Business Directory of Rush, NY from 1869


These records for the Town of Rush are from a business directory for Monroe County, dated 1869. Only those people that owned a business including farmers that owned or leased their farm are included. Those names in capitals were sponsors of the directory.

The records are arranged as follows:

  1. Name of individual or firm.
  2. Post Office addresses in parentheses.
  3. If a farmer, the lot number.
  4. Business or occupation (after farmer is the number of acres farmed).


RUSH was formed from Avon, Livingston Co., March 13, 1818. It is situated near the center of the south border of the County. Its surface is rolling with a slight inclination towards the west. Genesee River forms its west boundary and Honeoye Creek, flowing west through the town, enters the river near the center of the west border. In the west part, along the river, are extensive flats. The soil is a sandy calcareous loam on the uplands and a rich alluvium on the flats.

East Rush, (Rush p.o.) situated in the east part of the town, contains a church, a hotel, a saw mill, a grist mill, a carriage manufactory, several other mechanic shops and about 200 inhabitants.

West Rush, (p. v.) on the Canandaigua and Niagara Falls R. E., contains a hotel, a mill and about 30 dwellings.

North Rush, (p.o.) about a mile west of Scottsville Station, is a hamlet.

Genesee Valley R. R. Junction is one mile west of West Rush.

The settlement of this town was commenced in 1799, by Major William Markham and Ransom Smith, from New Hampshire. Among the other early settlers were Joseph Morgan, who had previously settled on the west side of the river, and ---- Spraker, from the Mohawk. Philip Price came from Frederick County; Maryland, in 1800, and settled about a mile from East Rush, where he remained until his death. He raised a family of six sons and one daughter, one of whom, George Price, remained upon the old homestead until his death m 1854. Jacob Stull came from Maryland the same year and located where his son, Jacob Stull, now resides. John Bell, from the same State, settled in 1802. Elnathan Perry came from Bennington, Vt., in 1806. He was a soldier in the war of the Revolution, serving three years, a part of the time under LaFayette. Thomas Daily was one of the first settlers in the town. He emigrated from Ireland in 1793 and settled in Pennsylvania, afterwards came to Geneseo and then to Rush. He raised a large family, some of whom are still living in the town. Among the other early settlers were Chrystal Thomas, Joseph and Elisha Sibley. The last named were from Rensselaer County and settled in 1804.

The first birth in the town was that of a son of Joseph Morgan, in 1799, and the first deaths were those of Mr. and Mrs. Markham, in 1801. John Webster kept the first inn; Benjamin Campbell the first store, and John Webster built the first grist mill. The first settled minister was Rev. Mr. Goff, of the Baptist denomination.

The population of Rush in 1865 was 1,708; its area is 18,343 acres.

There are eleven school districts in the town, employing ten teachers. The number of the school population is 546; the number attending school, 525; the average attendance, 266, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year ending September 30, 1868, was $5,347.25.

Abertson, F. H., (North Rush), farmer 154½
Abertson, Isaac, (North Rush), lot 59, farmer 154½
ACER, MURRAY, (West Rush), lot 39, farmer.
Albertson, Jacob (West Rush), lot 40, justice of the peace and farmer 102.
Ames, Edwin, (West Rush), prop, of thrashing machine.
ARCHBOLD, JOHN, (East Rush), lot 17, farmer 96.
Arner, Edward C., (West Rush), lot 34, carpenter and joiner.
AUSTIN. J. E., (West Rush), station agent Erie R. R.

Bailey, Michael, (West Rush), lot 41, farmer 40¼.
Barber, Hiram, (West Rush), lot 34, farmer leases 108.
Bell, Ira, (East Rush), lot 27, farmer 90.
BELL, JOHN, (East Rush), lot 30, farmer, 120.
BELL, WILLIAM, (West Rush), lot 35, prop. of horse "Young State of Maine," and farmer 1.
BERGETT, PETER, (West Rush), lot 47, farmer leases 109.
Bigelow, Harvey, (West Rush), lot 34, carriage manuf. and farmer 2.
Blood, R. L., (East Rush), lot 42, farmer 3.
Bristol, J. B., (West Rush), (with L. C)., lot 48, farmer leases 217½.
Bristol, L. C., (West Rush), (with J. B)., lot 48, farmer leases 217½.
Brown, A., (Honeoye Falls), lot 4, farmer 98.
Brown, Edward, (East Rush), lot 6, farmer 80.
Brown, E. Mrs., (West Rush), lot 23, farmer 4.
Brown, Goorge W., (East Rush), lot 3, farmer 56.
Brown, Heman, (Honeoye Falls), lot 4, farmer 200.
Brown, John J., (Honeoye Falls), lot 1, farmer leases 360.

CABOT, C. & SON, (East Rush), (Sebastian), carriage manuf. and dealers in plows.
CABOT, SEBASTIAN, (East Rush), (C. Cabot & Son).
Clackner, William H., (West Rush), lot 29, carpenter and joiner and farmer 2.
CLAPP, Edwin P., (North Rush), lot 58, farmer 96.
Clapp, Isaac, (North Rush), lot 58, farmer 200.
Clark, Richard, (West Rush), lot 35, farmer 2.
Colins, Thomas, (West Rush), lot 23, farmer 60.
Congdon, James, (East Rush), (Weaver & Congdon).
Connors, Thomas, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 100.
Cookingham, E. S., (West Rush), merchant and post master.
Crilling, Henry, (West Rush), lot 50, farmer 2.
CULLEN, JAMES, (West Rush), section master on N. Y. C. R. R.
Cunlin, Patrick, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 13.
Cunningham, John, (West Rush), lot 34, farmer 12.
CURTIS, H. S., (West Rush), lot 40, farmer 100.

DAILY, ARTHUR, (East Rush), lot 27, farmer 100.
DAILY, M. G., (West Rush), prop. of West Rush Hotel.
DAILY, STEPHEN, (East Rush), hotel keeper.
Dakin, Homer, (East Rush), carpenter and joiner.
DARROHNE, M. R., (East Rush), (Weaver, Dorrohne & Co).
DARROHNE, SAMUEL, (East Rush), (Weaver, Dorrohne & Co).
DARRON, JOHN, (West Rush), (with Martin), lot 37, farmer leases 209½.
DARRON, MARTIN, (West Rush), (with John), lot 37, farmer leases 209½.
Dart, Daniel, (North Rush), lot 60, farmer 47.
Davis, Anson, (East Rush), lot 30, farmer 100.
DAVIS, CYRUS, (West Rush), lot 26, prop, of cider mill and farmer 197.
DAVIS, JOSEPH, (West Rush), lot 27, farmer 143.
DAY, J. W., (West Rush), prop, of West Rush Mills.
DENNIS, E. J., (East Rush), lot 4, farmer 106.
DIETRICH, JACOB E., (North Rush), lot 60, carriage manuf. and farmer 3.
Dietzel, Peter, (West Henrietta), lot 43, farmer 10.
DIKEMAN, EGBERT P., (East Rush), lot 22, farmer leases 101.
Diver, Byron, (West Rush), lot 35, farmer 80.
DIVER, NORTON, (Honeoye Falls), lot 18, farmer 229.
Donoly, James, (West Rush), lot 26, farmer 4.
Doran, John, (West Henrietta), lot 44, farmer 51¾.
Dryer, O. C., (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 95½.

ELLWANGER, EMANUEL A., (East Rush), lot 16, fruit grower, vineyardist, wine manuf. and farmer 60.
Elwanger, E. F., (East Rush), lot 40, farmer 1½.
ELY, MARCUS J., (West Henrietta), lot 43, farmer 63½
English, John, (North Rush), lot 58, track foreman on Erie R. R.
Euler, Enos, (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 4.

Fagan, Bernard, (East Rush), lot 11, farmer 220.
Fagan, John, (East Rush), with Bernard Fegan).
Fellows, H. S., (East Rush), carpenter and joiner and farmer 8.
Fery, John, (North Rush), lot 61, farmer 82.
Fiesel, Peter, (East Rush), lot 31, farmer leases 160.
Fishell, Benjamin, (East Rush), lot 42, farmer leases 128.
FISHELL, HENRY, (East Rush), lot 15, farmer 86½.
Fishell, John, (East Rush), lots 41 and 42, farmer 275.
FLINT, W. F., (Honeoye Falls), lot 3, farmer 116.

Gaffney, Bridget Mrs., (North Rush), lot 56, farmer 2.
Galentine, E. J., (East Rush), lot 26, farmer 135.
Galentine, John, (East Rush), retired farmer.
Gibbard, Isaac Rev., (East Rush), M. E. clergyman.
Gleason, John, (East Rush), (with Michael), lot 16, farmer 100.
Gleason, Michael, (East Rush), (with John), lot 10, farmer 100.
Goff, Guernsey, (West Rush), lot 26, farmer 15.
GOFFNEY, MICHAEL, (West Henrietta), lot 55, farmer 73.
Goodnow, Darwin B., (West Rush), boot and shoe manuf. and farmer 18.
Goodnow, E. Miss, (West Rush), school teacher.
Green, A. H., (East Rush), lot 7, farmer 120.
Green, C. M., (North Rush), lot 43, farmer 75.
Green, Daniel, (Honeoye Falls), lot 12, farmer 200.
Green, David, (East Rush), lot 18, farmer 80.
GREEN, DAVID, (North Rush), lot 56, farmer 110.
Green, David, (East Rush), postmaster.
Grees, George R., (East Rush), lot 33, farmer leases of J. S. Green, 100.
Green, Ira W., (West Rush), lot 23, farmer 180.
Green, James A., (West Rush), lot 39, farmer 108.
GREEN, JAMES R., (North Rush), lot 56, farmer 60.
Green, James S., (East Rush), manuf. of cider and cider vinegar and farmer 281½.
GREEN, NATHAN (East Rush), (with R. P)., lot 29, farmer 178.
GREEN, RACHEL P., (East Rush), (with Nathan), lot 29, farmer 128.
Green, Royal, (North Rush), lot 57, farmer 160.

HALL, SAMUEL, (East Rush), blacksmith and horse shoeing.
HALLOCH, JAMES, (East Rush), (with John and William), lots 7 and 6, farmer 475.
HALLOCH, JOHN, (East Rush), (with James and William), lots 7 and 6, farmer 475.
HALLOCH, WILLIAM, (East Rush), (with James and John), lots 7 and 6, farmer 475.
Hammond, Caleb, (East Rush), physician and surgeon.
Hammond, C. H., (East Rush), physician and surgeon and farmer 46.
Harregan, John, (East Rush), lot 40, farmer 7.
Harris, F. Mrs., (East Rush), lot 32, farmer 2.
Hart A., (North Rush), lot 54, prop. of cider mill and farmer 85.
HART, ALBERT, (North Rush), (with D. Hart 2d).
Hart, B. Mrs., (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 18½.
Hart, Chas. L., (North Rush), (H. B. Hart & Sons).
HART, D. 2nd., (North Rush), dealer in dry goods, groceries &c., harness manuf. and deputy post master.
Hart, H. B., (North Rush), (H. B. Hart & Sons), post master, insurance agent and farmer 220.
Hart, H. B. & Sons, (North Rush), R. J. & Chas. L). lumber dealers.
HART, HENRY, (North Rush), lot 64, farmer leases 70.
Hart, John, (North Rush), lot 58, farmer 78.
Hart, R. J., (North Rush), (H. B. Hart & Sons).
Hess, William, (North Rush), lot 59, farmer 3.
Houck, George H., (East Rush). farmer 108.
Hovey, Willis, (West Rush), lot 39, farmer 2.
Hurley, J., (North Rush), lot 43, farmer 20.

Jefferds, Nathan H., (East Rush), lot 32, farmer 46.
Jefferds, P. Mrs., (East Rush), lot 31, farmer 160.
Jeffords, Morris, (East Rush), (with Robert Lyday) lots 22 and 21, farmer leases 208.
Jeffords, T. J., (East Rush), attorney at law
Jerome, John M., (East Rush), (with Edward Brown).
Johnson, C., (West Rush), lot 23, farmer 30.
Jones, Jacob, (East Rush), lot 43, farmer 12.
Joslyn, Emmett, (North Rush), lot 53, farmer leases 107.
Justice. John Mrs., (East Rush), lot 33, farmer 19.

Katemyer, Jacob (East Rush), farmer 5½.
Keeler, Andrew, (East Rush), lotS, farmer leases 10.
Keeler, George J., (East Rush), lot 5, shoemaker.
Keeler, John, (East Rush), lot 31, farmer 36.
Kern, Christopher, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 3.
Kern, William, (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 1.
Kerviven, Patrick, (West Rush), lot 35, farmer 22.
Ketchum, Harvey, (Honeoye Falls), lot 15, farmer 56.
Ketchum, Harvey Mrs., (Honeoye Falls), lot 15. farmer 40.
Kevena, Peter, (West Rush), lot 15, farmer 1¾
Kinsey, Samuel, (East Rush). merchant.
Knox, Guy, (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 2¼.

Ladd, J. F., (East Rush), carpenter and joiner.
Lapp, John, (East Rush), lot 32, farmer 1.
Levenworth, H., (Houeoye Falls), lot 1, farmer 150.
Long, John, (East Rush), lot 21, farmer 6.
Lyday, Andrew, (East Rush), lot 26, farmer 80.
Lyday, George, (East Rush), lot 82, farmer 50.
LYDAY, GEORGE W., (East Rush), lot 23, farmer leases 94.
Lyday, Jacob, (East Rush), lot 33, farmer 50.
Lyday, John, (East Rush), lot 27, farmer 133.
Lyday, Robert, (East Rush), (with Morris Jeffords), lots 22 and 21, farmer leases 208.
LYDAY, WILLIAM, (East Rush), lot 14, farmer leases 464.
LYONS, THOMAS, (East Rush), lot 8, farmer 238¾.

Mahar, Michael, (East Rush), lot 11, farmer 121.
Madden, Peter, (East Rush), lot 19, farmer 11½.
Mandeville, William W. Rev., (East Rush), M. E. clergyman.
MANN, JOHN, (West Henrietta), lot 44, farmer 82.
Mann, Joseph, (East Rush), lot 43, farmer 55.
Markham, Guy, (Avon, Livingston Co)., lot 71, farmer 250.
Markham, Ira Jr., (East Rush), lot 16, agent for Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine and farmer 112.
Markham, W. G., (Avon, Livingston Co)., (with C. C. Puffer), lot 71, farmer leases 250.
Marshall, Tracy, (East Rush), lot 5, farmer 15.
Martin David, (West Rush), (with Hosea), lot 39, farmer 129.
MARTIN, GEORGE F., (East Rush), lot 32, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep and farmer 100.
Martin, Henry R., (North Rush), (with Ward), lot 62, farmer leases of J. K. Martin, 145.
Martin, Hosea, (West Rush), (with David), lot 39, farmer 129.
Martin, James K., (North Rush), lot 62, farmer 145.
MARTIN, JOHN B., (East Rush), lot 22, farmer 67¾.
Martin, Killian, (North Rush), lot 63, farmer 50.
MARTIN, M. C., (West Rush), lot 39, farmer 89.
MARTIN, PETER, (East Rush), lot 20, breeder of Spanish Merino sheep and farmer 97.
MARTIN, PETER M., (West Rush), lot 51, farmer 131 and leases 388.
MARTIN, S. B., (North Rush), lot 58, assessor and farmer 65.
Martin, S. P. Mrs., (East Rush), lot 31, farmer 15.
Martin, Ward, (North Rush), (with Henry R)., lot 62, farmer leases of J. K. Martin, 145.
Mook, B. Mrs., (East Rush), lot 3, farmer 10.
Mook, David, (East Rush), lot 22, farmer 124.
Moore, Homer, (East Rush), lot 18, farmer leases 170.
MOREY, SAMUEL, (North Rush), lot 61, farmer 4.
Mosher, Israel, (North Rush). lot 58, farmer 30.
Murphy, Michael, (West Rush), lot 34, farmer 20.

Noble, Thomas, (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 78.
Norris, M. T., (East Rush), lot 42, farmer 66½.

O'Brien, Michael, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 41½.
Oley, Simon, (Honeoye Falls), lot 13, farmer 117.

Phelps, S. P., (East Rush), lot 17, farmer 114.
Pierce, R. C., (East Rush), general merchant.
PIILEY, C. H., (North Rush), lot 58, station and express agent, Erie R. R.
Pranat, Christian, (North Rush), lot 61, farmer 1.
PRICE, GEORGE, (East Rush), (with Philip), lots 32 and 31, farmer 62 and leases 50.
PRICE, PHILIP, (East Rush), (with George), lots 32 and 31, farmer 62 and leases 50.
Provost, John, (East Rush), boot and shoe manuf.
Puffer, C. C., (Avon, Livingston Co)., (with W. G. Markham,,) lot 71, farmer leases 250.

Regan, John, (Honeoye Falls), lot 4, farmer 46.
Rapp, Frederick, (West Rush), lot 34, blacksmith, horse shoer and farmer 2.
Bassloff, Ernst, (West Rush), boot and shoe maker.
Rice, Edward, (Honeoye Falls), lot 2, farmer leases 280.
Roderick, Samuel J., (North Rush), lot 43, farmer 22.
Roderick, William, (East Rush), lot 43, carpenter and farmer 3.
ROOT, JASON, (Avon, Livingston Co)., lot 46, farmer leases 323.
Rothrick, William, (East Rush), lot 29, carpenter and joiner and farmer 54.
ROTZEL, JONAS, (West Rush), retired farmer.
ROTZEL, WILLIAM K., (West Rush), lot 38, farmer 100.
Roudenbush, David, (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 3.
ROUDENIBUSH, PETER, (East Rush), lot 42, carpenter and joiner and farmer 16.
Roland, James L., (East Rush), lot 5, farmer 90.

Sadner, Michael, (East Rush), lot 15, farmer 3.
SAWYER, A., (East Rush), manuf. of suction wood pumps and farmer 7.
Schinzer, Caspore, (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 2.
Schon, Jacob, (East Rush), lot 20, farmer 77.
Shear, L., (East Rush), lot 43, farmer 21¾.
SHEPARD, H. H., (West Rush), station agent on N. Y. C. R. R.
Sherman, Emma Mrs., (North Rush), lot 42, farmer 60.
SHERMAN, F. J., (East Rush), lots 39 and 29, assessor and farmer 150.
Sherman, H. A., (East Rush), lot 40, farmer 134½.
SHERMAN, JOSEPH H., (North Rush), lot 42, farmer 90 and leases 60.
Sibley, George A., (North Rush), lot 60, farmer leases 57.
Sibley, J., (North Rush), lot 60, farmer 100.
SIBLEY, NORMAN, (West Rush), lot 52, farmer 150.
SIBLEY, WILLIAM Rev., (North Rush), lot 60, Christian clergyman and farmer 57.
SIMONSON, ISAAC, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 67.
SMITH, SOCRATES, (East Rush), retired physician.
SNAPP, A. T., (East Rush), lot 48, farmer 98¾.
SNAPP, GEORGE Jr., (West Henrietta), lot 44, farmer 97½.
STAGG, HENRY, (East Rush), prop, of meat market.
STAGG, JOHN & THEODORE, (East Rush), butchers and props, of meat market.
STREMER, HENRY, (East Rush), lot 15, farmer 16.
Stull, E. B., (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 52.
Stull, Horace, (East Rush), (with P. P. Stull).
Stull, J. A., (West Rush), lots 68 and 69, attorney at law, office 52 Arcade, Rochester, and farmer 275.
STULL, JACOB, (East Rush), lot 42, farmer 120.
STULL, J. S., (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 80.
Stull, Mathew, (East Rush), lot 18, justice of the peace and farmer 107.
Stull, P. P., (East Rush), lot 42, farmer 70.

Taft, Reuben, (East Rush), lot 5, farmer 40.
Thomas, David C., (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 100.
Thomas, David Jr., (East Rush), lot 29, farmer leases 100.
Thomas, Jacob, (West Rush), lot 41, farmer 50.
Thomas, John, (East Rush), lot 29, farmer 3.
Thompson, A. H., (East Rush), farmer 12.
Treap, Fred., (North Rush), lot 60, farmer 1.

Van Buskirk, E. E., (North Rush), lot 58, farmer leases 133.
Van Wagner, Willet, (North Rush), lot 58, butcher and farmer 4.
VARNEY, W. C., (Houeoye Falls), lot 3, farmer 103.

Wagoner, Andrew, (East Rush), lot 33, farmer 25.
Ward, Charles, (East Rush), lot 13, farmer 4.
WARD, JOSEPH, (East Rush), lot 10, farmer 176.
WARD, JOSEPH, (West Rush), (with Thomas).
WARD, THOMAS, (West Rush), farmer leases 135.
Warren, B. C., (North Rush), lot 57, farmer 65½.
WARREN, STEPHEN, (North Rush), lot 61, farmer 200.
Warren, William, (East Avon, Livingston Co)., lot 24, farmer leases 257½.
WEAVER, B. G., (East Rush). (Weaver, Darrohne & Co)., (Weaver & Congdon).
Weaver & Congdon, (East Rush), (B. G. Weaver and James Congdon), props. saw mill and manufs. of ax helves.
WEAVER, DARROHNE & CO., (East Rush), (B. G. Weaver and Samuel and M. R. Darrohne), props. of Rush Mills.
Weisheim, George, (East Rush), harness manuf. and carriage trimmer.
Welderly, Benedict, (East Rush), lot 40, farmer 12.
West, Henry, (East Rush), lot 40, farmer 1¾.
WEST RUSH HOTEL, (West Rush), M. G. Daily, prop.
WEST RUSH MILLS, (West Rush), J. W. Day, prop.
Wheelan, Patrick, (East Rush), lot 21, farmer 4
White, James, (East Rush), lot 17, farmer leases 245.
Whitney, Albert, (East Rush), lot 20, berry raiser and farmer 26.
Whitney, James, (East Avon, Livingston Co)., lot 36, farmer leases 200.
Wilkenson, James, (West Rush), lot 24, farmer 62.
Wilkinson, R., (West Rush), lot 34, farmer 257.
Wingatie, George, (West Rush), lot 34, farmer leases 98.
Woodruff, Henry, (North Rush), lot 64, farmer 400.
Woodruff, F., (West Rush), (with Oliver), lot 37, farmer leases 250.
WOODRUFF, GEORGE A., (West Rush), lot 36, farmer leases 222.
Woodruff, Oliver, (West Rush), (with F)., lot 37, farmer leases 250.
WOODS, GEORGE, (West Rush), blacksmithing and horse shoeing.

Zimmerman, Adam, (North Rush), lot 63, farmer 52½.



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