, Deming N. of Spencer, NY
Dennis, William W. of Ovid, MI
Dewey, William H. of Washta, IA
Dingman, Frederick & Kate of Pike, NY
Dobell, Samuel of Parma, NY
Dudley, Fred, Dr. of Kings Ferry, NY
Dunbar, Joseph & Mary of Batavia, NY
Dunning, Hiram of Rochester, NY
Dyer, Enoch B. of Clarkson, NY
Ebbs, George W. of Darien Center, NY
Eckbert, George & Ora of Titusville, NY
Edwards A. G. of Michigan
Edwards, John of Chili, NY
Egg, Jacob & Louise of Rochester, NY
Elliott, John of Youngstown, NY
Ellis, Crosby M. of Coudersport, PA
Embury, A. J. of Penfield, NY
Enos, George T. of Waterford, NY
Enos, Joseph of Birdsall, NY
Farnham, David A. of Gaines, NY
Farnham, Margaret of Gaines, NY
Feathers, Allen of Kendall, NY
Fisk, Frederick of Yates, NY
Flint, Asher of Albion, NY
Foote, Sarah of W. Webster, NY
Ford, Albert H. & Fanny of Hulberton, NY
Forman, David of Avon, NY
Foss, Otis of Pembroke, NY
Foster, Henry G. of Palmyra, NY
Fowler, Augustus of Rochester, NY
Fox, James of Rochester, NY
Foy, William of Barre, NY
Freelove, Charles of Spencerport, NY
Freeman, Asher of Middleport, NY
Freeman, Fannie & Olive of Rochester, NY
Freer, Melvin of Clarendon, NY
Frickey, L. C. of Rochester, NY
Fuller, John of Parma, NY
Gallipo, Joseph of Rochester, NY
Gandy, L. T., M.D. of Chili, NY
Gardiner, Watson & Margaret of Fairport, NY
Gardner, Albert, Mr. & Mrs. of Perry Center, NY
Gay, Evis, Mrs. of Henrietta, NY
Gibbs, Charles L. & Kate V. of Titusville, PA
Gibbs, Christopher D. of Buffalo, NY
Gilbert, Francis M. of Canadice, NY
Gilbert, Harriette B. D. of LeRoy, NY
Gilbert, Silas of Greece, NY
Gildersleeve, Romulus of Penn Yan, NY
Godey, Maynard A. of Batavia, NY
Goff, Ephraim C. of Appleton, WI
Goodell, Warren & Eliza of Covington, NY
Goodelle, William of Syracuse, NY
Goodwin, Elias M. of Jeddo, NY
Goodwin, O. D. of Carlton, NY
Goodwin, Ossion D. & Elizabeth of Caslyn, NY
Gorange, George of Barre Center, NY
Grames, George & Ella F. of Bath, NY
Graves, Jacob Of Rochester, NY
Gray, Charles W. of Rochester, NY
Greene, Cordelia A. of Castile, NY
Gros, Henry A. of Hamlin, NY
Gublury, J., Mrs. of Friend?
Guilford, E. R. of Norwalk, OH
Guilford, Edwin R. of Norwalk, OH
Hackley, Roger of Livonia, NY
Hall, Aaron F. of Clyde, NY
Hall, Andrew of Albion, NY
Hammond, Henry E. of N. Bergen, NY
Hammond, Henry W. of Clarendon, NY
Hampshire William H. of Lincoln, NY
Handy, John D. of Ogden, NY
Handy, John D. of W. Greece, NY
Harmon, J. J. of Andover, NY
Harwood, T. A. of Barker, NY
Haskins, Warren P. of Avon, NY
Hayward, Charles & Annie of Mumford, NY
Haywood, Stephen of Mt. Morris, NY
Heath, Erastus of Brighton, NY
Herriman, Peter, Mrs. of W. Walworth, NY
Hicks, Frank B. & Julia E. of Macedon, NY
Hill, F. De Forest & Lyna of W. Barre, NY
Hill, I. Wilson of Gates Center, NY
Hill, Israel W. of Yates, NY
Hill, William & Minnie B. of Websters Crossings, NY
Hills, James of Maple Valley, MI
Hitchcock, Hannibal N. of Hulberton, NY
Hoare, John R. of Rochester, NY
Hogarth, Michael & Ruth of Albion, NY
Holbrook, Ephraim & Elizabeth of Dansville, NY
Holbrook, Ephraim of Dansville, NY
Hoover, J. C., Mrs. of Julian, PA
Hopkins, Smith of Oakfield, NY
Hosmer, W. H. C. of Avon, NY
Hovey, Charles C. of Lima, NY
Howard, Edwin
Huff, David C. of Chili, NY
Ingram, Isaac of E. Pembroke, NY
Jenkins, Gideon of Warsaw, NY
Jennings, Elisha of Walworth, NY
Jewell, Moses, Mr. & Mrs. of Machias, NY
Johnson, Sarah D. of Parma, NY
Jones, John L. of Bloomfield, NY
Joslyn, Eugene A. of Rochester, NY
Kay, Harry C. & Harriet E. of Buffalo, NY
Keen, John W. & Bertha C. of Buffalo, NY
Keith, Mary J., Mrs. of Rochester, NY
Knapp, Clark D. of Albion, NY
Knapp, William F. of Newark, NY
LaDue, Willett J. of Sweden, NY
Lambert, Lewis of Clarendon, NY
Lamoureaux, William L. of Rochester, NY
Larkhill, Emmett W. of Rochester, NY
Law, Frank of Rock Glen, NY
Lay, Barnabas J. of Millers Corners, NY
Leake, Richard of Rochester, NY
Leland, George W. of Mendon, NY
Lewis, Wesley of Fairport, NY
Lincoln, Ozro of Livonia, NY
Linden, Dewitt of Lyons, NY
Lockwood, William N. of Honeoye Falls, NY
Lombard, F. M. of Rochester, NY
Loomis, Lewis H. of Lyndonville, NY
Losee, Irving C. & Sarah J. of Glenville, NY
Luttle, George of Millers Corners, NY
Lyon, Willet of Bingham, PA
Marklinger, Augustus of Holgate, OH
Marshall, George & Ruth of Fairport, NY
Martindale, Alvin S. of York, NY
Mastronardo, Peter B. & Nellie of Fairport, NY
Mattison, Lyell G. & Luella B. of Newark, NY
May, Alexander of Corning, NY
McCall, Duncan of Caledonia, NY
McCall, Elbert of Rushford, NY
McCallum, William B. & Daisy of Rochester, NY
McCarn, George of Goodland, IN
McCormick, J. (Mr.) of Rochester, NY
McCrillis, George L. of Clarendon, NY
McDonald, F. W. of St. Catharines
McGorray, John, Mrs. of Rochester, NY
McKnutt, Albert of Macedon, NY
McMath, Sarah A. of Chili, NY
McNiel, Hugh & Hannah of Riga, NY
Metcalf, William of S. Byron, NY
Miller, Albert D. of Byron, NY
Miller, Alexander of Bradford, PA
Miller, Daniel of Bergen, NY
Miller, James of Bergen, NY
Mills, C. V. N. of Rochester, NY
Monroe, Ashbel of Bigham, PA
Montgomery, Harvey of Rochester, NY
Morey, Handy J. of Avon, NY
Morton, D. D. of Rome, NY
Moulthrop, Samuel of Riga, NY
Murphy, William & Louise of W. Webster, NY
Myers, Samuel of Brooklyn, NY
Nemett, Springwater, NY
Newcomb, Gorham of Akron, NY
Nickerson, John of Barre, NY
Niles, William H. of Ellicottville, NY
O'Brien, Peter & Ellen of Rochester, NY
Odell, Samuel & Anna of Lock Verlin, NY
Oliver, Anna, Miss of Dansville, NY
Olmstead, George of Parma, NY
Olmstead, Lydia of LeRoy, NY
Orentt, Orson of Sweden, NY
Owen, William of Rochester, NY
Page, Warren M. of Bergen, NY
Paine, Corydon D. & Caroline of Barre, NY
Parkhurst, Ahira of Mendon, NY
Parkhurst, Ahira of W. Mendon, NY
Parsons, Elisha T. of Ludlow, MA
Paschel, James A. of Fayette, OH
Patten, Lewis of Ontario, NY
Patten, Louis of Ontario, NY
Patterson, Orrin of Galesburg, MI
Payne, Allen of Farmington, NY
Peacock, Charles & Hattie of Lincoln, NY
Peck, William G. of Brockport, NY
Penfield, George of Penfield, NY
Perry, Amos of Rochester, NY
Perry, Joshua J. of Webster, NY
Persons, Calvin R. of Canandaigua, NY
Peterson, Bradner of Rochester, NY
Pierce, Abel of Starkey, NY
Pierson, James of Avon, NY
Pitt, William, Mrs. of W. Webster, NY
Plitsch, August & Ernestine of Rochester, NY
Polmateer, J. S. of Suspension Bridge, NY
Post, Abraham of Batavia, NY
Pratt, James of Palmyra, NY
Pratt, P. L. of Gaines, NY
Prert, David H. of Ontario, NY
Price, Edward M. of W. Mendon, NY
Purcell, Isaac & Lucy of Richmond, NY
Pye, David J. & Alice
Radcliff, Wallace of Clyde, NY
Rae, Robert, M.D. of Portageville, NY
Redmond, Thomas P. of Byersville, NY
Ressiquie, Jerome of Rochester, NY
Reynell, George of Holley, NY
Reynolds, William S. of Rochester, NY
Richards, Edward of Darien Center, NY
Riley, R. A. of Lakeville, NY
Rippey, Thomas G. of Seneca, NY
Rising, Henry of Savannah, NY
Ritson, John of Strawberry, KS
Robbins, Simon B. of Franklinville, NY
Roberts, George of Alabama, NY
Rochester, Henry A. of Rochester, NY
Rogers, Albert B., Mr. & Mrs. of Gaines, NY
Rogers, Edgar O. & Lillie of Friendship, NY
Root, Freeman E. of Chili, NY
Rowley, Summer R. & Carrie H. of Hornellsville, NY
Ruhn, Gottlieb of W. Greece, NY
Russell, Page of LeRoy, NY
Sackett, Edwin of Geneseo, NY
Saleno, Frank M. of Fairport, NY
Salinger, Edward of Dansville, NY
Saunders, William & Martha of Gates, NY
Schumann, Charles G. of Buffalo, NY
Scott, Jacob of Gates, NY
Scott, Van Allen & Minnie E. of Scottsburg, NY
Secor, Andrew of Hamlin, NY
Seely, Samuel of Brighton, NY
Sharp, Robert & Elmyra of Hamlin, NY
Shart, William J. of Gorham, NY
Sheldon, William F. of Lyndonville, NY
Shepard, Stephen of Elba, NY
Shepardson, Lucy B. of Rochester, NY
Sheppard, Henry of Ossian, NY
Sherman, Horace of Syracuse, NY
Sherman, Thomas of Brighton, NY
Simpson, Henry of Rochester, NY
Simpson, Robert of Davenport, IA
Skidmore, Timothy of E. Penfield, NY
Smith, David R. of Dansville, NY
Smith, Frederick A. of Perry Center, NY
Smith, Henry L. of Hamlin, NY
Smith, James W.
Smith, William C. of Royalton, NY
Smock, Charles W. of Parma, NY
Snell, Josiah of Palatine Bridge, NY
Sparling, Anson of Pembroke, NY
Spillane, Jeremiah of Rochester, NY
Stevens, Xerxes C. of Gates, NY
Stilwell, George J. of W. Walworth, NY
Storbridge, Charles H. of Perry Center, NY
Storms, George W. of Brockport, NY
Strong, Albert of Rochester, NY
Sutton, John of W. Walworth, NY
Swan, E. Darwin of Livonia, NY
Swift, Frederic of Phelps, NY
Talman, John of Rochester, NY
Tanner, Alvinza of Manchester, NY
Taylor, George W. of Arcadia, NY
Taylor, M. S. of Rochester, NY
Tear, John of Rochester, NY
Tewkesbury, Walter of Brockport, NY
Thalkimer, Barent D. of Webster, NY
Thayer, Nelson of LeRoy, NY
Thompson, George H. of Rochester, NY
Thompson, George L. of Rochester, NY
Thompson, L. P. of Canandaigua, NY
Tobey, John of St. Louis, MO
Towles, Edwin P. of Niagara Falls, NY
Turnbull, Edward of Hlils Corners, NY
Tuthill, J. G., Mrs. of Cutchogue, NY
VanBenchten, Richard of Lyons, NY
Vanderburgh, Philip of West Bloomfield, NY
VanDoom, Frank of Rochester, NY
VanSickle, Abram of Pike, NY
VanSickle, John of Livonia, NY
VanVechten, Herman of Victor, NY
Veitt, Herman, Rev. of Rome, NY
Villeyette, Susan E., M.D. of Perry, NY
Vincent, George R. of Conesus, NY
Wadell, George O. of Fairport, NY
Wadhams, Edwin of Parma, NY
Wager, William of E. Bloomfield, NY
Walker, Daniel, Mrs. of York, NY
Walter, Lorenzo D. of Lockport, NY
Ward, Frank & Jennie of Bergen, NY
Warner, Louisa B. of Burdett, NY
Warren, Eleazer R. of Ogden, NY
Waterman, Almon L. of Lincoln, NY
Waterman, Almon of Walworth, NY
Watson, Harriett N., Mrs. of Albion, NY
Wattles, Miram, Mr. & Mrs. of Rochester, NY
Webster, Susanna, Miss of Conesus, NY
Welch, Sarah, Mrs. of Dansville, NY
Wells, John of Victor, NY
West, Eliza of Rochester, NY
Whipple, Phebe of Clarkson, NY
Whitney, A. J. of Pike, NY
Whitney, Charles & Alma of Seneca Falls, NY
Whitney, Newman C. of Churchville, NY
Wilcox, Daniel of Romulus, NY
Wilcox, Sidney G., Mr. & Mrs. of Peoria, NY
Wilder, Horace W. of Elba, NY
Wilkins, George B. & Annie of Caslyon, NY
Willard, Perry of Franklinville, NY
Willets, Richard of Ypsilanti, MI
Williams, Charles D. of Farmington, NY
Williams, Ely
Wilmot, Willis of Riga, NY
Wilson, John Scott of Rochester, NY
Wilson, William of Bloomington, IL
Wing, Jenette of Rochester, NY
Wolfe, Sarah Elizabeth of Fayette, NY
Wright, John P. of W. Webster, NY
Wycoff, Joseph of Varick, NY
Young, Alfred of Rochester, NY
Young, Dewert C. of Gland Station, CO
Young, James & Lucina of Shortville, NY



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