Will Book Number Three
Monroe County, NY


These records were copied in 1941 by Gertrude A. Barber from Will Book number "3" that was created by the Clerk of the Surrogate Court. Many years ago the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) filmed Will Books 1 through 66. Records in Book 3 (on this web page) contain early wills filed in Monroe County. The Will Books have not been seen for many years and are probably in storage. Monroe County has Surrogate Court records (called Probate Records in other states) filed in packets and the packets include the original will. The will books only included a copy of the will. It is best to view the whole Surrogate packet as occassionally there are other documents that may be of interest to genealogical researchers. Besides, the will in the packet is the original with actual signatures.

If writing to the Surrogate Court office, their price for researching a file is $90 per file and 25¢ for copies. That price is set by the New York State Court system. Instead of paying these outrageous fees, either go to the office in person or use a local genealogical researcher. The Surrogate's office have placed inactive files with a privately owned storage company. It takes at least a day to get these files from the storage company to the Surrogate's office to be viewed.

This will book is available from any local branch of the LDS Family History Library. Tell your local Family History Library that you want to order film number #1004287. You may also order individual wills from a company called Sampubco. That company makes copies from the will book filmed by the LDS. See their web site for prices.


  Allen Gage of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 1
Dated Dec. 12, 1840
Probated Jan. 26, 1841
Mentions wife: Elsy
son: Volney
brother: Martin
father: John
Executors Martin Gage
Nelson King
Jirah Blackner
Witnesses John Gage, Jr. of Stafford
William King, Jr. of Riga


  Daniel Penfield of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 4
Dated June 10, 1840
Probated Feb. 1, 1841
Mentions daughter: Charlotte wife of Samuel F. Gelston
daughter: Jane wife of Andrew Young
Executors Samuel F. Gilston of Buffalo
Charles Seymour of Canandaigua
Witnesses Jacob B. Bryan
David Baker
Horace C. Bryan


  Samuel Hopkins of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 9
Dated October 24, 1839
Probated Feb. 2, 1841
Mentions wife: Sarah
First Presby. Soc. of Pittsford
granddaughter: Hannah Hartwell
daughter: Julia
Executors son-in-law: Platt Smith
sons: Henry B. and Samuel P.
Witnesses Ephraim Goss of Rochester
Ira Bellows of Pittsford
Watson S. Hinckley of Pittsford


  Darius Shadbolt of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 16
Dated Oct. 7, 1839
Probated Feb. 23, 1841
Mentions wife: Martha
daughters: Anna, Sarah and Phebe
son: Thomas
Executors Samuel and Isaac Shadbolt
Witnesses John Shadbolt
John Strickland
Israel I. Lewis


  Gardner Corser of Gates
  Will book 3; p. 20
Dated Dec. 7, 1839
Probated March 1, 1841
Mentions wife: Mercy Ann
brother: Caleb
sons: Lewis H. Corser and Charles A. Corser
daughters: Laura Ann Corser, Frances Jane Corser and Caroline Fidelia Corser
Executors wife
brother: Caleb Corser
John P. Peterson
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Hanna F. Corser of Gates


  Reuben Marlett of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 24
Dated Oct. 31, 1840
Probated March 3, 1841
Mentions friend: Burr Northrop of Penfield
daughters: Lucetia wife of Nelson Stearns and Mary Ann Marlett
wife: Patty Celinda
daughter: Harriet wife of Samuel Wilson
Also: 3 children of my said wife: Lorain Lucinda Northrup, Harriet Stower Northrup, Ira Barsilla Northrup.
Executor wife: Patty Celinda
Witnesses L. Adams of Penfield
Clement Patchin of Penfield


  James K. Guernsey of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 30
Dated January 1840
Probated March 24, 1841
Mentions wife: Electa
children: Sarah Elizabeth Delano, Julia N. Guernsey, Frances D. Trewer, George E. Guernsey, Catharine Guernsey, Lucy Ellen Guernsey, Clara Trowbridge Guernsey and James A. Guernsey
Executors wife: Electa
son: James A.
Witnesses Gustavus Clark of Rochester
P. Hosmer of Rochester


  Oliver Noble of Gates
  Will book 3; p. 33
Dated February 1, 1839
Probated April 13, 1841
Mentions wife: Betsey
sons: Albert C. Noble and Elisha H. Noble
daughters: Jane Noble, Harriet Noble, Ruth Noble, Hester Noble and Salley Maria Noble
Executor son: Albert
Witnesses Henry R. Rochester of Gates
George M. Howard of Gates


  Henry Hopkins of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 36
Dated October 5, 1839
Probated May 4, 1841
Mentions two sons residing in New Orleans
sons: Joseph Hopkins and William Hopkins
daughters: Isabella Hopkins, Delphine Hopkins and Mary Jane wife of Israel Cole
Executors Dr. Joshua Garrison of Murray, Orleans Co.
Cornelius Cole of Murray, Orleans Co.
Witnesses John D. Perkins of Murray
James L. Clark of Murray


  Benjamin Simmons of Parma
  Will book 3; p. 39
Dated October 16, 1840
Probated May 11, 1841
Mentions wife: Abigail
sons: Francis Simmons, Edward Simmons, Ira Simmons and Reuben Simmons
daughter: Hannah Clarke
grandson: Benjamin Simmons
Executor son: Edward
Witnesses Zina G. Paine
Isaac Simmons
David P. Strunk


  Samuel Fellows
  Will book 3; p. 44
Dated November 12, 1835
Probated May 31, 1841
Mentions wife: Esther
sons: Samuel Fellows, Nathaniel Fellows and Azel Fellows
Executors wife: Esther
son: Samuel
Witnesses Henry Brewster of Riga
Albert Brewster of Riga


  John Hiscock of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 46
Dated April 26, 1841
Probated June 22, 1841
Mentions wife: Orpha
sons: Charles S. and Henry M.
brother: George W.
Executors Amos C. Wilmot of Ogden
wife: Orpha
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradley of Greece
Samuel V. Way of Sweden


  Thomas Tousey of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 49
Dated July 14, 1836
Codicil: April 15, 1840
Probated June 30, 1841
Mentions brother: Joseph and his dau. Sarah
Thomas Tousey Jr. son of Joseph
Anna Walch dau. of Joseph
Executors Samuel Works
William Pitkin
Selah Mathers
Everard Peck
Henry E. Rochester
Witnesses Samuel L. Selden of Rochester
E. Darwin Smith of Rochester


  Christopher A. Breese of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 61
Dated December 19, 1840
Probated July 2, 1941
Mentions wife: Amelia
son: Alanson
daughters: Harriet wife of Teunis V. VanNest, Polly wife of Samuel P. Noyes, Jeanette Breese and Laura Breese
Executors Franklin Clark
Samuel P. Noyes
Witnesses Henry Fellows of Penfield
Elias Beach of Penfield
Edward Elsworth of Penfield
Henry Fellows of Penfield


  Diodate Lord of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 66
Dated May 4, 1841
Probated Sept. 8, 1841
Mentions sons: not named
daughters: not named
William F. Farr, son of my deceased daughter Fanny Farr wife of T. J.
Executor Francis E. Lord
Witnesses Harry Allen
Abbe C. Allen


  Patrick McDonald of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 69
Dated March 12, 1841
Probated October 7, 1841
Mentions wife: Bridget
children: John McDonald, Mary Boyle, Rose Ann McDonald, Edward McDonald, Henry McDonald, Michael McDonald and Eliza McDonald
Executor wife
Witnesses Joseph Cochrane of Rochester
Alexander Roche of Rochester
Michael Madden of Rochester


  Martin Sperbeck of Perinton; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 73
Dated May 21, 1841
Probated October 8, 1841
Mentions sons: John, Martin and Jacob
daughters: Margaret Wood, Elizabeth Burd, Mary Higgins, Catharine Cutterbeck and Zelenor Cutterbeck
Executor Abisha Goodel of Perinton
Witnesses Gershom Dunham
Asa Wight
T. R. C. Thompson


  Daniel Hoyt of Rush
  Will book 3; p. 77
Dated August 10, 1841
Probated Octiber 8, 1841
Mentions wife: Susan
son: George
Eunice Howard
Polly Bushman
Orren Hoyt
Executor wife: Susan
Witnesses Levi Kelsey of Rush
Ebenezer Hoyt of Rush


  Cornelius Haight of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 80
Dated September 7, 1841
Probated October 23, 1841
Mentions wife: Mary
sons: Ira A. and Daniel
daughters: Martha Johnstone and Elizabeth Green
Executors son: Daniel
sons in law: Daniel Green and Thomas Johnstone
Witnesses Roswell Lockwood of Brighton
Isaac Richards of Brighton


  Dickerman Chamberlin of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 84
Dated September 14, 1839
Probated Nov. 30, 1841
Mentions graddaughter: Emily, dau. of Emily Chamberlin the wife of William Berk
wife: Jerusha
daughters: Jerusha Orcott, Philothete Sedgwick, Cemantha Dickerman or Dickerson and Emiiy Berk
sons: Lorenzo Chamberlain, Eli Chamberlain, Alfred Chamberlain and Edwin Chamberlain
Executors Moses Chamberlin
Oliver Ide
Witnesses Jesse L. Church of Riga
Elizabeth Church of Riga


  Shepard W. Palmer of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 88
Dated August 7, 1841
Probated Nov. 16, 1841
Mentions wife: Electa
sons: Cyrus W. and Dudley D.
daughters: Frances Sophia Baldwin, Sarah Maria Tourgee and Juliann Fidelia Palmer
Executors son: Cyrus W.
Martin Bromley
Witnesses Jirah Blackman of Wheatland
William Palmer of Riga


  Daniel Finch of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 91
Dated July 6, 1841
Probated Nov. 18, 1941
Mentions wife: Phebe
sons: Benjamin, Noah Holly, Asahel and Charles
daughter: Julia Dyer
Executor son: Charles
Witnesses Mills Landon
John B. Parmelee
Maria R. Parmelee


  Gilliam Hopper of Greece
  Will book 3; p. 94
Dated June 3, 1839
Probated November 20, 1841
Mentions wife: Hannah
son: John G.
daughters: Hannah, Rachel, Margaret and Mary Ann
Executor son-in-law: Stephen Bartolph
wife: Hannah
Witnesses James S. Stone of Greece
Henry Benton of Greece


  John E. Knickerbacker of Perrington (now Perinton)
  Will book 3; p. 100
Dated Jan. 4, 1834
Probated December 3, 1841
Mentions heirs of my deceased daughter Mary, wife of David Nichols: Rosannah, Ezra and Hannah
children of my dau. Sarah late wife of William Corbett
sons: Richard A. and John J.
Executor Anson Slabacker
Witnesses Jeremiah Howland
William P. Ellsworth
Thomas A. Slocum


  Eliphalet Edmonds of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 103
Dated May 23, 1841
Probated December 6, 1841
Mentions wife: Betsey
sons: Lewis, James M. and Hiram
heirs of my daughters Rosina Sperry and Betsey
daughters: Polly Priest and Diana Harrington
Executor son: Lewis
Witnesses Timothy Wallace
William Dingma
William Gallup


  Benjamin Clough of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 107
Dated Sept. 2, 1841
Probated December 7, 1841
Mentions wife
Executors wife
Joseph Putnam
Witnesses John G. Stevens
C. H. Bicknell
D. Moody


  Patrick M'Anelly, native of Galway, Ireland; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 110
Dated not dated
Probated Jan. 19, 1842
Mentions father: John
cousin: John Brady
Executors cousin: John Brady
Witnesses Thomas Cotterell
John Sheridan


  Alexander Thompson of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 112
Dated March 12, 1839
Probated Jan. 24, 1842
Mentions son: Peter
daughter: Betsey
wife: Sarah
Executors Whitney Merry
Elihu H. S. Mumford
Witnesses Hugh Christie of Wheatland
Malcolm McPherson of Wheatland


  John Bennett of Lockport, Niagara Co., N. Y.
  Will book 3; p. 114
Dated April 21, 1841
Probated January 26, 1842
Mentions wife: Lovedy
sons: James and John
Executor wife
Witnesses L. F. Bowen of Lockport
Francis Hutchins of Lockport


  Knowlton Woodbury
  Will book 3; p. 118
Dated Dec. 24, 1833
Probated Feb. 21, 1842
Mentions wife: Susanna
daughters: Sylvia, Mary, Lucy and Charlotte
sons: Ezekiel, Ulysses, John, Noah, Ellery and Eli
grandson: William, son of Abigail Sanford
Executors sons: Ulysses and John
Witnesses Cornelius Treat
N. N. Treat
Harriet Treat


  James Gay of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 120
Dated October 10, 1836
Probated Feb. 1, 1842
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
son: Thomas
daughter: Sylva Waldo
children: Lucinda Knapp, Sarah Gay, Horace Gay and Larry Hois
Executor Thomas Bingham
Witnesses Samuel Shepard
Samuel Shepard Jr.
Paul Knowles


  Sarah Barrett of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 123
Dated July 23, 1840
Probated Feb. 8, 1842
Mentions daughter: Mary Holten
friend: Henry Pardee of Victor
Executor James H. Rodgers
Witnesses L. Adams of Penfield
Horace B. Adams of Penfield


  Abram Starks of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 126
Dated March 1832
Probated Feb. 21, 1842
Mentions son: Abram
daughters: Betsey Chadwick and Nancy Burnet
Executors Arphaxed Whittlesey
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Windsor S. Trowbridge of Ogden


  Allen Budd
  Will book 3; p. 129
Dated Sept. 5, 1841
Probated Feb. 25, 1842
Mentions Clark D. Page
Chloe Budd wife of Daniel
Allen Budd
Mirtillo Warner
Executor Clark D. Page
Witnesses Joel Sherman of Greece
Walter P. Conner of Greece


  Thankful Howes of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 132
Dated Oct. 13, 1837
Probated April 1, 1842
Mentions sons: Enos, Benjamin, Edmond, Ezra and John
Executor Thomas Blossom of Brighton
Witnesses Levi Hoyt of Brighton
Justus Riley of Brighton


  Samuel Shepard of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 135
Dated Nov. 18, 1836
Codicil: Feb. 4, 1842
Probated April 26, 1842
Mentions wife: Hannah
sons: Benjamin Fuller Shepard, Ira Shepard, Samuel Shepard and Hiram Shepard
daughters: Thery Shepard, Sophrona wife of Luman Gutherie, Emily Knowles and Harriet Guthrie
Executor son: Benjamin F. Shepard
Witnesses William Knowles of Riga
S. W. Moulthrop of Riga


  Nathan Lunt of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 143
Dated May 1, 1842
Probated May 17, 1842
Mentions Jane wife of David Shulters
daughter: Harriet Ann
Executors Peter Culver
Benjamin Birdsell Jr.
Joseph Lunt
Witnesses Charles Fountain of Mendon
Patrick Malone of Mendon
Ray G. Gardiner of Mendon


  Solomon Haynes of Penfield (age 43 yrs.)
  Will book 3; p. 147
Dated April 11, 1842
Probated May 19, 1842
Mentions wife: Sophia
daughters: Sabre Haynes, Mary Haynes, Sarah Haynes, Emeline Haynes, Lucinda Haynes and Merinday Haynes
sons: Solomon and Asa
granddaughters (children of my dau. Elizabeth Ann Briggs, deceased): Elizabeth Ann Briggs, Emeline Briggs and Caroline Brigs
Executor wife
Witnesses Ebenezer L. Gage of Penfield
Joseph Cheney of Penfield


  John Le Clear of Penfield; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 150
Dated August 30, 1830
Probated May 21, 1842
Mentions son: Baptist
wife: Anna
sons: Peter and Orville
daughters: Peggy wife of George Green, Jane wife of John Higgins and Seraphina LeClear
Executor John Clark of Penfield
Witnesses Henry Fellows of Penfield, Peter Johnston of Penfield and John LeClear of Penfield


  Edward Hooker of Ohio City, Cuyahoga Co., State of Ohio
  Will book 3; p. 156
Dated July 31, 1842
Probated June 1, 1842
Mentions wife: Mary Ann
children: not named
Executor wife
Witnesses B. Shelden
F. H. Tyler
D. H. Lamb


  Thomas M. Watson of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 159
Dated April 30, 1842
Probated May 30, 1842
Mentions sons: George A. and Henry T.
wife: Jane H.
mother: Eunice
sister: Eliza Ann wife of Wm. Shepard
brother: Silas
aunt: Eliza Shirtliff
Executor William Whitney
Witnesses Hiram Banker of Rochester
James Henderson of Rochester


  James Gillis of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 164
Dated March 28, 1842
Probated June 14, 1842
Mentions wife: Charlotte
sister: Betsey Christian
cousins: Richard Carley and Jane Gillis
Executor Oliver G. Secor of Kendall, Orleans Co.
Witnesses Rinaldo M. Evarts of Clarkson
Oliver G. Secor of Kendall
Jerome Fuller of Brockport


  Roswell Terrill of Perinton (age 48 yrs.)
  Will book 3; p. 169
Dated Jan. 12, 1842
Probated June 25, 1842
Mentions wife: Letty
daughter: Jane Etta
Executors wife: Letty
Besant Barde
Witnesses Gilbert Benedict of Perinton
Samuel Miles of Perinton


  Shubael Fellows of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 172
Dated Nov. 17, 1841
Probated July 13, 1842
Mentions wife: Cornelia Ann
brother-in-law: Joseph Spitzer
Executor wife
Witnesses Jacob Bover
Abram Bover
Eugene O'Donoghue


  NancyThomas of Rush
  Will book 3; p. 177
Dated Sept. 23, 1841
Probated July 21, 1942
Mentions sister: Barbara wife of Samuel Mock
5 brothers: John Thomas of Ohio, Jacob, Thomas, Christie Jr., Thomas and Daniel
Executor Peter Roudenbush
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
Rebecca Price of Rush


  William Kirck of Greece
  Will book 3; p. 178
Dated May 19, 1842
Probated Aug. 23, 1842
Mentions wife: Jane
sons: Moses, James, John M. and William Jr.
daughters: Mary Dedrick, Ann B. Brookins (being the late wife of Samuel Miller), Jane Doty, Elizabeth Bennett and Sarah Kirck
Executor wife: Jane
Witnesses G. C. Latta
G. H. Holden


  Hiel Brockway of Brockport
  Will book 3; p. 182
Dated February 28, 1834
Probated Sept. 22, 1842
Mentions wife: Phebe
Executor wife
Witnesses Elias B. Holmes of Brockport
Augustus F. Brockway of Brockport


  Samuel Hanna
  Will book 3; p. 185
Dated July 26, 1842
Probated Dec. 21, 1842
Mentions daughter: Martha
sons: Mathias, Andrew J. and John V.
Executors Denton G. Stuart of Mendon
Samuel Sterling of Mendon
Witnesses John H. Fox of Mendon
Egbert Wilson of Mendon


  Joseph Albertson of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 189
Dated Nov. 13, 1841
Probated Dec. 22, 1842
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
sons: Isaac, John, Frederick H., David H., Daniel, Samuel and Willet
Executor son: Frederick H.
Peter Culver of Mendon
Witnesses John Collins
Edmund Townsend


  Gardner Chapin
  Will book 3; p. 192
Dated Not dated
Probated January 5, 1843
Mentions wife: Rebecca
Harvey Little
daughter: Nancy Maria Buckland
son: Gardner Brown Chapin
Executor wife
Witnesses Ebenezer Bowen
Gideon Cobb


  John Gilmore of Parma; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 203
Dated March 18, 1841
Probated Jan. 21, 1843
Mentions sons: John Jr. and Willaim
wife: Phebe
daughters: Philanda Bragg, Polly Atchinson, Clarissa Perry, Harriet Annis, Betsey Bixby and Mica Salina Irons
Executor Samuel Castle
Austin Atchinson
Witnesses John E. Paterson
Abram B. Castle of Parma


  Gitte Stottle of Chili
  Will book 3; p. 206
Dated Jan. 20, 1843
Probated Feb. 21, 1843
Mentions Gitte daughter of John Stottle
Gitte daughter of Kinzy Stottle
Gitte daughter of Jeremiah Hunt
sons: John and Kinzy
daughter: Susanna Brown and her dau. Betsey
Joseph Stottle
grandsons: Joseph and George Brown
Mary Stottle
Christiana Stottle
Cornelia Stottle
Gitte daughter of Margaret Stottle
Executor son: Kinzy Stottel
Witnesses Eleazer Savage
Esther Hendee


  Samuel Skerritt of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 210
Dated October 31, 1842
Probated March 4, 1843
Mentions wife: Lucy
Sally Newell
Chester P. Root
Francis Root
Mary Dewey
Executor wife
Witnesses Newman R. Dryer
Francis Root


  Eleazer Lathrop of Brockport
  Will book 3; p. 213
Dated April 12, 1842
Probated March 13, 1843
Mentions sons: Alvin and Eleazer Hollister
daughter-in-law: Caroline wife of Alvin Lathrop
daughter: Diantha, deceased wife of Josiah Lacy
Executors Ensign Bushnell
Daniel Belden
Witnesses Ralph W. Goold
George P. Eddy


  Jonathan Jeft of Webster
  Will book 3; p. 216
Dated March 15, 1843
Probated May 4, 1843
Mentions wife: Abigail
daughter: Elmina
graddaughters: Lauretta Barton and Ann Eliza Barton
son: Kittridge
Executor wife: Abigail
Witnesses Levi C. Harris of Webstser
Elon Sterns
Joseph E. Robb


  Henry Sparks of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 220
Dated Sept. 22, 1840
Probated May 5, 1843
Mentions wife: Orpha
brother: George of Carlton, Orleans County, N.Y.
sister: Hannah Crippen of Carlton, Orleans County, N.Y.
Executor wife
Freeman Divoll
Witnesses Nelson G. Hawley of Rochester
Emma Crane of Rochester
H. Gay of Rochester


  Rufus Smith of Greece
  Will book 3; p. 225
Dated January 2, 1835
Probated May 5, 1843
Mentions wife: Abby
children: Simeon, Elijah F., Albert G., Maria and Rufus Jr.
Issue of my deceased son Elias: Henry A., Louisa, Anne Maria and Prudence A.
Executor sons: Elijah F. and Albert G.
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradley of Greece
Flavius J. Day of Greece


  Jehiel Felt of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 228
Dated Nov. 7, 1837
Probated May 24, 1843
Mentions sons: James D., Lauren, Vroman, Orson, Charles and Jehiel Ray
daughters: Orinia, Almira, Achsah, Orpha, Orra, Lucinda and Eliza Allen
Executor wife: Mehitabel
Witnesses W. B. Alexander
John Ries
Henry Alexander


  Levi Parnell of Chili
  Will book 3; p. 233
Dated Dec. 29, 1841
Probated June 30, 1843
Mentions son-in-law: Charles Hotchkiss
son: John
wife: Ann
daughters: Eliza Hotchkiss, Ann and Rachael
Executor son: John
William Wooden Sr. of Chili
Witnesses Mathias Joseph
Moses W. Dusenbury


  Isaac W. Congdon of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 237
Dated June 6, 1842
Probated Oct. 2, 1843
Mentions Joseph E. Congdon and wife Amy B.
Children of above: Wm. G. and Ann Sophia
parents: Joshua & Sarah Congdon
sister: Susan C. wife of Joseph Jefferson
sister: Ann B. wife of Charles Aldridge
Isaac son of Seneca Congdon of Grafton, Mass.
William Gurdon Congdon son of Jesse
Executor brother: brother: Jesse E.
Mathew Mead
Preston Smith
Witnesses W. E. Lathrop of Rochester
H. Stilwell of Rochester


  Franklin Wetherby of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 244
Dated Feb. 28, 1842
Probated Oct. 3, 1843
Mentions wife: Betsey
brother: Granville
sister: Mary wife of Josiah Clark
Executor Isaac Allen of Clarkson
Witnesses Samuel Mead of Clarkson
Josiah Clark of Clarkson


  Peter Myers of Rush
  Will book 3; p. 247
Dated June 7, 1830
Probated Oct. 18, 1843
Mentions daughter: Christiana (married)
sons: Jacob, Henry and John
daughters: Elizabeth and Polly
Executor son: John
Mathew Warner
Witnesses Martin S. Saunders
James M. Warner
Eliphalet Brooks


  Hope Davis
  Will book 3; p. 251
Dated August 8, 1843
Probated Nov. 16, 1843
Mentions wife: Betsey
daughter: Jane S. Richmond
sons: William C., Andrew J., Hope and Edward H
Executors wife
Austin Spencer
Witnesses E. P. Davis of Riga
John Wonsey of Ogden


  Joseph Lockwood of Rush
  Will book 3; p. 254
Dated March 1, 1843
Probated November 22, 1843
Mentions wife: Mareb
daughter: Anna, deceased wife of Reynolds Harris
daughter: Sarah wife of William L. Place
daughter: Elizabeth wife of Richard V. Rogers
daughter: Mary wife of Franklin Russell
Executors Isaac Colvin of Henrietta
Edwin Evers of Mendon
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
William H. Calkins of Rush


  Ansel Howard of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 258
Dated Aug. 5, 1842
Probated Dec. 8, 1843
Mentions wife: Orpha
sons: Daniel J. and Marshall F.
Lovina Smith, who is now living with me
Executor wife
Witnesses C. H. Dickinson of Perinton
Ansel Ely of Perinton


  Jacob Killam of Webster
  Will book 3; p. 262
Dated June 10, 1843
Probated Jan. 11, 1844
Mentions wife: Susannah
children: not named
Executor Alpheas Crocker of Webster
Oliver Reynolds
Witnesses Charles M. Rogers of Webster
Chauncey Dunning of Webster


  John Hiler of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 266
Dated Oct. 12, 1843
Probated (Jan. 11, 1844) March 6, 1844
Mentions wife: Margaret
sons: Daniel, Silas, James and George
daughter: Malissa
grandson: Monroe Miller
Executor William Wood
Samuel Miller
Witnesses E. B. Wheeler of Rochester
Gauis Lane of Rochester


  William Fraser of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 268
Dated June 21, 1843
Probated March 11, 1844
Mentions wife: Jennet
sons: John and James
daughters: Ann and Mary
Executors Robert Watson
Hector McLean of Caledonia, NY
Witnesses John McPherson of Wheatland
Archibald M. Stewart of Wheatland


  Asa Bullock of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 272
Dated November 2, 1843
Probated March 18, 1844
Mentions wife: Thankful
children: Norris, Allice Durkee, Levina Shaw, Almeda Conant, Susannah R. Cook, Sally Bullock and Lucinda Deland
Executor wife
Witnesses Abisha Goodell of Perinton
David Carpenter of Perintons


  Samuel Baldwin of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 275
Dated Dec. 6, 1843
Probated March 21, 1844
Mentions sons: Stephen D., Gordon and Samuel C.
wife: Lois
daughters: Electa wife of Joshua P. Rogers and Lydia Smith
Executors son: Gordon
son: Samuel C.
Witnesses Nelson A. Frost of Riga
Truman C. Hill of Riga


  Andrew Huntington of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 280
Dated December 16, 1843
Probated April 26, 1844
Mentions wife: Joanna
nieces: Esther Niles and Helen Bush
grandson: Samuel D. Huntington
granddaughter: Eliza D. Huntington
Jane Bush
Eunice Slade
Harriet Huntington
grave of my first wife in Pittsford
Executor H. V. S. Brooks
Chilleon Merrell
Witnesses Oramel W. Naste of Pittsford
John L. Child of Pittsford


  Christle Thomas of Rush
  Will book 3; p. 282
Dated Sept. 17, 1838
Probated May 14, 1844
Mentions son: David C.
wife: Christiana
daughter: Susanna
other children not named
Executors Abraham Martin
Henry Hart
Witnesses Moses Chapin of Rochester
Charles W. Dundas of Rochester
William S. Thayer of Rochester


  David H. Quackenboss of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY (age 77 yrs,)
  Will book 3; p. 286
Dated March 22, 1943
Probated May 27, 1844
Mentions wife: Rachel
sons: Hunter and John D.
daughters: Eleanor Quackenboss, Maria wife Abraham Yates and Lavinia wife of Herman H. Ehle
Jane wife of William Jones
Dorcas wife of John C. Spring(?)
Dorcas wife of Alexander Hilton
Peggy wife of Jacob Vedder
grandson: Alfred son of John H. Quackenboss
grandson: Alexander son of John H. Quackenboss
grandson: David son of Abr. & Maria Yates
Executors Abraham Yates
Robert Yates of Root
Daniel Ehle of Canajoharie
Witnesses Henry E. Selden of Clarkson
Nicholas G. Hilton of Clarkson


  Timothy C. Haskell of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 290
Dated Jan. 6, 1844
Probated June 18, 1844
Mentions children: William James, Sarah E., Emily and Francis
brother: Daniel
brother-in-law: Daniel Whiting Jr. of North Brookfield, Mass.
Executors wife: Fanny
Orlando Hastings of Rochester
Witnesses P. B. Cook of Rochester
John Dalton of Rochester


  David Cady of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 293
Dated June 15, 1839
Probated June 25, 1844
Mentions wife: Luany
sons: George Washington, Daniel Lovejoy, David, Samuel and Jesse B.
daughter: Arena Elsworth
Executor George W. Cady
Witnesses John Scott of Perinton
William Cook
Cyrus P. Hannan


  Windsor S. Trowbridge of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 297
Dated May 10, 1844
Probated July 15, 1844
Mentions wife: Rebecca
sons: Windsor, Edward W. and John T.
Executor wife
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
A. C. Wilmot of Ogden


  Joseph Woods of Chili
  Will book 3; p. 299
Dated April 12, 1837
Probated July 22, 1844
Mentions wife: Fanny
brother: Moses Woods
sisters: Mary Wily and Julia Gortan
Executor wife
Witnesses John Colt
Thankful Colt
Miriam T. Sill


  Hiram Andrews of Irondequoit
  Will book 3; p. 301
Dated January 27, 1844
Probated July 29, 1844
Mentions sons: George William, Hiram Edwin and Frank Eugene
mother: Mary Dunham
wife: Polly Smith Andrews
Executor wife
Witnesses Leonard Hitchcock of Rochester
Thomas H. Dunning of Rochester


  Jean Guillaume Baudoin Eugene Berleur of Irondequoit
  Will book 3; p. 303
Dated Jan. 18, 1842
Probated Aug. 19, 1844
Mentions wife: Miriam H. Berleur
daughter: Marie Josephine
Executor Caleb K. Hobbie
Witnesses Samuel W. Bradstreet of Irondequoit
Jean Perre Crigean of Irondequoit


  Harrison Phelps of Sweden
  Will book 3; p. 305
Dated Jan. 19, 1844
Probated Aug. 19, 1844
Mentions sisters: Cornelia Phelps and Elmina Phelps
father: Walter
sisters: Mary Smith, Betsey White and Sophia Randall
Executors brother-in-law: Amos Smith
brother-in-law: Daniel A. White
brother-in-law: Milton M. Randall
Witnesses Zenas Cane Jr. of Ogden
Edward Patten of Sweden
Zenas C. Howard of Sweden


  Josiah Rich of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 307
Dated August 12, 1844
Probated Sept. 9, 1844
Mentions wife: Polly
children: Jane Maria wife of James Brookins, Abiel F. wife of Wm. P. Nottingham, Leonard, William and Judith R. wife of Freeman Thompson
Executors sons-in-law: James Brookins and Wm. P. Nottingham
Witnesses John S. Skinner of Ogden
Shubael Bascom of Ogden


  Samuel Nixon of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 309
Dated April 11, 1844
Probated Sept. 9, 1844
Mentions wife: Susannah
sons: William, Henry and John
daughters: Mary Jane, Eliza and Eleanor
Executor wife
Witnesses James Hay of Clarkson
David Hay of Clarkson


  Caleb Munson of Perinton; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 311
Dated July 15, 1844
Probated Sept. 30, 1844
Mentions wife: Amy
son: George
daughters: Esther Birch, Emily Cornwell, Harriet Maria Munson and Josephine Malinda Munson
Executors wife
son: George
Witnesses Mary Guile
W. G. Hughes
Volney Hughes


  Timothy Colby of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 313
Dated Jan. 5, 1844
Probated Oct. 14, 1844
Mentions children: Curtius, Benjamin P., Jesse, Nancy Randall, Mary Ferris, Timothy Jr. and Charlotte
grandson: Timothy C. Cox
Executors son: Jesse
brother: Eastman Colby
Witnesses Zenas Case Jr. of Ogden
Reuben Pettingill
Amos N. Colby of Ogden


  Clark Baker of Gates
  Will book 3; p. 315
Dated Sept. 10, 1844
Probated Oct. 28, 1844
Mentions son: Gideon C. of Rochester
the children of Cornelius Campbell of Rochester: Rufus, Cornelius, George and Louisa
brother: Avery
Executor son: Gideon
Witnesses John W. Shaw of Rochester
Phineas Lord of Rochester


  Samuel Way of Springfield, Otsego Co., NY
  Will book 3; p. 317
Dated Oct. 13, 1817
Probated Nov. 11, 1844
Mentions sons: Samuel V., John and Willard
daughters: Sally and Betsey
wife: Sally
Executor son: Samuel
Witnesses William Lindsly
Leonard Hibbard
Evan Cotes


  Hannah Goodwin of Parma
  Will book 3; p. 319
Dated Dec. 18, 1843
Probated Nov. 11, 1844
Mentions sons: Levi and Oliver H.
daughters: Eliza wife of Zacheus Brower and Rosila wife of Silas Swift
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
John Washburn of Parma


  Charles S. Holdridge of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 321
Dated Oct. 14, 1844
Probated Nov. 24, 1844
Mentions daughters: Elizabeth wife of Avery Hyde, Nancy Spencer, Louisa Ann and Harriet
sons: Amos, Abel, Charles and Norton
Executors sons: Amos and Abel
Witnesses P. B. Holdridge of Riga
Zara Little of Chili


  Jacob P. Dunn of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 323
Dated Aug. 17, 1840
Probated Dec. 16, 1844
Mentions grandchildren: daughters of John Dunn - Huldah, Ann and Betsey
grandson: Jacob P. son of Polly Russell
grandson: John Quincy son of Polly Russell
granddaughter: Mary Ann dau. of Polly Russell
Jacob Dunn
Bartley Dunn
Peter Dunn
William E. Dunn
Frances Dunn
Thomas Dunn
Rebecca Mariah Dunn
wife: Rebecca
Executors wife
Joseph Hutchinson
Witnesses Ely Hannibal of Sweden
Orin S. Hutchinson


  Charles D. Hagaman of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 325
Dated Aug. 17, 1844
Probated Dec. 18, 1844
Mentions wife: Harriet
daughters: Caroline L., Maria S., Frances I. and Mary Jane
Executors Samuel P. Gould
Marvin Hopkins
John Hagaman
Witnesses Samuel P. Gould of Brighton
John Hagaman of Brightom


  Thomas Blossom of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 327
Dated June 5, 1843
Probated Dec. 30, 1844
Mentions daughter: Fanny A.
son: Elisha Y.
Executor son
Witnesses Justus Yale
Thomas Yale of Brighton


  John Christie of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 330
Dated not dated
Probated Dec. 30, 1844
Mentions son: Hugh
wife: Jenet
daughters: Jane, Catherine, Mary wife of Daniel Fraser and Christy
Executors John McPherson
John A. McVean
Witnesses Finlay McPherson of Wheatland
Malcom McPherson of Wheatland


  Jonathan Buell of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 333
Dated October 29, 1844
Probated Jan. 13, 1845
Mentions wife: Mary W.
daughter: Maria
brother: Josiah
sister: Lois Buell
grandchild: child of my dau. Clarina VanVleck
Executor Daniel Wood of Rochester
Witnesses William Wood of Penfield
Thomas Lally of Penfield


  John Armstrong of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 337
Dated Oct. 12, 1839
Probated March 17, 1845
Mentions wife: Ann
daughter: Ann Eliza
son: Wm. Parker Armstrong
Executor wife
Witnesses John Lusk of Pittsford
Alva W. Talmadge of Pittsford


  Celia A. Sheldon of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 339
Dated Jan. 18, 1845
Probated March 17, 1845
Mentions son: Milton Dwight
brothers: George W. Allen, Ethan Allen and Daniel Allen
sister: Althea Allen
Executor brother: George W. Allen
Witnesses George S. Stone of Mendon
C. Smith of Mendon


  Chester Cleavland of Webster
  Will book 3; p. 341
Dated June 27, 1844
Probated March 31, 1845
Mentions daughters: Susan, Elizabeth, Abigail and Harriet
sons: Roswell, Calvin, Alfred and Chester
grandson: Alson Sanford
wife: Elizabeth
Executors William Holt
James D. Murphy
Witnesses John Bowers of Webster
John Smith of Webster of Webstser
Anna Lockwood of Webster


  Wells Clark of Rush; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 344
Dated Sept. 6, 1841
Probated March 31, 1845
Mentions sons: Wells, Jeremiah and John
daughters: Rebecca Davis and Eliza Clark
Executor 3 sons
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
Ebenezer German of Rush


  John Howes of Irondequoit
  Will book 3; p. 346
Dated May 13, 1840
Probated April 14, 1845
Mentions granddaughter: Mary Disbrow
grandsons: George G. Waring and John H. Waring
Executor Joseph Legget
Witnesses William Shepherd of Irondequoit
George W. McGonegal of Irondequoit
James Waring of Irondequoit


  Joseph Woolston of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 347
Dated March 17, 1845
Probated April 14, 1845
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
daughters: not named
sons: David, Wesley, William and John
Executors wife
sons: William and John
Witnesses Alonzo Benson of Mendon
Joshua Gillett of Mendon
Martin S. Webstser of Mendon


  Ralph A. Gillett of Sweden
  Will book 3; p. 349
Dated March 1, 1845
Probated April 14, 1845
Mentions children: Eliza Elmina, Augustus Frederick and Judson Aaron
Executors Guy Chappel
Frederick P. Root
Edmund Spencer
Witnesses David N. Glazier of Sweden
William W. Carr of Sweden
John W. Spencer of Spencer


  Timothy Wright of Parma
  Will book 3; p. 351
Dated Dec. 20, 1844
Probated April 21, 1845
Mentions sons: Henry, Roswell E., Timothy A. and John
daughters: Elvira S. Pike, Susan Fortune amd Elizabeth Wright
Executor wife: Elizabeth
Witnesses J. H. Bushnell of Clarkson
Jonathan Wadhams of Parma
Mangle Rall of Parma


  Abner Goodell of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 353
Dated March 4, 1845
Probated May 3, 1845
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
Executor wife
Witnesses H. R. Sheldon of Clarkson
Hopkins Rowell of Clarkson


  Abraham Tice of Sweden
  Will book 3; p. 354
Dated Dec. 31, 1844
Probated May 12, 1845
Mentions wife: Mary
daughters: Catherine Russell, Eliza Champine and Marion Tice
sons: George, Lewis and William
Executors Daniel Belden
Hollister Lathrop
Stephen S. Sheldon
Witnesses Jerome Fuller of Brockport
George Crippen of Sweden


  Henry G. Andruss of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 357
Dated April 16, 1845
Probated May 19, 1845
Mentions sons: William B. and Henry G.
daughter: Inez N. Andrus
Executor wife
son: William
Witnesses J. B. Richardson of Pittsford
J. H. Sutherland of Pittsford


  William Moore of Mendom
  Will book 3; p. 360
Dated Oct. 31, 1843
Probated June 2, 1845
Mentions wife: Rachel
children: Coziah, Benjamin, Polly, Ephraim, Sally Ann, Charles, Caty, Thomas, Rhody Whitbeck (Whitbeck omit), Stephen, Jerry, Eunice Stayman, John and Rachel
Executor Joseph B. Townsend
Witnesses Walter White
Robert M. Briggs
John Foster


  Noah Corning of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 362
Dated August 28, 1829
Probated June 2, 1845
Mentions wife: Clarissa
grandson: Gordon Corning
sons: William and Timothy B.
daughter: Elizabeth Lucretia wife of Lyman Crocker
Executors wife
son: William
Witnesses L. Adams of Penfield
Isaac T. Raymond of Penfield


  Ester Colby of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 364
Dated April 17, 1823
Probated July 7, 1845
Mentions sons: John Concle and Peter Concle
daughters: Elizabeth Smith, Polly Hetchler and Ester Colby
Executor Augustus Bristol
Witnesses Augustus Bristol
Isaac I. Lewis
Joseph Morgan, Jr.


  Davd K. Gally of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 366
Dated July 26, 1844
Probated July 7, 1845
Mentions daughters: Mariam and Harriet
sons: not named
Executors Arristachus Champion
Samuel D. Porter
Edwin Scranton
Witnesses Moses King
Joseph Stone of Rochester


  Samuel Hill (age 65 yrs.); (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 368
Dated not dated
Probated July 14, 1843
Mentions nephew: Edward Wordin Jr.
Executor nephew
Witnesses Ebenezer L. Page of Penfield
Catherine C. Page of Penfield


  Sylvester Woodman of Irondequoit
  Will book 3; p. 369
Dated Sept. 15, 1841
Probated August 11, 1845
Mentions wife: Amelia
Executor Humphrey Woodman of Little Compton, R.I.
Witnesses E. B. Wheeler of Rochester
Amos B. Buckland of Rochester


  Justin Willey of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 371
Dated March 13, 1845
Probated August 11, 1845
Mentions wife: Maxamilla
son: William Edgar
daughter: Margaret Ellen
Executors Gurdon Hamilton of Ogden
Charles Church of Ogden
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Charles Church of Ogden


  Isaac Bishop Steves of Sweden
  Will book 3; p. 374
Dated Nov. 2, 1842
Probated Oct. 13, 1845
Mentions sons: Samuel P. and Jeremiah Caleb
wife: Lovina
Executor wife
Witnesses J. R. Goldsmith
Robert Staples
Ephraim Judson


  Mortimer F. Delano of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 376
Dated Jan. 15, 1845
Probated Oct. 17, 1845
Mentions wife: Sarah Elizabeth
children: not named
Executor wife
Witnesses John Thompson Jr. of Rochester
Daniel Wood of Rochester


  Daniel Olney of Henrietta (age 67 yrs.)
  Will book 3; p. 378
Dated July 6, 1843
Probated Oct. 20, 1845
Mentions wife: Hannah
sons: Daniel Jr. and James B.
daughter: Sophia
Executor son: Daniel
Witnesses James Sperry of Henrietta
Elihu Kirby
Micajah Kirby


  John B. Dye of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 380
Dated May 22, 1843
Probated Oct. 27, 1845
Mentions wife: Jace C.
brother: Walter E.
Executor wife
Moses Pettingell
Witnesses Austin Spencer of Ogden
Riley A. Spencer of Ogden


  Cornelius Demorest of Brighton
  Will book 3; p. 383
Dated Sept. 10, 1844
Probated Oct. 1845
Mentions wife: Ann
daughters: Catherine, Mary and Margaret
daughter: Sarah
son: Peter
granddaughters: Marie Dealing and Sarah Ann Demorest
grandsons: no mentioned
Executors Justus Yale
Benjamin B. Blossom
Witnesses Justus W. Gale
John Howes


  William Allen of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 385
Dated not dated
Probated Nov. 24, 1845
Mentions wife: Blinda
children: Adolphus, Isaac, Hannah, Rachel, Joseph, Abram and Eliza
son-in-law: Hazen Peck
Executor son: Abram
Witnesses D. G. Shuart of Mendon
G. W. Hanna of Mendon


  Frederick Hanford of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 387
Dated Feb. 16, 1845
Probated Nov. 18, 1845
Mentions wife
son: Frederick
Executor wife
Witnesses Edward Ruggles
Eli Watkins


  John H. Bushnell of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 389
Dated Sept. 2, 1845
Probated Dec. 22, 1845
Mentions sons: Sidney A., Daniel Prindle, John H. and George Willard
daughters: Juliett, Eliza Ann and Olive
wife: Sally Ann
Executors wife
son: Sidney
Witnesses William P. Rice of Clarkson
John P. Rice of Clarkson


  Abraham Morrill of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 391
Dated May 24, 1834
Probated Feb. 5, 1846
Mentions 10 daughters: Miriam Switzer, Phebe Lane, Juduth G. Gilman, Rhoda Hodgkiss, Hannah Chamberlain, Maria W. Hill, Sarah Hilton, Nancy Sutliff, Comfort W. Newman and Martha W. Morrill
son: Abner
sons-in-law: Samuel Gilman and James Hill
Executors sons-in-law
Witnesses Josiah E. Willard
A. M. Lane
John Hill Jr., all of Ogden


  Sophia Rochester of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 394
Dated April 29, 1845
Probated Feb. 12, 1846
Mentions daughters: Ann Cornelia and Louisa L.
sons: Nathaniel T., Thomas H., Henry E. and William B.
daughters: Mary E. Montgomery, Sophia E. Child and Katharine C. Colman (deceased)
Executors Thomas H., Nathaniel T. and Henry E.
Witnesses Ebenezer Griffin Griffin of Rochester
E. Darwin Smith of Rochester


  William Palmer of Riga
  Will book 3; p. 397
Dated Feb. 20, 1945
Probated March 27, 1846
Mentions wife: Susan F.
sons: Henry A., Charles A. and William Lee
daughters: Fanny, Ednah, Mary Ann, Lucy wife of George Promley and Lydia wife of Lorenzo Babcock
Executors John R. Smith
Charles A. Palmer
Witnesses Simon King of Riga
William King of Riga


  Porter Hiscock of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 400
Dated Feb. 17, 1846
Probated March 28, 1846
Mentions sister: Clarissa wife of Wm. Shuart of Parma
brother: Orrin
sister: Betsey Plant
niece: Alma O. Austin wife of Solon S.
nephew: Bolivar O. Strander son of Stephen
niece: Arealean G. daughter of Stephen
father: Jared
Executors Orrin Hiscock
Jonathan Wadham
Witness brother: Orrin


  Ashbel Baldwin of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 403
Dated April 22, 1843
Probated April 9, 1846
Mentions Charles B. Bristol of Rochester
Executors Charles B. Bristol and his son Charles of Rochester
Witnesses J. A. Eastman of Rochester
Joseph Strong of Rochester


  Abraham Ennis of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY
  Will book 3; p. 405
Dated April 8, 1842
Probated April 16, 1846
Mentions son: Abraham
wife: Mary
Executor William R. Webb
Witnesses James D. Crank
William H. H. Drake of Gorham


  Thomas Tillotson of Henrietta
  Will book 3; p. 408
Dated Dec. 3, 1845
Probated May 7, 1846
Mentions wife: Eunice and children
daughters: Laura wife of Isaac Dimond (deceased)
Executor wife
Witnesses Joseph Williams of Henrietta
Affias Williams of Henrietta


  Jason Hazard of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 410
Dated Jan. 15, 1838
Probated May 7, 1846
Mentions wife: Olive
son: Anson
daughters: Phebe Ann Dailey, Olivia Lusk, Roxanna Bruley and Maria Hazzard
Executor son: Anson
Witnesses John Armstrong of Pittsford
Solomon Stone of Pittsford


  Eli Bond of Greece
  Will book 3; p. 413
Dated June 23, 1840
Probated May 14, 1846
Mentions father: Bethuel
brothers: Elijah and James
Executor daughter: Elizabeth Whilon
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradley of Greece
Asa Beeber of Greece


  George Keeney of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 415
Dated March 20, 1846
Probated May 8, 1846
Mentions children: James Morton and Hellen Melinda
sister: Wealthy Luce
brothers: John and Frankie
Executor Levi A. Ward of Rochester
Witnesses N. L. Carpenter
Joseph Farnham


  Brooks Mason of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 418
Dated Aug. 23, 1838
Probated June 11, 1846
Mentions wife: Vrancy
granddaughter: Polly Shoecraft wife of Peter
grandsons: Hiram M. Ross and Clark P. Ross
sons: John B., Octavius, Isaac and Russell
daughter: Candice wife of Benjamin S. Whitehead
Executors son: Octavius
son-in-law: Benjamin S. Whitehead
Witnesses Jonathan Baker of Penfield
Daniel E. Lewis of Penfield


  William Henry of Parma
  Will book 3; p. 421
Dated Aug. 24, 1840
Probated June 29, 1846
Mentions wife: Phebe
daughters: Esther and Sally
sons: Henry, Jonathan, James and John
daughters: Rachel Smith and Phebe Limbocker
Executors wife
son: Jonathan
Witnesses Chauncey A. Knox of Parma
Stephen Bartwick of Parma
M. S. Cole of Parma


  Joseph Ward of Schroeppel, Oswego Co., NY
  Will book 3; p. 422
Dated Dec. 17, 1842
Probated July 1, 1846
Mentions wife: Susannah
Executor wife: Susanna
Witnesses Cyrus Breed
Susannah Breed
Ann Lesley


  William Corbin of Henrietta
  Will book 3; p. 424
Dated April 1, 1846
Probated July 2, 1846
Mentions wife: Mary
daughter: Esther
sons: Horatio and Howard
daughters: Hannah E. wife of H. Beckwith
Marilla Corbin
Elvira Corbin
Executor Micajah W. Kirby of Henrietta
Witnesses Micajah W. Kirby of Henrietta
Ezra Howard of Henrietta


  Hugh Veeder of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 426
Dated July 8, 1842
Probated July 2, 1846
Mentions wife: Catherine
nephew: Orurand John Roswell
Executors William Clark
Jacob B. Odell
Witnesses Edwin Mott
Eliza Mott


  Timothy Kneeland of Ogden
  Will book 3; p. 427
Dated July 8, 1842
Probated July 2, 1846
Mentions wife: Anna
sons: Albert T., Russell A. and Gilbert H.
daughter: Emma
Executors Austin Spencer
Witnesses Charles Church
Henry Bell


  Donald McPherson of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 430
Dated March 13, 1846
Probated Aug. 6, 1846
Mentions wife: Mary
son: Malcom
daughters: Christy wife of Duncan McPherson, Catherine wife of Archibald Armstrong and Helen wife of John Campbell
grandchild: Daniel son of my son Duncan
grandchild: Daniel son of my son John
grandchild: Daniel son of my dau. Catherine Armstrong
grandchild: Catherine dau. of my dau. Helen Campbell
grandchild: Mary dau. of my dau. (Helen) Christy McPherson
Executors Alexander Anderson of LeRoy, NY
John McPherson
Witnesses Donald C. McLaren of Caledonia
Dinlay McPherson of Wheatland


  John T. Smith of Chili
  Will book 3; p. 433
Dated April 13, 1846
Probated Oct. 15, 1846
Mentions sister: Lydia Ann Smith
brothers: Simon C. and James H.
Executors brothers: James H. and Simon C.
Witnesses John Colt of Chili
Thankful Colt of Chili


  John Williams of Greece
  Will book 3; p. 434
Dated May 27, 1841
Probated Oct. 15, 1846
Mentions wife: Rebecca
son: John Jr.
daughters: Laura Castle and Noralla Kine
deceased children: Jonathan, Rebecca Fuller, Delia Parish and Almeron Williams
Executors son: John Jr.
Witnesses Samuel B. Bradley
Ralph Clapp


  John McPherson of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 436
Dated Oct. 29, 1842
Probated Oct. 15, 1846
Mentions sons: Peter and Angus
wife: Helen
daughters: Catherine wife of Daniel McKenzie, Nancy wife of John McNaughton, Christy wife of Daniel McPherson, Mary McPherson, Margaret McPherson, Isabella McPherson and Helen McPherson
Executors wife: Helen
son: Peter
Witness Alexnder McPherson


  Henry Price of Clarkson; (signed with an X)
  Will book 3; p. 438
Dated April 1, 1843
Probated Oct. 19, 1846
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
daughters: Mercy Smith, Hester Ferguson, Sarah Porter, Nancy Milton, Emeline Perrigo, Paulina Goodell and Elizabeth Price
sons: Roderick, Percy Green, John C. R., William and Reuben
Executors sons: Roderick and John
Witnesses Henry L. Smith of Clarkson
Hopkins Rowell of Clarksom


  Benjamin Hill of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 439
Dated Sept. 22, 1842
Probated Oct. 22, 1846
Mentions wife: Roxia
Executor wife: Roxia
Witnesses Charles Foote of Mendon
Sophia Foote of Mendon


  Vincent Mathews of Rochester
  Will book 3; p. 441
Dated April 1843
Probated Oct. 22, 1846
Mentions daughters: Rebecca and Elizabeth
son: James
granddaughter: Julia Elizabeth Mathews
brother: Vincent
St. Luke's Church at Rochester
Executors wife
William Pitkin
Selah Mathews
Witnesses Jasper W. Gilbert of Rochester
Josiah W. Bissell of Rochester


  Joab Hughes of Mendon
  Will book 3; p. 443
Dated March 6, 1841
Probated Nov. 5, 1846
Mentions wife: Betsey
sons: John M., Erastus, William, Arthur, Hazen, Volney and Joab B.
daughters: Althea, Henrietta M. and Mary L.
Executors sons: Arthur and Joab
Witnesses Walter Scudder
Samuel Benedict
Cholette Cady


  George Welch of Pittsford
  Will book 3; p. 445
Dated March 24, 1846
Probated Nov. 6, 1846
Mentions wife: Susan
sons: John, Nathan and Madison
daughters: Julia Eckler, Nancy Chambers and Mary Holt
Executors son: John
Lawrence P. Whitbeck
Witnesses Ephraim Goss of Pittsford
Lawrence P. Whitbeck


  Henry Burger of Henrietta
  Will book 3; p. 446
Dated Apr. 10, 1845
Probated Nov. 12, 1846
Mentions wife: Rhoda
son: Jacob (deceased) and his 2 children
son: Henry
daughters: Catherine Clickner and Sarah Remington & her dau. Mary
Executor wife
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
John Sullivan of Mendon


  Gershom Holdridge of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 451
Dated Jan. 30, 1843
Probated Dec. 10, 1846
Mentions wife: Rebecca
sons: Charles H., Pliny B. and Gershom C.
daughters: Roxanna Thusher, Anna Wilson, Rebecca C. Johnson and Lois Lytle
Executor son: Gershom C.
Witnesses Josiah Blackmer of Wheatland
Louisa Holdridge of Riga


  Isaac Cox of Wheatland
  Will book 3; p. 454
Dated Oct. 27, 1846
Probated Dec. 24, 1846
Mentions sons: Ambrose, Darius, Harrison and Ira
daughters: Martha, Phebe, Mary, Jane and Melissa
son-in-law: Isaac F. Bristol
Executors sons: Darius, Harrison and Ambrose
Witnesses Peter Price of Rush
Samuel Scofield of Scottsville


  Samuel M. Hanford of Perinton
  Will book 3; p. 457
Dated Dec. 9, 1845
Probated Jan. 7, 1847
Mentions wife: Mary
children: Lucy E., Eliza Ann, Joshua C., Eaton and Mary Helen
Executors James Armstrong
Joshua C. Eaton
Witnesses Joshua C. Eaton
Martin Stiles
Ortus C. Eaton


  Alonzo P. Kimball of Penfield
  Will book 3; p. 458
Dated Dec. 24, 1846
Probated Jan. 31, 1847
Mentions wife: Elizabeth
Executor wife
Witnesses Denton G. Sharp of Mendon
S. G. Chappell of Penfield


  Benjamin Franklin Capen of Sweden
  Will book 3; p. 461
Dated March 10, 1838
Probated Feb. 8, 1847
Mentions wife: Phebe
daughters: Mary Emogene and Ellen
son: Franklin Fitch
Executor wife
Witnesses Philetus Munger
Alexander Fenton


  James Hoy of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 464
Dated Aug. 22, 1846
Probated Feb. 8, 1847
Mentions wife: Gracey
children" Wilsey, Samuel A. P., Joseph, Parmela, Hannah G., Effie Jane, John, David, Robert and Nancy
Executors Jonathan Prosser
brother: Robert
Witnesses Henry R. Selden of Clarkson
John Hoy of Clarkson


  Joseph Roby of Brockport
  Will book 3; p. 466
Dated Jan. 31, 1847
Probated Feb. 22, 1847
Mentions son: Sidney Breese Roby
sister: Elizabeth Partridge and her 2 children - Charlotte and James W.
sister: Charlotte Riby
brother: Thomas
Executors son: Samuel
brother: Thomas


  Thomas Hardy of Clarkson
  Will book 3; p. 471
Dated June 1846
Probated March 8, 1847
Mentions Ira B. Gates of Clarkson
Executor Ira B. Gates of Clarkson
Witnesses James R. Thompson of Clarkson
John McFarland of Clarkson




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