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Welcome to the home for genealogy for Monroe County, New York.

While you are here, be sure to check out all the cemetery records, the many queries, vital records, maps, and the page of links to many other genealogy pages. Also, there is a page with the genealogical resources available here in Monroe County. It also gives some addresses of where to write for more information. Another page lists both town and village historians. New York State is very difficult to do genealogical research in. You will need to check many sources to find information on your family.

Monroe County was formed in 1821 from Ontario (east of the Genesee River) and Genesee Counties. There were only a few thousand people living here at that time. The Erie Canal helped bring many thousand of people into the County and, in many cases, also helped them move on west. There is also a short page with more detailed information on the formation of Monroe County. There also is a page with information on the formation of Towns and Villages in Monroe County. This page also includes a map showing the location of the Towns within the County.

These are some of the sources available for Monroe County:

manThere is a Genealogical Guide to Monroe County. This is currently a work in progress to describe sources that are to genealogical researchers of this area. woman Check out this page of links for Rochester, Monroe County and New York State genealogical sources that will lead to even more sources.
grandma There are many cemetery records. Most are lists of tombstone inscriptions but a few also include burial records. Not every cemetery is available and probably never will be as some are very large. mother There are some vital records and also a few church records from Monroe County, NY.
boy Monroe Co. place names - (alphabetical) from the US Geological Survey. Then you can view a map showing that place. This includes some cemeteries, schools, creeks and hamlets. boy There are maps of the Towns in Monroe County. There are also a few more maps listed on the links page.
girl Historic Highway Markers of Monroe County, NY. Learn a little history of Monroe County by viewing these history markers. lady This set of pages have biographies that were published in histories of Rochester and Monroe County and were published in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
man There are some on-line books of Monroe County that can be used for your reference. The web page also has magazines and pamphlets that may be of interest. It give links to on-line books of Monroe County that are elsewhere on the web. You can search through all the web pages on this site using Google. For best results, start out with just a surname in the search box. Putting in common given names such as "Mary" or "John" will give positive results for too many pages.

Note: Google doesn't search the message board (see below).

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The Monroe County Message Board is located on Ancestry.com. Much of Ancestry.com is commercial but the message boards are free. You do have to register to post messages to the board. Once you are on the board, you can search the message board for any name or word within the messages. So if a name is mentioned in the text of the message, you will still be able to find the surname (or word). If you are getting too many messages from a search, try using the Advanced Search which can search within just subject, text, within a certain time, etc..


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