Will Book Number One
Monroe County, NY


These records were copied in 1940 by Gertrude A. Barber from Will Book number "1" that was created by the Clerk of the Surrogate Court. Many years ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) filmed Will Books 1 through 66. Records in Book 1 (on this web page) contain early wills filed in Monroe County. The Will Books have not been seen for many years and are probably in storage. Monroe County has Surrogate Court records (called Probate Records in other states) filed in packets and the packets include the original will. The will books only included a copy of the will. It is best to view the whole Surrogate packet as occassionally there are other documents that may be of interest to genealogical researchers. Besides, the will in the packet is the original with actual signatures.

If writing to the Surrogate Court office, their price for researching a file is $90 per file and 25¢ for copies. That price is set by the New York State Court system. Instead of paying these outrageous fees, either go to the office in person or use a local genealogical researcher. The Surrogate's office have placed inactive files with a privately owned storage company. It takes at least a day to get these files from the storage company to the Surrogate's office to be viewed.

This will book is available from any local branch of the LDS Family History Library. Tell your local Family History Library that you want to order film number #1004285. You may also order individual wills from a company called Sampubco. That company makes copies from the will book filmed by the LDS. See their web site for prices.


  Jesse Dryer of Mendon
  Will book 1; p. 2
Dated Oct. 7, 1830
Probated Oct. 26, 1830
Mentions wife: Cynthia
son: Charles
daughter: Sophia
Executor wife
Witnesses Cholette Cady of Mendon
Calvin Manfield (Mansfield) of Mendon


  Orin Case of Sweden
  Will book 1; p. 4
Dated Oct. 27, 1829
Probated Dec. 7, 1829
Mentions dau.: Celestia Victoria Case
wife: Patience
Executor wife
Witnesses Harmon Cooley
Amos B. Niles
Ira Case


  Ward Stone of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 9
Dated Aug. 28, 1829
Probated Dec. 14, 1829
Mentions mother: Charlotte Stone
brothers: Oren, Philander and Ira
sisters: Malinda and Almira Stone
Executor Hubbard Hall of Riga
Witnesses Joseph Sibley
Spencer Crouch
Wilson C. Davis


  John Smith of Pittsford
  Will book 1; p. 13
Dated April 25, 1830
Probated June 29, 1830
Mentions William Tann Sr. of Pittsford & his daughter Hannah
Witnesses Richard Parker of Pittsford
Joshua and Mary Fell of Henrietta


  Abraham Johnston of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 16
Dated June 6, 1829
Probated March 24, 1830
Mentions daughters: Ann wife of Ephraim Sharpe and Jane wife of Robert Latham
sons: William, Lawrence, Peter and Abraham Jr.
Executor son-in-law: Ephraim Sharpe
Witnesses L. Adams
Stephen Wakelee
A. Wall


  William M. Hedges of Henrietta
  Will book 1; p. 21
Dated Apr. 28, 1830
Probated Sept. 10, 1830
Mentions mother
sister: Harriet
brothers: Ezra, Orange, Alanson, Stephen
Wm. Augustus, son of Daniel Hedges (deceased)
Executor Elisha Gage of Henrietta
Witnesses Andrew Snider of (Augusta) Henrietta
John Rufus 2nd of Henrietta
Edward M. Wadsworth of Henrietta


  Alanson Smith of Mendon
  Will book 1; p. 24
Dated Feb. 2, 1830
Probated April 23, 1830
Mentions wife: Catharine
Witnesses James Smith of Mendon
Henry S. Courter of Mendon
David Donaldson of Mendon


  Hannah Austin of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 34
Dated March 15, 1830
Probated June 1, 1830
Mentions sons: Case P. and Ira T.
daughters: Honor wife of Lebbeus Ross, Sarah wife of Jarius Crandle, Siloma D., Diana, Asenath, Sabrina Austin
Executor brother: Solomon Case
Witnesses Brooks Mason
Alexander Case
Lebbeus Case


  Mary Weaver of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 39
Dated Nov. 27, 1829
Probated Dec. 13, 1830
Mentions daughters: Elizabeth wife of John Caldwell of Rochester, Mary Tisdale, Catherine Sterling, Eve West and Elizabeth Caldwell
son: John of Penfield
children of my deceased dau. Margaret Broadock
Executors son: John
son-in-law: David C. West of Rochester
Witnesses Philip Allen of Rochester
S. W. Lee of Rochester
Harvey Humphrey of Rochester


  George Terry of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 43
  Letters of Administration granted to Frederick Whittlesey of Rochester on July 19, 1830.


  Amasa Kellogg
  Will book 1; p. 45
Dated April 22, 1830
Probated July 29, 1830
Mentions wife: Lucy
dau.-in-law: Mary Ann Pomeroy
Dominick Pomeroy
First Presbyterian Church of Gates, Monroe Co.
my brothers and sisters
Executors Calvin G. Hill
Elliott Bartlett
my wife: Lucy
Witnesses Spencer Woodworth
Eli Griffith
Truman Pomeroy


  Rufus Herrick of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 50
Dated Aug. 9, 1826
Probated Jan. 15, 1831
Mentions wife: Polly
son: Rufus N.
Executor wife
Witnesses David Baker
John Schute
Reuben Marlette


  Enos Blossom of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 54
Dated Aug. 5, 1830
Probated Sept. 7, 1830
Mentions daughters: Polly N. and Eliza D. Blossom
sons: Noble and George D.
Executor wife: Jerusha
Witnesses Benjamin B. Blossom of Brighton
Erastus Stanley of Brighton


  William Adams of Schenectady
  Will book 1; p. 62
Dated June 19, 1823
Probated Sept. 21, 1830
Mentions grandson: William Adams son of my son James
dau.-in-law: Susan R. Adams and her 3 children:
  1. Mary K. Schermerhorn wife of Abrm. M.
  2. James
  3. Sophia Adams
Executor Abram M. Schermerhorn
Witnesses John J. Crooman
Myndert VanderVolgen
James Walker


  Glover Perin (Perrin) of Pittsford
  Will book 1; p. 69
Dated Aug. 21, 1830
Probated March 15, 1831
Mentions wife: Joanna
First Presbyterian Church of Pittsford
Elizabeth widow of my late brother Jacob Perin
brothers: Jesee, Calvin and Asa
sister: Huldah Wyght and her son Lemuel
Perin, son of Samuel & Mary Whitman of Alabama
Betsey Roroth
Jacob Hurlbert - a boy now residing in my family
Executors Elisha Beach
George Smith
Witnesses W. B. Chittenden of Pittsford
L. H. Clapp of Pittsford
John Sutherland of Pittsford


  Elijah Fitch of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 80
Dated Aug. 26, 1830
Probated June 17, 1831
Mentions wife: Mary
children: Elijah Jr., Roswell, Sally, Maria, Peter, Malcom and Wesley
Executor wife
Witnesses Addison Collins of Rochester
LaFayette Collins of Rochester


  Josiah Bissell Jr. of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 85
Dated Oct. 27, 1828
Probated May 2, 1831
Mentions wife: Henrietta
Executors wife
Eleazer Hills
Enos Pomeroy
A. Ely
Elijah M. Bissell
Witnesses Joel Parker
Louisa Hill
Philander Winchester


  Frederick Clark of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 93
Dated Jan. 14, 1831
Probated July 12, 1831
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
children: Alfred Marvin, Mariah Ann Thompson, Benjamin Franklin, Asa Elmer, Lyman Bennet, Caroline Elizabeth and Frederick Westly Clark
Harriet Lee who resides with the family of Julius Augustus Steel, the natural heir of Cecelia Frances Steel, deceased
Executors Joseph Egleston
Chester Guernsey
Witnesses Wilson Lambert of Rochester
Amos White of Rochester
David Bush of Rochester


  Nathaniel Rochester æ 79 yrs.
  Will book 1; p. 100
Dated Feb. 15, 1831
Probated July 25, 1831
Mentions wife: Sophia
sons: William B., Thomas H., Nathaniel T., John C. and Henry E.
daughters: Mary E. Montgomery, Catherine K. Colman, Ann C. and Louisa L. Rochester, Sophia E. Child
Executors sons: Wm. B., Thos. H., Nathaniel T., Henry E.
Witnesses Simeon Ford of Rochester
John T. Talman of Rochester


  Timothy Fisher of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 106
Dated Apr. 30, 1831
Probated July 14, 1831
Mentions wife: Millison
Executors Samuel Works
David Bush
Witnesses James Anderson of Brighton of Brighton
Harlow Bacon of Brighton


  William McFarlan of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 109
Dated May 30, 1831
Probated Sept. 26, 1831
Mentions sister: Jennette wife of David Dobson
Executors Moses Mallock
Malcomb McPherson
Freeman Knowles
Witnesses Jesse Goodwin
Orange Sackett
Henry Ide


  Seth Crowell of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 112 and also p. 138
Dated May 22, 1829
Probated Aug. 13, 1831
Will of Real Estate - Sept. 2, 1831
Mentions children: William, Seth Jr. and Deborah
grandchildren: Mariah and Betsey Baker, Potter and Roswell Crowell
Executors grandsons
Witnesses Stephen Wakelee
Edmund Vandake
Leonard Adams


  Seth Macy of Gates
  Will book 1; p. 120
Dated July 30, 1831
Probated Oct. 17, 1831
Mentions children: Mathew, Charles B., Elias, Simeon, Abraham, Abel, Obed B., Elihu, Levi, Judah, Abigail P. and Phebe Ann
Executors John Robinson
William Macy
Charles H. Macy
Witnesses Mary Post
William Post
Esther Wells


  Elias Baker of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 124
Dated Aug. 11, 1830
Probated Oct. 3, 1831
Will of Real Estate on Nov. 14, 1831
Mentions wife: Irany
daughters: Sophia Haynes, Rhoda Cheney, Betsey Miller and Lucy Ann Wiser or Wisner
sons: David, Asa, Elias and Amos
Executors sons: David and Elias
Witnesses Abner Brown of Penfield
Ebenezer L. Gaige of Penfield
Lewis Willets of Penfield


  John Scramlin of Mendon
  Will book 1; p. 128
Dated Sept. 22, 1824
Probated Sept. 29, 1831
Mentions wife: Huldah
daughters: Sally, Naomi, Lany and a 4th dau. not named
sons: John, Amos and Jacob
Executors wife and son Amos
Witnesses Dana Fox
Hannah Forsyth
John H. Fox


  Henry Emery of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 134
Dated March 28, 1831
Probated Oct. 17, 1831
Mentions wife: Mary M.
sons: William S. and Aaron D.
brother-in-law: George N. Carpenter
wife's sister: Elizabeth D. Carpenter
Aaron D. and William S. Emery
Executor wife
James Fisk
Witnesses Octavius Mason of Penfield
James Shoecraft of Penfield
Mason Chase of Penfield


  John Jenner of Pittsford
  Will book 1; p. 141
Dated Feb. 10, 1830
Probated Oct. 13, 1831
Mentions wife; Hannah
son: Thomas
dau.: Elizabeth Cherriman and her grandson John Cherriman
Executor wife
Witnesses Ann, Mary and John Armstrong of Pittsford


  Lemuel Mosher of Perinton
  Will book 1; p. 146
Dated Jan. 11, 1831
Probated Jan. 19, 1832
Mentions daughters: Polly Tyler and Mary Woolsey
son: Nicholas
Executors son: Nicholas
Job W. Briggs
Jeremiah D. Thompson
Witnesses Daniel A. Robinson of Farmington, Ontario Co.
Gilbert Gage of Perinton
Job W. Briggs of Perinton


  John Belknap of Ogden
  Will book 1; p. 150
Dated June 29, 1831
Probated Oct. 22, 1831
Mentions sons: John Evans and Rufus Newel Belknap
wife: Elvira
Executors Carter Evans of Ogden
Herrick Bromley of Riga
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
James Cate of Ogden


  Benjamin Bowen of Chili, Monroe Co., NY æ 42 & upwards
  Will book 1; p. 159
Dated Sept. 6, 1831
Probated Apr. 2, 1832
Mentions wife: Roxana
children: Jefferson, Sabra T., Nelson P., Benjamin F. and Roxana
Executors Alfred Scofield
Daniel Franklin Jr.
wife: Roxana
Witnesses Isaac Lacey of Chili
William Pixley


  Benjamin Barrett of Greece, Monroe Co., NY
  Will book 1; p. 166 and also on p. 197
Dated Dec. 28, 1829
Probated Jan. 30, 1832
Will of Real Estate probated on March 8, 1832
Mentions dau.: Hannah, wife of Oren Hale of Greece
dau.: Eliza, wife of Hall (or Hale) Colby of Greece
grandsons: Eliphalet Henry Corning Barrett and Oren Barrett, sons of Alfred Barrett (deceased)
granddau.: Dorothy, wife of Menorris Beebee of Greece
Executor Pickett Brockway of Greece
Witnesses Frederick F. Backus
Benjamin Campbell
Enos Pomeroy


  Ransom Crippen of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 173
Dated Nov. 25, 1831
Probated Feb. 9, 1832
Mentions wife: Ruth
daughters: Amelia, Esther Ann and Harriet
sons: Ezra Rowley, Orin, Abiel and Lewis
Executor wife
Witnesses Darius Littlefield of Penfield
Bradly Crippen of Penfield
Newman Crippen of Penfield


  Benajah Billings of Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y.
  Will book 1; p. 180
Dated Nov. 6, 1824
Probated March 10, 1832
Mentions wife: Lucy
Trustees of the Baptist Church of Avon: Benjamin Pearson, Tabor Ward and David Firman
Executors Jesse Pearson
Lucy Billings
Clark Davis
Witnesses A. A. Bennett
Henry Brown
Leander Pearson


  James Whippo of Mendon
  Will book 1; p. 190
Dated Dec. 12, 1831
Probated March 19, 1832
Mentions wife's mother: Dinah Wood
wife: Hannah
sons: John and Charles
Executors wife and son John
Witnesses Floyd Dann
Martin Davis
John Whitbeck


  Rachel Downer of Pittsford
  Will book 1; p. 206
Dated March 13, 1832
Probated May 11, 1832
Mentions my mother: Elizabeth Mann
brother: William Mann
sister: Catherine Jobson
Executor William Mann (brother)
Witnesses James A. Guernsey of Pittsford
Sally Gale of Pittsford


  Frederick P. Miller of Greece æ 60 yrs. & upwards
  Will book 1; p. 215
Dated March 18, 1832
Probated May 23, 1832
Mentions sons: Samuel, Frederick W., John, Abraham R. and George S.
daughters: Sally, Uphama, Lucy and Betsey
granddau.: Frederick P. M. Werst, his father John
Executors Nathaniel Hall
son: Samuel
Witnesses William C. Appleton of Greece
Ezra D. Lay of Greece


  Levi Cocks of Wheatland
  Will book 1; p. 223
Dated Nov. 17, 1831
Probated May 7, 1832
Mentions sons: James, John, Charles, Richard and Alfred
sisters: Mary and Adah Cocks
dau.: Elizabeth
Executor Frederick Bennett
Witnesses Augustus Bristol
Frederick Bennet


  James Miller of Pittsford
  Will book 1; p. 228
Dated Will of Real Estate dated April 1, 1822
Probated May 12, 1832
Mentions wife: Sally
John Gould
son: James
father: Andrew
Executors wife
Richard Tillotson
Jehiel Felt
Witnesses Ira Bellows
William and Huldah Colt


  James Mathies of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 232
Dated Apr. 10, 1830
Probated June 20, 1832
Mentions son: James
brother: John L.D.
my wife and children
Executor brother: John L.D.
Witnesses Isaac Hills of Rochester
David Cooley of Rochester
Lewis Allen of Rochester


  Samuel Giles æ 49y & upwards
  Will book 1; p. 242
Dated March 5, 1832
Probated July 21, 1832
Mentions wife: Margarette
5 children of Henry Booram
Executors wife and friend Henry Booram
Witnesses Isaac Lacey of Chili
Thomas Hannah of Chili


  Peter Marlett of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 246
Dated Sept. 22, 1821
Probated Nov. 24, 1832
Mentions wife: Mercy
Abraham, Peter Jr., Elijah, Jacob, Joseph and Richard Marlett (these names are given but does not state relationship - presume they are his sons)
Sally wife of David Baker
Elizabeth wife of Oliver Reynolds
Mercy Marlett (does not state relationship)
grandson: George son of Abraham Marlett
children of Abraham Marlett: Rizpah, Mary Ann and Benjamin Marlett
grandson: Darwin Reynolds
Baptist Church of Penfield
Executor son-in-law: Oliver Reynolds
Witnesses Leonard Adams
Joseph Bailey
John H. Darling


  Lucius Pritchard of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 250
Probated July 24, 1832
Mentions wife: Sally (Pease) Pritchard
dau.: Delia - 7 yrs.
son: Samuel - 5 yrs.
son: Lafayette - 2y 6m
father: Archibald
Mariah and Ira Pease, children of my wife Sally Pease
Executors wife
Ezekial Morse
Harvey Little of Brighton
Witnesses Chester Bixby
Jacob Lee
Julius E. Wilcox


  Mory Southworth of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 260
Dated May 1, 1832
Probated Sept. 4, 1832
Mentions wife: Matilda
Executor father: Forbes Southworth
Witnesses Ebenezer L. Gage of Penfield
Timothy Fuller of Penfield


  Harris Rogers
  Will book 1; p. 266
Dated May 22, 1832
Probated Nov. 14, 1832
Mentions sons: Henry, Daniel, Martin, Sherma, Orlen and Biron
dau.: Keziah
Executors wife
Henry and Daniel Rogers
Witnesses William Garbutt
John Garbutt
Susan Buell


  Sheldon R. King of Ogden
  Will book 1; p. 274
Dated June 16, 1832
Probated Aug. 22, 1832
Mentions wife: Sally Ruth
father: Russell
Executor Diodate Lord
Witnesses William A. Chapman
J. B. Smith
William E. Huntley


  David C. West of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 279
Dated Aug. 10, 1832
Probated Oct. 24, 1832
Mentions wife: Eve
children: Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth Ann and Mary Dorcas
Executors wife
John Weaver of Penfield
Witnesses Jacob Graves of Rochester
Hestor Stevens of Rochester


  Joseph Hadley of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 285
Dated Nov. 12, 1830
Probated Nov. 21, 1832
Mentions wife: Abigail
daughters: Mahalah and Betsey
sons: William, Joseph and Charles
granddau.: Emily Hadley
Executors wife
Leonard Adams
Witnesses Samuel Morrison
John G. and Oliver Clark


  John Chrystie Jr. of Wheatland
  Will book 1; p. 291
Dated Sept. 14, 1832
Probated Nov. 28, 1832
Mentions brother: Hugh
sisters: Jane and Catharine
dau.: Eliza VanVechten Angus
Duncan Menzie
my sister Margaret Anderson's son Duncan
Executors John McPherson Sr.
Hugh Chrystie
Witnesses John A. McVean
Donald McPherson of Wheatland


  Henry Chapman of Henrietta
  Will book 1; p. 297
Dated June 25, 1832
Probated Nov. 16, 1832
Mentions wife: Keziah
dau.: Lovisa wife of Elisha S. Kimble
dau.: Eliza Chapman
sons: Chauncey, Bradley and Charles
Executors wife and son Chauncey
Witnesses Roswell Wickwire
Peter Price
Benjamin Billings


  John McLaren of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 301
Dated Feb. 12, 1831
Probated Dec. 4, 1832
Mentions dau.: Catherine
sons: James, Daniel and Alexander
grandchildren: Ann Elizabeth Kennedy, Jane Kennedy, Catharine Kennedy, John Knapp, Clarissa Knapp
Executors son: John
James Kennedy
Wm. Middleton
Witnesses Robert Kennedy of Penfield
Alexander Kennedy of Penfield
L. Adams of Penfield


  Daniel Worden of Gates
  Will book 1; p. 307
Probated March 25, 1833
Mentions children: Mary, David, Edmund and Eliza
Executor Fisher Green
Witnesses E. H. Grover, James E. Lee, Richard Pratt


  Rev. Michael McNamara
  Will book 1; p. 314
Probated March 30, 1833
Mentions sister: Ann wife of John David Walsh
Executor brother: Patrick John McNamara
Witnesses Pater Hackett
James McCarthy


  Charles Goff of Rush
  Will book 1; p. 322
Dated Oct. 8, 1832
Probated Dec. 20, 1832
Mentions daughters: Deborah Preston, Hannah Remington, Esther Allen, Betsey Tupper and Arnath Brainard
Executors wife: Anna
son: Charles W.
Witnesses Andrew Kingsbury
William Barrett
John Lemogne


  Frederic Bell of Rush
  Will book 1; p. 331
Dated July 6, 1831
Probated March 5, 1833
Mentions George Bell of Rush
Executor George Bell of Rush
Witnesses Goit Brown
Arthur Daily


  John Hartwell of Rush
  Will book 1; p. 334
Dated Aug. 31, 1832
Probated March 13, 1833
Mentions wife: Mary
Executor Daniel Hobbs of Rush
Witnesses A. A. Bennett of Avon
Eliza Clark of Rushville


  John Southworth of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 339
Probated March 15, 1833
Mentions sons: Fobes, Thomas, Benah and Berial
sons of Berial & Elenor: George W. and Thomas
daughters: Euphamy Southworth (gets the Bible), Julia Ann, Hannah Case
Executor James Haight
Witnesses Caleb K. Hobbie
Kezia Haight


  Benedick King
  Will book 1; p. 346
Dated Feb. 26, 1833
Probated April 15, 1833
Executors Ebenezer and Ira King
Witnesses Frasey McDowell
Sally Hebner
John M. Gifford


  Harmon Whipple of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 349
Dated Dec. 28, 1832
Probated April 17, 1833
Mentions brother: Milton
Executor brother: Milton
Witnesses Phinebas Smith of Riga
George Refield of Riga
Spencer Smith of Riga


  Isaac Hemingway
  Will book 1; p. 354
Dated March 7, 1826
Probated April 27, 1833
Mentions wife: Annis
children of my present wife had by Zenas Stillson
my children (not named)
Executor wife
Witnesses Oren Smith
James S. Spencer
Jesse Buckbee


  William L. Salisbury of Sweden, Monroe Co.
  Will book 1; p. 362
Dated Feb. 27, 1833
Probated May 29, 1833
Mentions wife: Deborah
daughters: Sybil and Deborah Adelia
sons: Martin Manly and Guy Maxfield
Executors wife
Alanson Howard
Witnesses Zenas Case of Sweden
Peter Sutphen of Sweden
Zadock Burd of Sweden


  George W. Swift of Clarkson
  Will book 1; p. 368
Dated Aug. 8, 1832
Probated June 5, 1833
Mentions wife: Esther
brother: Lewis
nephews: George; William son of Heman Swift
Executor Josiah Fish
Witnesses Hiram Shuert
William Shuert
Stephen Banker


  Aaron Root of Sweden
  Will book 1; p. 372
Dated April 18, 1833
Probated June 19, 1833
Mentions dau.: Evaline E.
Elmira B., Frederick P., Andrew J., Filer A., Darwin, Mary, Joel Root (will doesn't state relationship)
Executor wife: Salenda
Witnesses Abel, Edwin F., Dudley Root


  Anson C. Parish of Greece
  Will book 1; p. 375
Dated March 22, 1833
Probated July 15, 1833
Mentions wife is deceased
Executors Levi H. Parish
Lee Parish
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradly
James C. Clark


  Enos Jewell of Ogden
  Will book 1; p. 379
Dated Will of Real Estate; Feb. 1, 1830
Probated July 24, 1833
Mentions wife: Mary
graddau.: Sally Mahon
dau.: Sally
Executor wife
Witnesses William B. Brown of Ogden
Austin Spencer of Ogden


  Levi Warren of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 383
Dated Oct. 24, 1831
Probated Aug. 3, 1833
Mentions wife: Rhoda
sons: Julius and Alvan
Executors wife
James and Alexander Kenada
Witnesses Betsey, Ruth and Jane Miller


  Jonathan Tupper of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 387
Dated Sept. 4, 1833
Probated Dec. 3, 1833
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
sons: Albert Alonzo and James Marshall
daughters: Ann Maria, Eunice and Marsha
Executors wife: Elizabeth
brother: Ira
Witnesses George Redfield of Riga
Phineas and Spencer Smith of Riga


  Adonijah Skinner of Ogden
  Will book 1; p. 391
Dated Aug. 20, 1832
Probated Jan. 4, 1834
Mentions wife: Abigail
sons: Adonijah and Salmon
Executors son: Adonijah
Augustus (Austin) Spencer
Witnesses Charles Church of Ogden
James Burroughs of Ogden
Justin Spencer of Ogden


  Dorman Fineout of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 400
Dated July 24, 1833
Probated March 13, 1834
Mentions wife: Olive
dau.: Mary Adelia
son: Dorman Jr.
Executors wife
Thomas and William Stratton
Witnesses John Benedict
James Rawley
Silas Dunham


  David Caswell of Rush
  Will book 1; p. 404
Dated May 5, 1830
Probated March 20, 1834
Mentions wife: Margaret
Executor wife: Margaret
Witnesses Peter Price
Martin Miner
Henry Lyon


  Abel Eaton of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 408
Dated Aug. 13, 1833
Probated April 21, 1834
Mentions wife: Catharine
dau.: Jane Eaton
sons: Calvin, Russell, Benjamin C., William H. and Charles S.
Executors wife: Catherine
Erastus Williams
Joseph G. Wheeler
Witnesses Isaac Barns
Thomas J. Myers
Isaac M. Barns


  Hervey Ide of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 412
Dated Nov. 23, 1833
Probated April 26, 1834
Mentions wife: Judith
dau.: Helen Maria
son: Charles Hervey
Executor Oliver Ide
Witnesses Benajah Holbrook
Cynthia Ide
Oliver L. Angevine


  Martha Norton of Marcelius, Onondaga Co., NY
  Will book 1; p. 418
Dated Dec. 22, 1832
Probated Aug. 28, 1834
Mentions son: Heman
children of my deceased dau. Lucretia Beach: Mary N., Julia N., Henry, Heman Norton, Martha and William A. Beach (and their father Elisha Beach)
Executor Elisha Beach
Witnesses Heman and Nathaniel Norton of N.Y.


  Thomas E. Hall of Palmyra, Wayne Co.
  Will book 1; p. 423
Dated Dec. 6, 1832
Probated Sept. 10, 1834
Mentions sisters: Sally Torrey, Anna Cadwell, Mehitable Church, Hannah Stoddard and Mary Lane
Witnesses W. P. Baldwin of Palmyra
H. P. Thayer


  Walter Butler of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 427
Dated April 10, 1831
Probated Sept. 10, 1834
Executor Thomas McCauley of Rochester
Mary McCauley of Rochester
Witnesses Hester Stevens
Samuel Holmes of Rochester


  James DeGarmo of Mendon
  Will book 1; p. 431
Dated April 29, 1834
Probated Oct. 13, 1834
Mentions wife: Julia
dau.: Mary Cordelia
Executor Abram Cole
Witnesses Abram Cole
Newel Gibson
Benjamin Eckles 2nd


  Henry Smith of North Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 427
Dated June 13, 1833
Probated Dec. 22, 1834
Mentions wife: Meribah
grandchildren: Matilda Thomson, Mary Thomas, Melissa Thomas, George Smith
Executor Rev. Octavius Mason
Mason Chase
Witnesses Octavius Mason
Lyman Fox
John B. Mason


  Andrew J. Robb of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 441
Dated Real Estate Will; July 20, 1831
Probated Oct. 15, 1834
Mentions wife: Katharine
children, not named
Executor Nathaniel Knight
Witnesses Alpheus Crocker
Nathaniel Knight
Franklin Robb


  William King of Gates
  Will book 1; p. 445
Dated June 14, 1834
Probated Dec. 3, 1834
Mentions sons: John, David, William and Israel M.
daughters: Polly Glazier and Sally Hinche
sister: Abigail King
grandson: Francis K. Bowen
Executors William King Jr.
Eawson Harmon
Jirah Blackmer
Witnesses Fenner Town
John Whitfield


  John L. D. Mathies of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 450
Dated Nov. 24, 1834
Probated Jan. 9, 1835
Mentions wife: Nancy
children: John L. E. and Nancy G., Robert Henry
Executor Seth Saton
Witnesses John B. Elwood both of Rochester


  Smith Slocum of Perinton
  Will book 1; p. 457
Dated Aug. 30, 1834
Probated Jan. 29, 1835
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
sons: Albert B., Benjamin, Nathan
daughters: Amy, Ann Marcy Slocum, Almeda, Sarah
Executor brother: Elisha
Witnesses William and Orson Wilcox
Waterman Burt


  William Boyce of Rochester
  Will book 1; p. 461
Dated Jan. 20, 1835
Probated May 5, 1835
Mentions sisters: Jane wife of Wm. McComb, Esther wife of Thomas Clark and Margaret Boyce
Executor James Wilson
John Moore
Witnesses Alexander Patten of Rochester
John Wilson of Rochester


  Richard W. Hicks of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 467
Dated Dec. 13, 1834
Probated April 3, 1835
Mentions wife: Polly
sons: Addison, James Byron
Executor John Hicks
Witnesses Richard W. Hicks
Timothy B. Corning


  Rufus Messenger of Brighton
  Will book 1; p. 477
Dated March 11, 1826
Probated March 18, 1835
Mentions wife: Rosannah
sons: Rufus M., Warren
daughters: Lavina Gale, Anna Messenger, Fanna, Nancy, Harriet and Philander
Executor wife
Simeon Stone
Witnesses Daniel Mann
John I. Clow
David Bush


  Ezekiel F. Brown of Ogden
  Will book 1; p. 491
Dated Aug. 28, 1834
Probated May 7, 1835
Mentions wife: Alice
sons: Ezekiel, Isaac K., Horace O., Nathaniel L.
daughters: Jane, Miriam and Sally
Executor Benjamin French
Witnesses Mangle and Charles Rall of Parma


  Elihu Russell of Riga
  Will book 1; p. 501
Dated March 16, 1835
Probated May 20, 1835
Mentions wife: Mary
children: Emory, Esterven, Mary, Wellington, J. Ashley, Sumner Russell, Levi, Betsey Knapp, Elihu Jr., Marian Smith, Lucy Swan, Fidelia Hill, Polixeania Cornwell, William Russell
Executor wife: Mary
son: Emory
son-in-law: Simon T. Hill
Witnesses Phineas Smith of Riga
Spencer Smith of Riga
Horace Chittenden


  Frederick Hetsler of Wheatland
  Will book 1; p. 524
Dated Nov. 10, 1834
Probated June 30, 1835
Mentions wife: Dorothy
children: Jacob Boltzer, John, Daniel (deceased) to his heir George, Nelly (deceased) to his heirs Mariah and Anna
Executor son: John
Witnesses Peter & Rebecca Price


  David Smith æ 31 yrs.
  Will book 1; p. 530
Dated Jan. 15, 1835
Probated May 29, 1835
Mentions widowed mother: Lydia Smith
wife: Lucretia
my wife's children: David, Henry B. and Joshua L. Smith
Executor wife
Witnesses A. Sheldon Jr. of Mendon
Truman Smith of Victor


  David Clark
  Will book 1; p. 538
Dated Feb. 6, 1835
Probated Aug. 7, 1835
Mentions wife: Annmere
Charles Henika, David C. Raymon, David C. Vickery
Executor wife
Andrew Kingsbury
Witnesses Daniel Hobbs
Phineas Stevens
Wells Clark


  Henry Gilbert Livingston of N. Y. City
  Will book 1; p. 544
Dated March 19, 1828
Probated May 25, 1835
Mentions Trustees: Luther Bradish and Gouverneur Morris Wilkins
sister: Sarah G. Wilkins
daughters: Catherine Ann Cleveland, Sarah W. Barnard, Maria Antoinett Talman
Executor nephew: Gouverneur M. Wilkins
William E. Dunscomb
Witnesses Thomas and Hannah Noyes
James C. Henry


  James M. Clark of Clarkson
  Will book 1; p. 560
Dated Feb. 25, 1835
Probated Aug. 17, 1835
Mentions sons: James L. and Edwin A. F.
daughters: Emily and Maria
niece: Amelia Bosworth
John Brown and his wife Phebe of Sterling, CT
Executor John Boorman
Abel Baldwin
David Forsyth
Witnesses Simeon B. Jewett
Henry R. Selden


  James Woods
  Will book 1; p. 573
Dated June 13, 1832
Probated Aug. 24, 1835
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: John, Lemuel and James
dau.: Rhoda wife of Ebenezer Eggleston
dau.: Polly wife of Isaac Wiley
dau.: Julia Ann Woods
dau.: Julianna wife of George Gorton
Executor son-in-law: John Gorton
Ambrose Blunt
Witnesses Daniel, George and Julia A. Gorton


  William Makeley of Penfield
  Will book 1; p. 578
Dated July 16, 1835
Probated Aug. 29, 1835
Mentions wife: Abigail
sons: Zachariah, Peter Wm. and Frederick Knapp
Executor William Holt
Witnesses Silas Dunham
Constant and Nelson Holt




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