Military Deaths during the Vietnam War Era


These records of veterans that died during the Vietnam War came from books kept by the Monroe County Veteran's Service Agency. They record not only those that died in Vietnam but also those that died in service anywhere in the world during the Vietnam era. It is obvious that not only did some data come from military records but also includes data from local newspaper obits. Whatever is listed on the records in the book is included on this set of pages.

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Also see the single web page of Monroe Co., NY deaths in the Vietnam Conflict from data in the National Archives.


Name Appleby, Michael E.
Rank A 1/C
Home Address 1035 Harvard Street, Rochester, NY 14610
Born March 24, 1954
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Appleby, 1035 Harvard Street, Rochester, NY 14610
Entered Service Feb. 12, 1973; U.S. Air Force
Died Nov. 26, 1974; Nevada
Buried Dec. 2, 1974, Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Besides his parents, Michael Appleby is survived by three sisters, the Misses Christine, Mary, and Caroline, two brothers Edward and Philip.


Name Arnold, Peter J.
Rank S/Sgt.
Service Number 058 42 8858
Home Address Rochester, NY
Born Dec. 23, 1949, New York City, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Charles Arnold, 415 Latona Road, Rochester, NY 14626
Entered Service April 26, 1972, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service U.S. Air Force
Died March 20, 1975; Aircraft crash - hit Olympic Mountains of Washington
Buried June 7, 1975; Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Besides his parents, Peter is survived by his sister Joyce M., two brothers Stephen C., and Glenn P., two aunts, one uncle and one niece and one nephew.


Name Babey, David Paul
Rank Spec. 4
Service Number 120-40-2250
Home Address 55 Pamda Drive, Irondequoit, NY
Born June 24, 1949, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Paul Babey, 55 Pamda Drive
Entered Service July 31, 1968, Rochester, NY
Unit 4 Inf. Div., Army
Left for Overseas Jan. 6, 1969 to Vietnam
Died Oct. 19, 1969 during an ambush of an armored vehicle in Vietnam
Buried Oct. 28, 1969, Veterans' plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Spec. Babey and three other men were on patrol near Pleiku when they were ambushed. He had been in Vietnam about 11 months and expected to complete his duty tour in a few weeks. He had been a military policeman but was working with the Fourth Infantry Division.
At Irondequoit High School Spec. Babey played defensive halfback on the 1967 team which won the county championship. He was hurdler and ran the 220 yard dash in track. Besides his parents he leaves three sisters, Patricia, Ann Marie and Jean; a brother Paul.
Notes Source D&C 10/23/69 obit.


Name Bachmann, Lynn J., Jr.
Rank Cpl.
Home Address 45 Maplewood Avenue, Honeoye Falls, NY
Born Floral Park, Long Island, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Bachmann, Sr., 45 Maplewood Ave., Honeoye Falls, NY
Attended Honeoye Falls High School and Rochester Institute of Technology
Entered Service Jan. 1964
Unit 2 Bn., 3rd Marine Regt., Marines
Died Nov. 11, 1966 of wounds suffered in landmine explosion in DaNang, South Vietnam
Buried Nov. 22, 1966, Honeoye Falls Cemetery, Honeoye Falls, NY
Notes Cpl. Bachmann, Jr. enlisted in January of 1965. He was in Vietnam eight months.
Cpl. Bachmann was born in Floral Park, L. I. and graduated from Honeoye Falls High School in 1963, where he was active in basketball and track. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology. Besides his parents, he leaves a sister, Mrs. Ann Mary Hackner, and a brother, Edward of Honeoye Falls.


Name Baker, Larry James
Rank HM 3/C
Service Number 694 17 05
Home Address 37 Miles Avenue, Fairport, NY
Born July 18, 1942, Fairport, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. L. Gordon Baker, 37 Miles Ave., Fairport, NY
Attended Fairport High School and University of Rochester
Last Employed by Data Forms Division - Cooley Business Forms, Inc.
Entered Service Oct. 22, 1965, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Navy
Died Sept. 16, 1966 of gunshot wounds in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam
Buried Sept. 30, 1966; White Haven Mem. Park, Perinton, NY
Notes Lance Cpl. Baker entered the Naval Reserves Feb. 18, 1964. He entered active service Oct. 22, 1965.
Lance Cpl. Baker was a graduate from Fairport High School in 1960 and took extension courses from the University of Rochester. He was employed at Data Forms Division of Cooley Business Forms, Inc. Besides his parents he is survived by four sisters, Mrs. James Bohr of Grand Forks, ND, Susanne of Cleveland, and Judy and Dianne.


Name Bales, Richard Lee
Rank 1/Lt.
Service Number 053 420 110
Home Address 120 Midvale Drive, Fairport, NY
Born Dec. 7, 1947, Elmira, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Julian Bales, 120 Midvale Dr., Fairport, NY
Attended Hilton Elementary School and Fairport High School
Entered Service June 9, 1967, Rochester, NY
Trained at Fort Benning, Georgia
Unit Co. D, 1st Bn., 20 Inf.; Army
Left for Overseas Aug. 6, 1968 to Vietnam
Died Dec. 4, 1968 from wounds received when hit by friendly fire directed at hostile force in Vietnam
Buried Dec. 16, 1968; White Haven Mem. Park, Perinton, NY
Notes 1/Lt. Bales was an Army platoon leader. Lt. Bales was to have gone on furlough to Hawaii, December 6, 1968.
Lt. Bales has two brother in the Army, Spec. 5 Rodney Bales who has served in Vietnam and Pvt. Roger bales recently completed basic training at Fort Dix, NJ. Besides his parents and brothers, he leaves two other brothers, Raymond and Robert, both of Fairport.
Notes Sources D&C 12/7/68 obit.


Name Barber, Lonnie
Rank Sgt.
Service Number RA 53 001 908
Home Address Donalsonville, Georgia
Born Jan. 18, 1930, Donalsonville, Georgia
Parents deceased
Spouse Mrs. Helen Barber, 54 Champlain Street, Rochester, NY
Entered Service Oct. 24, 1950, Donalsonville, Georgia
Unit Co. B, 1 Bn., 8 Cav.; Army
Died Dec. 28, 1966 of gun shot wounds in So. Vietnam
Buried Jan. 19, 1967, Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
Notes Sgt. Barber, a member of the 1st Cavalry Division entered in service when he was 20. Previous overseas duty included 13 months in Korea (about four years ago) and in Germany from 1956 to 1958. He is veteran of 16 years of service. Left for Vietnam in August 1966.
Sgt. Barber was born Jan. 18, 1930 in Donalsonville, Ga. His parents are dead. Survivors include two sisters, in New Jersey and four brothers in Donalsonville. His widow, who said she is being treated for anemic condition, is staying with her father, Charles Breedlove, at 54 Champlain Street. The Barbers were married in 1951 in Donalsonville. They have no children.
Notes Sources TU 1/4/67 and D&C 1/5/67


Name Barnard, Richard
Rank Sgt. 1/C
Home Address 6 Archer Street
Born Rochester, NY
Parent Mrs. Cyril Kane, 6 Archer Street
Spouse Mrs. Grace Barnard of Louisiana
Attended Immaculate Conception Elementary School and Madison High School
Entered Service Jan. 1955, Rochester, NY
Unit 25th Infantry, Army
Died Dec. 23, 1968 during a fight with hostile forces in Vietnam
Buried Alabama
Notes Sgt. Barnard served in the Army for almost 14 years. Before going to Vietnam, he had served in Korea, Japan and Germany.
Sgt. Bernard married and the father of two lived with his family in Louisiana before going to Vietnam. His mother, Mrs. Kane lives in Rochester, the death had not been the first tragedy to befall her. Her husband had died in 1944, leaving her with six young children. Later a son, John, died of a heart ailment in 1954 at age 23.
Notes Source D&C 12/26/68


Name Bartolf, Noel M.
Rank PFC
Service Number 12 691 043
Home Address 21 Holcroft Road, Rochester, New York
Born June 12, 1942, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bartolf; 21 Holcroft Rd., Rochester, N.Y.
Attended John Marshall High School
Last Employed by Simpson's Bakery
Entered Service Jan. 1964, Rochester, NY
Unit 173 Airborne Div., Air Force
Died Jan. 2, 1966 by bullet wounds in the left side of his body in Vietnam
Buried Jan. 12, 1966, Vet. plot, Riverside Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Noel Bartolf was attached to the 173 Airborne Div. In Vietnam, fighting as a member of the famed Green Beret Special Forces. He enlisted in Jan. 1964 for three years and trained as a paratrooper and medical corpman. PFC Bartolf died 1/2/66 after suffering bullet wounds in the left side of his body. PFC Bartolf was in Vietnam only a few weeks.
PFC Bartolf graduated from John Marshall High School, and was on the varsity wrestling and track squads. After graduating in 1960 he worked in bakeries for three years, leaving Simpson's Bakery to enlist. Besides his parents, he leaves a brother, Henry D. and sister, Nadine.
Notes Sources TU 1/5/66 and D&C 1/5/66


Name Beatty, Donald E.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number RA 12 747 688
Home Address 319 Forgham Road, Rochester, NY
Born Dec. 10, 1942; Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. William F. Beatty, 319 Forgham Road
Attended School #42 and Charlotte High School
Last Employed by Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
Entered Service May 20, 1965; Rochester, NY
Trained at Ft. Bragg, NC
Unit 82 Airborne Inf. Div.; Army
Left for Overseas 1967 to Vietnam
Died May 27, 1968 of wounds received in combat, Vietnam
Buried Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Spec. 4 Donald E. Beatty served 17 months in combat zone. The first 13 months ended last August 1967. He was home on furlough through the Christmas holidays. Shortly after reporting to Fort Bragg, NC, he was sent back to Vietnam.
Spec. 4 Beatty was a life resident of Monroe County and attended Schools 42 and 7 before going to Charlotte High School. He enjoyed sports and was member of the Charlotte swimming club and football squad. Spec. 4 Beatty left school in 1960 to become an assembler at Bausch & Lomb Inc. He enlisted about 2½ years ago. His two daughters, Lori and Cindy, live at 12 Fairview Heights with his former wife Sharon Beatty. He also leaves a sister, Mrs. Gail Ann Avery.
Notes Sources D&C 5/30/68 obit.


Name Bechtold, F. Scott
Rank PFC
Service Number US 51 775 017
Home Address 5727 Chili Avenue, Churchville, N.Y.
Born Nov. 20, 1947; Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Herbert F. Bechtold; 5727 Chili Ave., Churchville, N.Y.
Attended St. Andrew's Seminary, Churchville-Chili High School and Monroe Community College
Entered Service May 12, 1967; Buffalo, NY
Unit 199 Light Inf. B.; Army
Left for Overseas October 1967 to Vietnam
Died Feb. 17, 1968; of gunshot wounds in Saigon, Vietnam
Buried March 5, 1968, St. Vincent DePaul Cem., Churchville, N.Y.
Notes PFC F. Scott Bechtold was killed Feb. 17, 1968 in a firefight near Saigon. He was serving with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and had been in Vietnam since October 1968. He had written his parents that he did not think he would be able to shoot at the enemy, but he declined to be a conscientious objector.
PFC F. Scott was a deeply religious boy. Parents wrote to Sens. Kennedy and Javits and they both agreed that the boy should not have been in Vietnam. Besides his parents, he is survived by two sisters, Margaret and Peggy.
Notes Sources TU 2/22/68 obit.


Name Beltran, Frank J.
Rank L/Cpl.
Home Address 110 Garfield Street, East Rochester, NY
Born May 11, 1948, Rochester, NY
Parent Mr. Mary Beltran, 110 Garfield St, E. Rochester, NY
Attended McQuaid Jesuit High School; East Rochester High School
Entered Service July 1967, Rochester, NY
Unit 1st Marine Div., Helicopter Patrol, Marines
Left for Overseas Jan. 1968 to Vietnam
Died Aug. 11, 1968; wounded by the accidental explosion of Claymore mine at Quang Nam, Vietnam
Buried Aug. 26, 1968, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem, Rochester, NY
Notes Cpl. Beltran had been in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division since January. He was assigned to Helicopter patrol reconnaissance. Cpl. Beltran joined the Marine Corps a month after completing school.
Cpl. Beltran death in Quang Nam Province didn't result from enemy action. He was wounded on the head and body from the accidental detonation of a mine belonging to the U.S. or its' allies. Besides his mother he leaves three brothers Ralph, Richardo and Roberto; and five sisters, Mrs. Delores Gallo of Ontario, Mrs. Mary Kay Peck of Livonia and Margaret, Julie and Michele Beltran, all of East Rochester.
Notes Sources D&C 8/15/68 and TU 8/15/68


Name Bennett, Michael F. Jr.
Rank Sp. 5
Born Sept. 3, 1950
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bennett Sr., 111 Marblehead Drive, Rochester, NY 14615
Attended St. John Fisher College
Branch of Service U.S. Army
Died Feb. 12, 1975, St. Luke Hosp., Newburg, NY
Buried Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Sp. 5 Bennett was a graduate of St. John Fisher College, class of 1972. Besides his parents, he is survived by two brothers, John P., and Christopher J. Bennett, two sisters Mrs. Mary Ellen Ross, Mrs. Catherine Hassett, one aunt Miss Mary E. Bennett of Auburn, NY, and one nephew.


Name Bickel, Robert J.
Rank PFC
Service Number RA 11 636 383
Home Address 75 Jewell Street, Rochester, NY
Born July 11, 1948; Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Bickel; 75 Jewell St.
Attended Monroe High School
Entered Service Rochester, NY in Army as Paratrooper
Left for Overseas Sept. 1967 to Vietnam
Died Nov. 6, 1967; from gunshot wounds received while on combat in Dak To, South Vietnam
Buried Nov. 18, 1967, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Pfc. Bickel volunteered for Vietnam duty while he was stationed in Panama in 1966. He came home from Panama in June 1967 for 71 days and left for Vietnam in September 1967. Serviceman was first reported missing.
PFC Bickel, a Monroe High School graduate, was planning to go to college to get mechanical engineering degree when he finished his service. In addition to his parents, he is survived by a brother, Richard E. Hayden, who is stationed in the Pacific near Taiwan on a United States Coast Guard weather ship.
Notes Sources D&C 11/16/67 and TU 11/16/67


Name Bierlein, Patrick M.
Rank PFC
Home Address 602 Hard Road, Webster, NY 14580
Born April 3, 1949, Alameda, California
Parents Mr. & Mrs. David Bierlein, 602 Hard Road, Webster, NY
Attended Salesian Junior Seminary, Goshen, NY
Entered Service June 1967, New Jersey
Branch of Service Marines
Left for Overseas Dec. 25, 1967 to Vietnam
Died April 12, 1968, killed in combat at Khe Sanh, Vietnam
Buried Oaklawn, Illinois
Notes PFC Bierlein left seminary after two years and joined the Marine Corps in June 1967.
PFC Bierlein was born in California and lived in Passaic, NY for the last ten years. He attended Salesian Junior Seminary at Goshen, NY and was a graduate of Pope Pius XII High School. His parents moved to Webster shortly after. PFC Bierlein came to Webster for two weeks in Novemeber 1967 between basic training and Vietnam. Besides his parents and sister, Mrs. Edwin McCarthy, he is survived by a brother David, who is in the Navy.
Notes Sources TU 4/17/68


Name Bigtree, James V.
Rank Cpl.
Home Address 421 South Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born Oct. 9, 1949, Syracuse, NY
Parent Mrs. Dorthy McVay, Oneida, NY
Attended Edison Technical High School
Entered Service Jan. 1961, Rochester, NY
Unit 9th Maine Regt., Marines
Left for Overseas Oct. 9, 1965 to Vietnam
Died Jan. 11, 1966 of head wounds in Vietnam
Buried Arlington National Cemetery, VA
Notes Cpl. James V. Bigtree, died of head wounds while on patrol duty with the 9th Marine Regt. Cpl. Bigtree enlisted in 1961 and was discharged last January 1965. He re-enlisted in September 1965 and left for Vietnam on October 9, 1965.
Cpl. Bigtree is a graduate of Edison Technical High School. He came to Rochester at the age of 16 to live with his aunt, Mrs. Eunice Casey, 421 South Avenue. He also has a sister here, Mrs. Barbara Freer of 417 South Avenue. His father, Wilbert Bigtree, is a World War II Navy veteran and a patient at the Veteran's Hospital in Syracuse.
Notes Sources TU 1/13/66


Name Bortle, Jonathan R.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number 093-28-9180
Home Address 762 Macedon Center Road, Macedon, NY
Born Aug. 25, 1946, Rochester, NY
Parents Mrs. Josephine Bortle, Macedon, NY
Spouse Mrs Yvonne Bortle, 762 Macedon Center Road, Macedon, NY
Entered Service Dec. 7, 1967, Syracuse, NY
Unit Co. A, 2 Bn., 2 Inf., Army
Left for Overseas Nov. 5, 1968 to Vietnam
Died Sept. 5, 1969 from wounds received in action in the Republic of Vietnam
Buried Egypt Cemetery, Perinton, NY
Notes Sgt. Bortle was awarded posthumously the Silver Star, Bronze Star. Receiving the awards was his widow. Prior Awards and decorations earned by Sgt. Bortle include the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with one Bronze Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Ribbon, Combat Infantry Badge, Expert Badge for Rifle and Mortar and Marksman for Pistol and Automatic Rifle.
Besides his wife, he is survived by his mother, Mrs. Josephine Bortle and four sisters; Linda, Rebecca and Mrs Judith Pooler and Sharon Bortle.
Notes Sources Mr. Frank Dunham, Wayne County Service Officer


Name Boyd, Stephen L.
Rank L/Cpl.
Service Number 261 15 90
Home Address 1074 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born June 21, 1951, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. Wesley H. Boyd, 19½ Grand Avenue
Mrs. June A. Boyd, 1074 Monroe Ave.
Attended Edison Tech. High School
Entered Service Sept. 15, 1969, Rochester, NY
Unit Co. H, 2 Bn., 5 Mar., 1 Mar. Div., Marines
Left for Overseas March 5, 1970 to Vietnam
Died Aug. 3, 1970 as a result of wounds sustained in combat on 7/4/70 in Quang Nam, Vietnam
Buried Aug. 15, 1970, Vet. plot, Riverside Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Cpl. Boyd entered the Marine Corps in Sept. of 1969 and had been stationed in Vietnam since March 1970.
Cpl. Boyd stepped on a mine in Quang Nam, Vietnam on July 4th 1970. He lost both his legs and all the fingers on his right hand. He was awarded a bronze star and a plaque after he was wounded. He was transferred from Vietnam to Guam where he died. Besides his father and mother, he is survived by a brother David.
Notes Sources D&C 8/6/70 and TU 8/5/70


Name Brady, Michael E.
Rank PFC
Service Number 242 40 09
Home Address 743 Grand Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born Sept. 8, 1949, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Brady, 743 Grand Ave.
Attended St. James Elementary School, St. Andrew's Seminary, Aquinas Institute and East High School
Entered Service Jan. 18, 1968, Rochester, NY
Unit 1 CAG III M A F; Marines
Left for Overseas July 18, 1968 to Vietnam
Died March 15, 1969 from gunshot wound from hostile small arms fire while on patrol in Quang Ngai, Vietnam
Buried March 27, 1969, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Brady's duties in Vietnam include ministering to villagers in an isolated area. He had been part of a unit of 5 Marines and 20 Partisans supplied by helicopter. When he was killed by rifle fire on patrol near Quang Ngai.
PFC Brady thought of becoming a Priest and attended St. Andrew's Seminary for six months, but changed his mind. He had been planning to be married in September 1969 on returning from Vietnam. Besides his parents, he leaves a brother and four sisters. A brother Richard was killed in an auto accident a few years ago when he was 23. Gerald is the only surviving brother. Sisters: Mrs Michael Vorndran, Mrs. Richard Mulcahy, Mrs. James Weaver and Mary Beth Brady.
Notes Sources TU 3/19/69 and D&C 3/19/69 obit.


Name Brown, Davis Freeman
Rank PFC
Home Address 216 East Gaston Street, Savannah, GA
Born July 10, 1948, Florida
Parent Mrs. Kathryn B. Brown, 216 East Gaston St., Savannah, GA
Entered Service June 1967, Florida
Branch of Service Marines
Died May 23, 1968 of gunshot wounds to the head in Quang Tri, Vietnam
Buried June 6, 1968; Honeoye Falls Cem., Honeoye Falls, NY
Notes PFC Brown was not a Monroe County resident, but was brought to Honeoye Falls for burial next to his father, who was a veteran of World War II. Info. From mother, Mrs. Kathryn B. Brown of Savannah, GA.


Name Bruce, Jeffrey R.
Rank Sgt.
Home Address 250 Olympia Drive, Greece, NY
Born July 6, 1948, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Sidney S. Bruce Jr., 250 Olympia Drive
Attended Greece Olympia High School
Entered Service 1967, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Marines
Left for Overseas 1968 to Vietnam
Died Feb. 10, 1969, drowned in Vietnam
Buried Feb. 21, 1969, Vet. plot, Riverside Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Sgt. Bruce died on combat patrol when his boat capsized in a river north of the Demilitarized zone. He was a veteran of 1968 siege at Khe Sahn. Sgt. Bruce was the noncommissioned officer in charge of supplies at the embattled output's airstrip. He was sent to a language school where he learned to speak Vietnamese fluently. Sgt. Bruce's first one-year tour of duty was up last fall. He returned home for Christmas on 30 day leave. He returned to Vietnam Jan. 10, 1969. He was the American NCO responsible f or the protection of four villages 11 miles south of the DMZ in Quang Tri province at the time of his death
Mr. Bruce, father of the serviceman is supervisor of the internal auditing department at Kodak Park. Besides his mother and father, Sgt. Bruce is survived by a brother Davis who is serving with the Peace Corps in Liberia, with his wife and a younger brother Mark.
Notes Sources TU 2/14/69 obit.


Name Brule, Gordon J., Jr.
Rank PFC
Service Number 231-76-21
Home Address 138 Northfield Road, Rochester, NY
Born June 19, 1948, Hawaii
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Brule
Attended Irondequoit High School
Entered Service Oct. 1966, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Marines
Trained at Parris Island, SC
Left for Overseas Sept. 22, 1967 to Vietnam
Died Sept. 24, 1967 killed by gun shot at Gio Linh, Vietnam
Buried Oct. 3, 1967, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Brule enlisted in the Marine Corp after he graduated from High School. He was sent to Parris Island, SC and later to Camp Pendleton, Calif. He was in Okinawa for several days en route to Vietnam.
PFC Brule was home on a 20 day leave in July & August of 1967. He was in Hawaii where his father was in the U.S. Air Force. The family came to Rochester about 1948. Gordon attended Irondequoit High School and graduated in 1966. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother, Robert 11, and sister, Anlee.
Notes Sources TU 9/26/67 and D&C 9/27/67


Name Bryson, Robert Eugene
Rank Cpl.
Home Address 225 Hinchey Road, Rochester, NY
Born 1945, Rochester, NY
Parents deceased
Spouse Mrs. Jo Ann Bryson, New York, NY
Attended St. Helen's Elementary School, Gates and Aquinas High School
Entered Service Sept. 1962, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Marines
Trained at Newport, RI
Left for Overseas 1966 to Vietnam
Died March 26, 1967 on combat mission in Gio Linh, So. Vietnam
Buried April 5, 1967, National Cemetery, Farmingdale, L. I.
Notes Cpl. Robert Bryson was felled by rifle fire near Gio Linh, while taking part in Operation Beacon Hill with his 4th Marine Regt., 1st Bn. He was stationed in Newport, RI and was sent to Vietnam in May 1966.
Cpl. Robert E. Bryson, was the son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bryson both parents deceased. He attended St. Helen's School, and was a graduate from Aquinas High School in June 1962. Before entering the Marine Corps, he lived at the home of his parents at 225 Hinchey Road, Gates, NY. While stationed in Newport, RI, he married Jo Ann Walsh, in March 1966. He was sent to Vietnam three months later. Besides his wife, he is survived by his daughter, Lisa Lynn, three months old, also his maternal grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Frank McLaine of Rochester, NY.


Name Butler, Lionel
Rank S/Sgt.
Service Number RA 54 095 011
Home Address 109 Wooden Street, Rochester, NY (Seattle, Washington)
Born Aug. 1, 1931, Port Alexander, LA
Parents Mr. & Mrs. John Butler, Baton Rogue, LA (deceased)
Spouse Mrs. Mary Butler, 109 Wooden Street, Rochester, NY
Entered Service 1950 at Ft. Stewart, GA
Trained at Georgia
Unit 196 Inf., 17 Cav., Army
Died Feb. 7, 1968 of wounds received during combat in Vietnam
Buried March 3, 1968, Galie Cemetery, Allendale, SC
Notes S/Sgt. Butler joined the Army in 1950 and served in the Korean War, where he was hospitalized eight weeks with rib wounds. He also has served in Georgia, Ft. Sill Oklahoma, Hawaii and Germany. He served in Vietnam in 1966 and returned last December. He would have been stationed there until next January.
Sgt. Butler's wife moved to Rochester from Georgia four years ago. Sgt. Butler, a native of Seattle, Washington, is also survived by two children, Richard Lee and Elizabeth. Also, a brother Richard Lee Butler of Part Allen, LA.
Notes Sources TU 2/20/68 and D&C 2/20/68


Name Caldwell, Edward Clark III
Rank Corpsman 2/C
Service Number US 10 44 68
Home Address 70 Sonora Parkway, Rochester, NY (Brighton)
Born June 28, 1946, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Edward Caldwell, 70 Sonora Pkwy.
Attended Brighton High School and University of Toledo, Ohio
Entered Service Feb. 1966, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Navy
Died Feb. 20, 1970 of pneumonia in DaNang, Vietnam
Buried March 3, 1970; White Haven Mem. Park, Perinton, NY
Notes H. M2 Caldwell while stationed in DaNang was attached to a Marine Battalion. He also served as "doctor" for three nearby villages. He was due to return from Vietnam in April and would have been discharged from the Navy in June 1970.
Besides his parents, he is survived by his sisters Diane and Lorayne.
Notes Sources D&C 4/24/70 obit.


Name Campbell, Wayne R.
Rank Sgt.
Home Address 59 Pollard Avenue
Born Oct. 30, 1945, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Campbell, 59 Pollard Ave.
Entered Service From Rochester, NY
Branch of Service Air Force
Died April 20, 1968; Weisbaden, Germany
Buried April 29, 1968, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes Besides his parents, he leaves one brother Edmund Campbell and one sister, Mrs. Robert Koepge. Also a foster sister, Georgia Hall.
Notes Sources obit.


Name Cannan, Dennis C.
Rank PFC
Service Number 111-42-1180
Home Address 134 Stone Ridge Drive, Greece, NY
Born Nov. 1, 1950, Rochester, NY
Parent Mrs. William Stephan, 134 Stone Ridge Dr.
Attended Mother of Sorrows Elementary School and Aquinas Institute High School
Last Employed by Wegman's Food Markets
Entered Service Jan. 20, 1970, Buffalo, NY
Unit 3 Sqdn, 11 ACR, Army
Left for Overseas June 21, 1970 to Vietnam
Died Oct. 25, 1970, killed in the detonation of a landmine in Dian, Vietnam
Buried Nov. 4, 1970, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Cannan was in the 11 Armored Cavalry Regt. near Dian and was believed to have been in a tank that hit the mine. He had narrowly escaped injury on two other occasions. Once, he was riding on a tank that hit a mine, severly wounding the driver. Later while walking he was short distance behind some foot soldiers who were killed in a similar explosion. When he enlisted he was a tank driver, then a gunner.
PFC Cannan's father died when he was 12 years old. PFC Cannan was a member of a Boy Scout troop at Our Lady of Mercy Parish. Besides his mother, he leaves his stepfather, William Stephan; two brothers, William and Robert; four sisters, Eileen, Mrs. Kathleen Seefriend, Mrs. Mary Margaret Gauch, all of Rochester and Mrs. Patricia Santino, in California; two step-sisters, Karen and Marcia and a step-brother William H.
Notes Sources D&C 11/1/70


Name Capuano, Frank P.
Rank Cpl.
Service Number 2 311 966
Home Address 436 Driving Park Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born Dec. 2, 1946, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Capuano, 436 Driving Park Ave.
Attended John Marshall High School and Yankton College, Yankton, SD
Entered Service June 1966, Rochester, NY
Unit 3rd Marine Div., Marines
Left for Overseas Aug. 25, 1967 to Vietnam
Died Feb. 14, 1968, was killed by hand grenade, Quang Tri, Vietnam
Buried March 9, 1968, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Cpl. Capuano enlisted in June 1966. Won the Purple Heart last October 1967 for face wounds suffered while on patrol in an attack at Con Thien. It was not clear whether he was killed in an accident or an attack. He died at Camp Carroll, Quang Tri where he was serving with the 3rd Marine Div. near the demilitarized zone.
Cpl. Frank P. Capuano former track star at John Marshall High and once personal body guard to Marine General Lewis Walt. (Cpl. Capuano's father was wounded on Feb. 14 during WWII, while serving with the Army in the Pacific.) Cpl. Capuano was very athletic. He played varsity baseball, four years of Junior and varsity football at high school and was a member of the school track team, starring in sprint distances. He also competed on and managed the wrestling team. Surviving besides his parents are two sisters , Rosemary and Susan and a brother Patrick.
Notes Sources TU 2/24/68 obit.


Name Carapezza, Richard A.
Rank Spec. 4
Home Address 34 Loderdale Drive, Gates, NY
Born March 13, 1948, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Charles Carapezza, 34 Loderdale Dr.
Attended Gates-Chili High School
Last Employed by Advance Screw Products Corp & Hallman's Central Chevrolet
Entered Service July 1968, Rochester, NY
Trained at Ft. Jackson, SC
Unit Co. D, 3/1 11 L.I.B., Army
Left for Overseas Dec. 13, 1968 to Vietnam
Died March 1, 1969 from mortar barrage on camp in Vietnam
Buried March 10, 1969, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes Spec. 4 Carapezza was caught in a motar barrage on the camp where he was stationed, an Army official told his parents. He took basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC; rifleman's training at Camp Gordon, GA and was at Ft. Ord, California, when assigned to Vietnam.
Spec. 4 Carapezza leaves a sister Roxanne, a brother Charles R. and his grandparents Mr. & Mrs. Sam Giunta, and his parents.
Notes Sources TU 3/4/69 and D&C 3/4/69 obit.


Name Cardot, John A.
Rank PFC
Service Number RA 12 114 784
Home Address 43 Glazer Drive, Rochester, NY
Born April 27, 1928, Fairport, NY
Parent Mrs. Mary H. Cardot, 43 Glazer Drive, Rochester, NY
Attended Monroe High School
Last Employed by Eastman Kodak
Entered Service June 1948, Rochester, NY
Unit Medical Corps, Army
Left for Overseas April 1966 to Vietnam
Died Aug. 11, 1966 from fragment wounds in Vietnam
Buried Aug. 20, 1966, White Haven Mem. Park, Perinton, NY
Notes Career soldier Army PFC John A. Cardot was two years away from retirement and had served only three and a half months in Vietnam. He enlisted in June 1948 and was a Korean War veteran. He held the Korean Service Medal, three bronze stars and the Combat Infantryman's Badge. He completed four tours of duty in the Far East and enjoyed serving in Japan.
He worked for Eastman Kodak Co. after graduating from Monroe High School in 1946. He planned to retire from the Army in two years. Besides his mother he is survived by two brothers, Homer, Robert of Rochester; and five sisters, Mrs. Justin Otto, Mrs. Wayne Nellis of Rochester; Mrs. Carl Hutchinson, Arlington, IN; Mrs. James Randtke, Burbank, Calif.; and Mrs. Bill Adkins, Oklahoma City.
Notes Sources TU 8/16/66 and D&C 8/16/66


Name Cartwright, Thomas C.
Rank 1/Lt.
Home Address 33 Kavanaugh Road, Rush, NY
Born 1943
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Randle V. Cartwright
Attended Rush-Henrietta High School and University of Pennsylvania
Entered Service 1965
Branch of Service Marines
Trained at Quantico, VA
Left for Overseas 1966 to Vietnam
Died June 26, 1967 fragmentation wounds of the body in Quang Nam, Vietnam
Buried July 8, 1967, Pine Hill Cemetery, Rush, NY
Notes Lt. Cartwight was graduated from thw University of Pennsylvania with high Honors in 1965, commission a second lieutenant at the Marine base at Quantico, VA and trained to be a combat engineer at Camp Lejuene, NC. After he completed a year's duty in Vietnam, he was given a 30 day leave, which he cut short to return to combat. At his request, he was transferred from the combat engineer unit to the infantry and continued as a platoon leader. The Lt. was serving in Co. G of the Second Battalion, First Mari ne Regiment when he was killed. He had been advanced to first Lieutenant March 1967.
Lt. Cartwright, a 1961 Graduate of Rush-Henrietta High School, was a classmate of Second Lt. Peter Paul Domiano, who was killed in action in July 1966. In addition to his parents, Lt. Cartwright is survived by brother Richard of Malden, Mass.; sister, Margaret, a student at Cornell University and his grandmother Mrs. R. V. Cartwright.
Notes Sources TU 6/29/67 and D&C 6/29/67


Name Colburn, Richard E.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number 646 863
Home Address 568 Morton Road, Hamlin, NY
Born Feb. 24, 1950, Brockport, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Lyell J. Colburn, 568 Morton Rd., Hamlin, NY
Entered Service Oct. 30, 1968, Buffalo, NY
Unit 2 Bn., 8 Cav., 1 Cav. Div., Army
Left for Overseas Dec. 19, 1970 to Vietnam
Died April 24, 1971 as a passenger on military aircraft which crashed in Vietnam
Buried Murray Cemetery, Albion, NY


Name Coles, Leonard A.
Rank Spec. 4
Service Number US 51 776 212
Home Address 1062 Webster-Fairport Road
Born March 20, 1945, Rochester, NY
Parent Mr. Arthur Coles, Sr., 1062 Webster-Fairport Rd.
Attended R. L. Thomas High School and Alma College, Alma, Mich.
Last Employed by Rochester Gas & Electric Corp.
Entered Service Oct. 12, 1967, Rochester, NY
Trained at Fort Dix, NJ
Unit 4 Sqd., 5 Inf., 12 Cav. Div.; Army
Left for Overseas Oct. 29, 1968 to Vietnam
Died May 16, 1969 from injuries received when a grenade detonated for unknown reasons in Vietnam
Buried May 29, 1969, Webster Rural Cem., Webster, NY
Notes Spec. 4 Leonard A. Coles was killed reportedly by a hand grenade explosion. He had gone to Vietnam last October after being stationed at Fort Dix, NJ, Fort Benning, GA and Fort Knox, KY. He served in the tank corps overseas.
Surviving are his father; two brothers, James of Baldwinsville and Arthur E. Jr. of Fairport, and four sisters, Barbara of Rochester and Deborah, Catherine and Patricia of Webster. His mother died last August 1968.
Notes Sources TU 5/20/69 and D&C 5/20/69 obit.


Name Coon, John L.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number 288 049
Home Address 238 Knickerbocker Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born Oct. 3, 1932, Penn Yan, NY
Parents Floyd Coon, Phelps
Mrs. Thelma Coon, 1026 Bay Street
Spouse Mrs. Geraldine Coon, 238 Knickerbocker Avenue, Rochester, NY
Attended Aquinas High School and Maryknoll Seminary, Pennsylvania
Last Employed by Delco Products - Rochester Products Division
Entered Service Nov. 1, 1949, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service U.S. Coast Guard and Air Force
Left for Overseas Dec. 1967 to Vietnam
Died May 23, 1968 when combat airplane exploded (crashed against a mountain), Khesahn, Vietnam
Buried March 3, 1969, Jefferson Barracks National Cem., St. Louis, MO
Notes Sgt. Coon enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1947 and was discharged in 1951. In 1957 he enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed at Air Forces bases in Florida and Michigan before being sent to Vietnam. Sgt. Coon was listed missing since May 23, 1968. Positive identification had been established that Sgt. Coon was killed in action on May 23, 1968.
Sgt. Coon entered the Maryknoll Seminary at Clake Summit, PA, a preparatory school of Maryknoll Fathers. He resigned from the school in 1955. He married Miss Geraldine M. Roland in 1961. Desides his widow and parents, he is survived by a son Joseph; two daughters Marguerite and Jeanette; two brothers, Eugene F. and George T. of Rochester and sisters, Mrs. Leota Eaves and Mrs. Patricia L. Sturgeon of Webster.
Notes Sources TU 1/28/69 and D&C 1/28/69


Name Coots, Edmund D.
Rank Airman 1/C
Home Address Lester Road, Caledonia, NY
Born April 1, 1942, Caledonia, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Coots, Lester Road, Caledonia, NY
Branch of Service Air Force
Trained at Niagara Falls Air Base
Died Jan. 20, 1967 from headon collision - auto accident, Batavia, NY
Buried Jan. 21, 1967, Mumford Rural Cemetery, Mumford, NY
Notes Service record at the Veteran's Service Agency in Geneseo, NY. Veteran is not Monroe County. He resided in Caledonia, but was interred in Monroe County.
Notes Sources D&C 1/21/67


Name Copp, Philip N.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number US 51 576 329
Home Address 209 Pearl Street, Rochester, NY
Born Sept. 9, 1946, Loueville, NY
Parent Mr. Howard Copp, 209 Pearl St., Rochester, NY
Attended Monroe High School
Last Employed by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Co.
Entered Service Jan. 19, 1966, Rochester, NY
Trained at Fort Dix, NJ
Unit 38 Infantry, Army
Left for Overseas 1966 to Korea
Died Aug. 22, 1967 from metal fragment wounds in Korea
Buried Sept. 8, 1967, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes Sgt. Copp was killed in the Korean demilitarized zone. Member ofHdq. Co. 1st Bn., 38 Inf. The company was manning the western front in Korea and killed when vehicle hit a communist mine. Sgt. Copp trained at Fort Dix, New Jersey and has been in Korea more than a year.
Besides his father, he is survived by an uncle, Norman C. Copp and a niece.
Notes Sources TU 9/2/67


Name Corbitt, Richard A.
Rank PFC
Home Address 151 Baycrest Drive
Born Sept. 21, 1945, Jamestown, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Corbitt, 151 Baycrest Dr.
Attended East Ridge High School
Branch of Service Army
Died Jan. 28, 1967, hit by automobile, died at Strong Mem. Hosp., Rochester, NY
Buried June 9, 1967, Riverside Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Corbitt, died in Strong Mem. Hosp., Rochester, NY while in service. We were unable to get cause of death or additional services record.
PFC Corbitt is survived by his parents, one sister Carolee.
Notes Sources D&C obit. 1/30/67


Name Costanza, Kenneth D.
Rank PFC
Service Number 248 90 12
Home Address 51 Harlem Street, Rochester, NY
Born Sept. 9, 1948, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Ireno Santos, 51 Harlem St.
Attended Mt. Carmel Elementary School and Monroe High School
Entered Service Sept. 26, 1968, Buffalo, NY
Unit Co. I, 3 DBN, 1 Marine Div., Marines
Left for Overseas April 18, 1969 to Vietnam
Died Sept. 24, 1969 as result of wounds from hostile explosive device in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
Buried Oct. 4, 1969, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Costanza had been in the Marines about a year. He was sent to Vietnam in March 1969 and only a few weeks before he was killed, was hospitalized for heat exhaustion.
PFC Costanza was a television repairman here for a while, then joined the Marine Corps with a friend. He had saved all his pay so that he and his mother could meet in Hawaii, when he went there on rest furloug in Oct. 26, 1969. Besides his parents, he leaves three sisters, Mary Irene, and Norene Santos and a brother Raymond Santos, all of Rochester. A sister and brother, Nina and Noel Costanza in New York.
Notes Sources D&C 9/29/69 and TU 9/29/69 obit.


Name Cotterill, Michael J.
Rank Airman 1/C
Home Address 2252 Main Street East, Rochester, NY
Born Nov. 1, 1945, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cotterill, 5204 Commonwealth Rd., Palmetto, Florida 33561
Attended St. John the Evangelist Elementary School and East High School
Entered Service 1964, Rochester, NY
Unit 554 Recon Sq., Air Force
Died April 25, 1969, killed in plane crash after takeoff, Korat, Thailand
Buried May 6, 1969, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem.
Notes Airman 1/C Cotterill was one of 18 crewman killed when their Air Force EC121 electronics plane crashed shortly after takeoff from its base in Korat, Thailand. Michael Cotterill was his second tour in Asia, when he was killed.
Besides his parents he is survived by his sister Maureen, three brothers, James, Brian and Kevin Cotterill.
Notes Sources TU 4/28/69 and D&C 4/28/69 obit.


Name Cramatie, John
Rank Sp. 4
Service Number 079 42 3528
Born Dec. 5, 1951, Rochester, NY
Parents Mrs. Mary Cramatie, 6319 Pulford St., Detroit, Mich.
Entered Service Dec. 27, 1969, Ft. Knox, Kentucky
Branch of Service Army
Died June 5, 1975
Buried June 13, 1975, Vet. plot, Riverside Cem.


Name Crane, David C.
Rank L/Cpl.
Service Number 228 91 14
Home Address 63 Sebastian Drive, Rochester, NY
Born Aug. 18, 1947, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Crane, 63 Sebastian Dr.
Attended Greece Olympia High School
Entered Service Sept. 7, 1966, Rochester, NY
Unit 1st CAG, 11 MAF, Marines
Left for Overseas April 28, 1967 to Vietnam
Died Aug. 2, 1968 from blast wounds to the head in Quang Ngai, Vietnam
Buried Aug. 26, 1968, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Cpl. Crane served in Vietnam for 13 months, was furloughed home May 1, 1968, then returned to Vietnam. He was in a special unit which worked with civilians during the day and fought at night.
Surviving are his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Crane, one sister, Miss Judith Ann Crane.
Notes Sources D&C 8/7/68 obit.


Name Crawford, Rickey James
Rank PFC
Service Number 271 87 48
Home Address 259 Fernwood Avenue, Rochester, NY
Born June 18, 1953, Lyons, NY
Parents Mr. Walter Szelezniak (step-father), 259 Fernwood Avenue, Rochester, NY
Entered Service Nov. 27, 1970, Buffalo, NY
Unit H&S Co., L Bn., 4 Mar., 3 Mar. Div., Marines
Died Nov. 19, 1971 from drowning when government vehicle overturned in water fill ditch in Okinawa
Buried Dec. 2, 1971, Holy Sepulchre Ce,etery, Rochester, NY
Notes PFC Crawford was on active duty in Okinawa when he died as a result of drowning when the government owned vehicle which he was driving overturned in a water filled ditch.
PFC Crawford was survived by two sisters, Nancy and Mary Ann. He also was survived by step-father Mr. Szeleznick. The srviceman's real father deserted him when he was three months old. Mother died quite a few years ago.
Notes Sources Casualty report and obit.


Name Cronotti, Robert F.
Rank Et/3C
Service Number 237 94 46
Home Address 187 Mobil Drive, Rochester, NY
Born Feb. 14, 1943, Syracuse, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cronotti, 187 Mobil Dr.
Attended St. Charles Borromeo School, Greece and Greece Olympia High School
Last Employed by Abmar Televison Service Corp.
Entered Service Jan. 29, 1962, Rochester, NY
Branch of Service U.S. Navy
Died April 9, 1966 in automobile accident in Groton, Conn.
Buried April 14, 1966, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes ET 3/C Cronotti was attached to submarine USS Corporal and several months ago had been transferred from the submarine Cobbler. He was due to be discharged in May 1966.
Veteran was killed and four shipmates were injured when an automobile smashed against a utility pole and a boulder near the base. Cronotti was a graduate of St. Charles Borromeo Chucrh in Greece and a 1961 graduate of Greece Olympia High School. He worked part time at Abnar Television Service Corp. Besides his parents, he is survived by two brothers, William R. and Thomas E,; a sister Jo Anne Cronotti.
Notes Sources D&C 4/11/66 and TU 4/12/66


Name Culhane, Gerald A.
Rank Sgt.
Service Number 32 586 290
Home Address 84 Lapham Street, Rochester, NY
Born Jan. 16, 1923, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Michael Culhane (deceased)
Spouse Mrs. Marian Culhane, 712 Crescent Way, Radcliffe, Kentucky
Attended Sacred Heart Elementary School and Marshall High School
Entered Service Dec. 31, 1942, Rochester, NY
Unit 1st Cavalry; Army
Left for Overseas Feb. 27, 1944 to Central Europe, Africa, Normandy and Northern France
Died Sept. 12, 1967 of heart attack in Saigon, South Vietnam
Buried Sept. 23, 1967, St. Michael's Cem., Louisville, Kentucky
Notes Sgt. Culhane, winner of two purple hearts during World War II and veteran of Korean War, was serving his second tour of duty in Vietnam. He entered in the Army in Decemeber 1942, and served in the 1st Cavalry Div., under General George Patton, in the European Theater. He was to have retired two years ago, but signed up for further duty at the request of the Army. He left Ft. Rucker, Ala., in July 1967 for second tour in Vietnam and was reassigned to the 1st Cavalry. AQt Ft. Rucher he was a helicopter pilot.
Sgt. Culhane was the son of the late Mr. & Mrs. Michael Culhane, who lived at 84 Lapham Street. His father was superintendent of Eastman Kodak Co's paper division at Kodak Park. Besides his wife he is survived by five brothers, Joseph, Daniel, Alexander, and Francis all of Rochester; six sisters, Margaret Culhane, Rose Culhane, Mrs. Vernon Halloran, Mrs. Peter Yantz, Mrs. Lorney Stringer, all of Rochester and Mrs. Clyde Eddinger of Springfield, VA.
Notes Sources TU 9/21/67


Name Curran, Kelly Bernard
Rank L/Cpl.
Service Number 261-15-83
Home Address 1795 Highland Avenue
Born May 10, 1951, Rochester, NY
Parents Judge & Mrs. Arthur B. Curran, 1705 Highland Ave.
Attended Aquinas Institute High School
Entered Service July 17, 1969, Rochester, NY (Buffalo, NY)
Unit MCAS, Marines
Died May 28, 1971; in train accident in Japan
Buried June 5, 1971, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY
Notes L/Cpl. Curran was to have completed a two year tour of duty and return home in July 1971. He had been in Japan 15 months.
L/Cpl. was the eldest son of City Court Judge Arthur B. Curran Jr. It is the second tragedy to strike Judge Curran. His daughter Collen Marie, 16, was critically injured when she was struck by a car on Feb. 13, 1971. Miss Curran is now recovering from her injuries at home. Judge & Mrs. Curran have four other children living with them. Besides his parents and sister Collen, L/Cpl. Curran leaves three sisters Mary Kathleen, Constance and Christine and a brother Brian.
Notes Sources D&C 6/1/71 obit.


Name Curtis, David A.
Rank Spec. 4
Service Number 51 779 752
Home Address 5131 Dewey Avenue, Rochester, NY (Greece)
Born March 23, 1949, Rochester, NY
Parents Mr. & Mrs. George K. Curtis, 5131 Dewey Ave., Rochester, NY
Attended Arcadia High School
Last Employed by Eastman Kodak
Entered Service July 22, 1968, Buffalo, NY
Trained at Ft. Campbell, KY
Unit 198 Infantry, Army
Left for Overseas Dec. 18, 1968 to Vietnam
Died June 16, 1969, killed in action. Had been declared missing in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Buried June 30, 1969, Vet. plot, Riverside Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Spec. 4 Curtis had been in Vietnam since Dec. 1968 and was due for a rest and recuperation leave in Hawaii. He would have been discharged from the service in July 1970.
Spec. 4 Curtis was planning to be married to his high school sweetheart when he was discharged. His fiacee was Miss Charlene Griswold. She was planning to visit him in Hawaii. He is survived by his parents and two sisters, Debbie and Donna.
Notes Sources D&C 6/23/69 obit.


Name Czolacz, Myron
Rank Spec. 4
Home Address 65 Carter Street, Rochester, NY
Born Jan. 31, 1948, Rochester, NY
Foster Parents Mr. & Mrs. Steve Waskiw, 65 Carter Street, Rochester, NY
Attended Benjamin Franklin High School and Monroe Community College
Last Employed by Bausch & Lomb
Entered Service From Rochester, NY
Trained at Seattle, Washington
Unit 1st Bn., 23 Inf., Army
Left for Overseas Feb. 21, 1968 to Korea
Died Nov. 20, 1968 from gunfire from friendly forces in Korea
Buried Dec. 7, 1968, Vet. plot, Holy Sepulchre Cem., Rochester, NY
Notes Spec. 4 Czolacz was killed in Korea by the Army described as "gunfire from friendly forces" as he was returning from a night patrol. Spec. Czolacz was sent to Korea Feb. 21, 1968 after receiving advanced guerilla training at Seattle, Washington.
He is survived by his mother and step-father, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Waskiw, one brother Walter Czolasc and one sister Mrs. Robert Grossman.
Notes Sources TU 11/26/68 obit.



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